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Do I Need A Router For WiFi? Modem OR Router OR Both? [Amazing Tricks in 2024]

do i need a router for wifi

Thought about accessing data on PC, smartphones, and TV sets at the same time? It’s not possible without a router. WiFi is essential for every home, but without a data router, you won’t connect multiple devices. A lot of people do get confused over the use of a WiFi modem and a router.

The two most important parts of this connecting system are the router and the modem. Nowadays, everything has turned digital, and everything depends on a good internet connection.

But, do I need a router for WiFi? The answer to this depends on your purpose of using the internet. Do you want to use the internet for a single device or wish to get it connected? In which situations does your router turn out to be helpful? Let’s find out!

A modem is the combination of two words modulator and demodulator. When the WiFi system was newly introduced, at that time the data was provided to different devices using the copper wire fittings inside the house which limits the range of connectivity to some extent. Also, the transmission of data became very difficult as it used a complex system of binary numbers.

As the signals were converted to the binary form, so this is the reason why there was a need for a modem to modulate and demodulate these signals for uninterrupted connectivity. A modem keeps you connected with the network. The Internet Service Provider assigns a unique IP address which acts as an identification detail of the device. 

When you only want to connect one device for getting access to the internet, you can easily access it by plugging the device directly into the modem. But in most cases, there is a need for network connectivity for several devices. A modem cannot handle several devices, for solving this problem you must have a router.

What is Router?

A Router is a device that provides connectivity to several devices at the same time. It improves the Local Area Networking by providing disruption-free connection in the home in any area. Make sure your router has Wi-Fi functionality. It takes the commands and collects the data from the modem and transmits it to the connected devices. 

It performs various functions such as assigning the unique IP address and manage the connections, When you search something, it sends requests for the search and returns the results. It also blocks the irrelevant incoming requests that are sent over the internet. You can also connect more than two wired devices for connectivity.

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Do I Need a Router for WiFi?

[Modem OR Router OR Both?]

We all need a device that can help in translating the signals from ISP to the connected devices and that device can be a modem or router. A router can provide wireless connectivity to Local Area devices.

It acts as a managing force for different devices at one time. You can use either 2 in 1 Modem/Router or a separate modem and Router. Let’s see the features of both types of connecting devices.

Modem/Router Combo

You must be confused about this device. But there is nothing complicated about it, as modems and routers are different devices but it is not necessary that you have to buy a separate modem and router. You can buy a combined device with features of both a modem and a router. 

It can provide routing features with the same device. For using this device, make sure you know the ways to do the configuration and management of the network using one interface only. The basic advantage of this device is that it reduces the cost of purchasing two devices which makes it more affordable.

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Separate Modem and Router

You may have to use a separate modem and router in some cases. It might be a wise choice for you when you have to face the following problems:

  1. Some Internet Service Providers do not support the combined models, make sure you have a model compatible with your ISP before you buy a combined one. If it does not support you must buy a standalone router model and separate modem.
  2. When you have to place a separate modem and router at different places to perform the particular function. You may want to hide the wired modem at a corner but the router at such a closed place will not give strong signals.
  3. Also, some combined models do not have all the required features to perform several functions, but a standalone router has all the necessary features which can provide better performance. 
  4. A separate router and modem perform better than the combined version as when the router is not working, you can shift your device and connect it to the modem for internet connectivity which a combined model does not offer.


Nowadays everything has become digitally active which means you have to keep up with the upgrading technology. Every Wi-Fi network needs a modem and a router to manage the connecting devices and transmitting signals from one device to another. You cannot have access to the proper internet connection without a router.

So make sure you purchase the best router models which suit your requirements. A router helps in providing uninterrupted connectivity for performing different tasks such as gaming, online classes, meetings, binge-watching the shows, streaming movies, and several other things. We hope we did justice in answering your question – Do i need a router for wifi.