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How To Block Wifi Signals From Neighbors? [8 Awesome Ways To Block Neighbors WiFi Interference]

how to block wifi signals from neighbors

Are you having a problem with your WiFi connection? If it gets interrupted at your home that there can be several reasons behind it. There can be an error that needs to be resolved by the service provider or there can be an issue with your neighbor’s WiFi.

When your neighbor’s WiFi has a strong signal, your WiFi signal will be interrupted. When there is a lot of signal interference, your WiFi strength will be weaker and can give delayed results.

This situation can be very irritating and annoying for those who are work from home professionals or students taking online classes. Now, you don’t have to engage in arguments with your neighbor about this thing, you can just simply block the WiFi signal from your neighbor. So, here we have this article on how to block wifi signals from neighbors to your rescue.

As we know WiFi signal problems can be caused due to various factors. To confirm the root cause of the problem, you can call your service provider to keep track of your WiFi service.

You can also try to refresh your router as refreshing it sometimes solves the slow working of the WiFi. If all this does not solve your problem and you constantly see your neighbor’s WiFi popping on your screen, it can be the cause of disruptions that you are facing.

This happens when there are two different WiFi service providers in the same location. You can experience competence in the signal strength. The disruption can be due to the overlapping of the signals. You can see the strength of the signal of your neighbor’s WiFi which will be popping up in the nearby range of WiFi. 

You can compare your signal strength with the WiFi signal bar. It also tells the WiFi network’s name to be visible to run on 2.4GHz ad 5GHz. GHz here stands for Gigahertz. If you are experiencing the 2.4 GHz frequency or slow speed of the internet then it is possible that the neighbor WiFi is working on a 5GHz frequency. This means that your WiFi is having signal interference.

How To Block WiFi Signals From Neighbors?

When you add your neighbor’s network to the block list of your device, it only hides the network name. It has no effect on the signal. You can do the following things to block wifi signal from neighbors and enhance the working of your WiFi more effectively.

1. Change the Position of your router at Home

You can catch a good signal at home if you try to reposition your router. Choose a position where your router receives disruption-free signals. You can go to a central location and avoid putting it nearby the walls. It will be very easy if you know at which position your neighbor’s router is placed so that you can avoid placing it at that position. 

If you live in a congested or complex area that is packed tightly with walls and partitions, this method may not work for you. As it will be very difficult to get the required signal strength in a congested area. 

2. Change the Frequency of your WiFi

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Your WiFi can run efficiently on two mostly used WiFi frequencies i.e. 2.4 GHz frequency and 5GHz frequency. The former frequency provides you a longer range of signals but works a bit slower than the 5GHz frequency.

The latter frequency i.e. 5GHz provides you a shorter ranger of signals but works very fastly making the WiFi connection more efficient. You can avoid signal disruptions by changing frequencies. 

Mostly uses face signal disruption in 2.4 GHz frequently, so you can shift to the 5 GHz to get the signals without any disruptions. It also provides signals in a shorter range than 2.4 GHz. 5GHz has more channels which is another important feature of this frequency.

3. Change your Frequency’s Channel

Every WiFi has different frequencies with different channels. 11 channels are featured in the 2.4GHz frequency and 23 channels are provided in 5GHz frequency. It may be sometimes not possible to shift frequencies as some routers come with limitations. You can either change your router or you can try to change your frequency channel.

Before shifting to another channel, you must identify the channel suitable for you by analyzing which are the channels mostly in demand in your neighborhood. You can try using some apps to do automatic analysis. Also, You can use the traditional trial and error method.

The 2.4 GHz frequency is the most commonly used frequency with channels 1, 6, and 11. The 5GHz frequency is commonly used with channels 36, 40, 44, and 48. The pattern of usage of the channel can be different.

Steps to change channels:

Step 1: Open any web browser and type the IP address of your router

Step 2: Awarning window will pop up, tap the option Advanced and then click on Proceed.

Step 3: Now you will be asked to enter your username and password to log into your WiFi Network

Step 4: After a successful login, tap on Wireless Settings and now click on the option of Channels 

Step 5:  If you have channel settings on the Auto option change it to the channel that you particularly want and then save the changed settings.

4. Send blocking signals to jam your neighbor’s WiFi

You can use some apps that are designed to specifically jam up someone’s WiFi signal by sending block signals. In some countries, it is considered illegal and you may have to pay some amount as a fine to do this thing this is the reason, not many people use this method to resolve the problem of WiFi disruption. This can the after effect as the person whose WiFi your blocking will eventually find out about this.

5. Start using Ethernet Cables

Ethernet connections are safe from any kind of interruption to your signal. If you have some urgent work going on you can simply shift to Ethernet cables. You can connect both Laptops as well as Mobile phones to the Ethernet using an adapter which is available at any computer shop. Here we have an article on Best LAN Adapter. It might help you in case you are planning to buy one.

6. Reduce the number of connected devices

If your network is facing issues, you can try to reduce the connected devices to the WiFi at a particular point in time. You can also reduce the disruptions by turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth on the devices to make the internet connection more efficient.

7. Get a Territorial setup

You can use a wireless mesh system which is used to provide uninterrupted signal and internet service. You don’t have to deal with the disrupted WiFi signals due to your neighbor’s WiFi but your neighbors might have to deal with your Territorial setup.

You can always check up the speed of the signal from time to time in your location. Use for checking the speed according to the ON/OFF status of your neighbor’s WiFi.

8. Check your WiFi encryption and also make your wireless Network disappear

You can also check the security settings on your router. If you have turned on the encryption your WiFi signals will not be interrupted. Also, your router might be visible to you easily for better connectivity to your devices by automatically showing the SSID of the router. 

Login to your router’s control panel and access the wireless settings. Disable the broadcasting option for the SSID of your device. This will broadcast your WiFi to the limited devices that you want.


You can use any of the methods given in the above list and your WiFi working will be more efficient. This way you can easily block the interruptions that you are facing because of your neighbor’s WiFi signal.

You can simply change your WiFi channels or frequencies for better results. I hope you get the complete information you need on how to block wifi signals from neighbors.