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How to Get Internet on Tablet without Wifi? [3+ Amazing Ways in 2024]

How To Get Internet On Tablet Without Wifi

Having the internet on a tablet is just an amazing feature to possess. Almost everyone likes to use a tablet that comes in handy in transportation and also quick for use. If you are having the internet on your tablet, you could quickly sum up the work in a few minutes or even complete projects at work.

However, you may not be able to work with a router every time or even get a hotspot connection to work with your tablet. So what’s the solution? Can you complete the configuration at all? Yes, you can. In fact, there are different methods that you can apply to complete the configuration process that can be the answer to your question how to get internet on tablet without wifi.

1. The first thing you can do is get the help of a dongle or a USB WiFi adapter. Find the perfect type of adapter that matches your requirements. There are different types of USB adapters available, and you need to know the correct version. Either that will be a Type C or a Micro USB port to the tablet.

2. The dongles should come up with a simple plug-and-play mechanism. You will be able to test the port, and then you can look in between. Most of these dongles will have a better plug-and-play mechanism to use.

3. Plugin the dongle to the USB connector of your tablet. You will be able to download the installation file from the internet. Once you are done with this, you will not be able to work with the dongle easily.

4. Once your installation is done, you will be able to choose between the available network connections. You can easily check the status and working condition of your dongle by running a speed test.

Method 2: Data Connection

1. Probably the easier thing to get a proper network connection is to turn on your own mobile network services. However, to get this done, you might have to look for a tablet with GSM options available.

2. If you are connected to a network SIM card and the device, you will be able to work on the tablet much faster than other methods. The data SIM has a faster internet network speed than that of any other internet mode.

3. Get a data package recharge done for your tablet, and off you can go. It takes very little time to turn on the mobile data network and get internet access instantly.

Method 3: Cable Tethering

Cable tethering is another process by which you can get amazing internet access to your tablet in an instant time. In this process, the tablet is connected to a laptop with the help of a data cable. You can use the internet connection for your work process. To get this done, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Start by turning on your PC and get it connected to the internet. You can now download a Tablet setup application on your PC depending on your tablet’s make and manufacture.

2. You can now connect the PC to your tablet with the help of the Type C cable. Once you plug in the device, it will automatically get connected to your device.

3. You can now get the configuration done with your tablet as shown on the screen, and you will be able to turn on internet sharing. You will now be able to use the internet access easily.

Method 4: Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth Tethering is another procedure that will help you to get amazing results easily. The tethering option allows you to get internet-enabled sharing which will give you maximum results. Similar to cable tethering, Bluetooth Tethering also works similarly.

However, the connection to be established over here is with the help of Bluetooth technology. The process of using Bluetooth Tethering is almost the same. However, the only concern about getting the Bluetooth Tethering is that it is much slower in data transmission.

Data Network VS. Tethering – Which One To Choose?

These days, a basic fact of life is that the vast majority cannot bear to be detached from the Internet world. While smartphones are great, they sometimes do not have all of the necessary features for certain business or personal requirements.

If you constantly wish that you had your tablet with you, the time has come to choose if tethering or a portable broadband card will work best to suit your requirements.

While it used to be something that solitary major telephone carriers had, there are now cards available through various sources and at different value ranges. If you decide to utilize a portable Internet card, estimating and quality are the two major factors to consider.

The advantage to utilizing one of these carriers is that they will also feature free versatile Wi-Fi areas of interest. With a paid subscription, you can usually tap into any area that has a genuine wireless association available. Instead of utilizing the 3G association that most cards use, you have the advantage of having a faster Internet association.

If speed and quality are necessary but not a breaking point, there is also the alternative to utilizing a portion of the more affordable air cards that do not have as wide a network.

The user would have to connect their telephone via a USB port to their portable gadget, and they are all set. The advantage to this is that it tends to be a lot cheaper than adding air card administration.

How To Get Internet On Tablet Without Wifi? [Conclusion]

If you are willing to work on your Tablet without Wifi, you can do it easily with the steps mentioned above. However, the internet speed might differ for multiple methods that you use. A cable tethering or Bluetooth tethering method will never give the internet speed like a dual-band router.

Still, if you want to do your work faster, the methods mentioned above. You may face some initial configuration problems while working with your tablet. Make sure that you download and use all test versions of the PC hot suite while working.

So, this was it from our side on how to get internet on tablet without wifi. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.