Write For Us!

Writing is inspired by mind and writing inspires the mind. The same is the objective of the ‘TechiePassion’. We provide knowledge through a written piece of information. We appreciate new writers and other professionals and welcome them to come and work with us. We cover many topics on technologies, media, business, trending news and many articles based on technical as well as non-technical themes.

We inspire the young minds of the world to write and join us and become a part of our organization. Let’s gather more information about this.

Why Post at ‘TechiePassion’?

Many people come up with the question of why to join this? The answer to this in simple is ‘TechiePassion’ connects you with many audiences and gives you a chance to show your talent. Here we allow many content writers, bloggers, and many professionals to write with us and we publish their content on our website. The next tech is a great platform to share information. One can share information-based on technologies, discoveries and many more. The more appealing content more will be its value. 

Who Can Post?

The best thing about the TechiePassion is it allows us to share our content with no specification. Anyone can post their writings who has the motto of the following possibilities:

  • If they want to bring their brands in the notice.
  • If they think that their writings can bring revolutionary action.
  • If one wishes to promote more technology promoters.

How to Post at ‘TechiePassion’?

Go easy, nothing is difficult with us. But before moving ahead you should understand what we publish so that you get aware of the things.

Want to be a part of us, here are the basic guidelines that you should follow:

  • The first step to mail us with the content.
  • After the content is shared it is saved and it is checked manually by our team. Since it can take some time as the editors receive many contents. You will be notified whether your article got selected or not. If not selected then don’t get disheartened. Keep trying.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • The content should be up to the mark.
  • You have to be very precise while preparing for the content.
  • Each word of your content should appeal to the audience.
  • You should use images created by you.
  • Your content should be unique.
  • The word limit should be at least 900 words.
  • The content must be well-structured and explained nicely.


  • Grammatical mistakes are not at all acceptable.
  • You should not copy-paste the content. This is not allowed.
  • You cannot use images from someone’s content.
  • No links from any website should be mentioned.
  • Avoid irrelevant writing