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How to Get Recordings Off DVR?

Are you searching for a solution for how to get recordings off DVR?

Many people like to record their favorite movies & shows on their DVR to watch later. However, after some time the hard disc gets filled up and there is no more storage left for further recordings. 

The only way to solve this issue is to transfer the stored files from DVR to other external storage sources and then clear the DVR storage. This may seem easy in theory but actually, it can be very tough in reality.

The reason why it’s not easy to transfer or copy movies and shows from DVR to other external sources is because of Piracy issues. However, there are still some ways through which you can transfer data from your DVR to external storage sources.

1. Third-Party Capture Device

Through the use of third-party video capture devices, you can transfer audio and video files from the media device to your computer.

In addition to transferring audio and video from VCRs and camcorders, these devices can also be used to backup recordings from DVRs to your computer.

2. Video Capture Card

In comparison with third-party capture devices, video capture cards are less expensive. A PCI-e slot or a USB port is typically used to install this on your computer. 

In order to capture video with the video capture card, you need either HDMI or a component cable from your DVR to the video capture card’s component or HDMI input. Once the show has been played, you can use the software included with the card or another program to capture the video.

3. DVD Recorder

You can also record television shows with a VCR or DVD recorder, which is less expensive, but the older method of transferring TV shows to a computer. 

In either case, the video quality may be less than a third-party device or card, but both options are generally cheaper than the alternatives. 

Either an additional transfer device has to be used or the DVD’s recorded shows need to be copied to your computer. 

In VCR or DVD recorder methods, you record the output of each program you want to copy, similar to the capture device or card. You then record the output of the program you are watching, which is just like the capture card or device.

How Transfer Video From DVR to DVD?

  1. For transferring video, first we need the recorded file to record the program which you want to transfer.

2. Connect the DVD Recorder to the TV and turn on the DVR. 

3. Now connect a composite stereo cable from the DVR to your DVD Recorder’s inputs. In both cases, the DVD Recorder should be connected to the TV via the Component Out, otherwise, you can use Composite or S-Video. RCA audio will still be required when connecting your video

4. Make sure you match the inputs of your DVD recorder with those you are using.

5. Changing the input select on the TV to match the input with the DVD Recorder will also be necessary. We can then see what we are recording.

6. Check that the TV and DVD Recorder are receiving the video signal now. Check if you can see and hear the recorded TV show on the TV by playing it back from the Digital Video Recorder. 

Your video should be visible if you have everything connected correctly and have selected the correct input. Ensure that your cable connections are secure, the power is on, and that you have selected the correct input.

7. Now choose DVD+R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc type according to your needs. Secondly, set the recording speed to whatever you prefer.

8. Now recordable DVDs should be placed into DVD recorders.

9. Using the remote control or the DVD recorder, playback the recorded TV show while pressing the record button. 

On a DVD, you can record more than one show by pausing it while you switch from one to another, and then pausing it again after each new show you play. You should, however, ensure that there is enough space on the disc to record the shows.

10. To stop recording, press the stop button on your recorder or remote. In order for a DVD to play on other devices, it must be “finalized” on a DVD recorder. Consult the owner’s manual to learn how to finalize your DVD Recorder. That’s it

How To Transfer From A DVR To An External Hard Drive?

Step 1

Your computer must have video software installed. A computer and electronics retailer or online retailer can offer you video software you need to complete your data transfer properly. 

Step 2

DVR and computer must be connected. It is necessary to transfer programs to your computer first before copying them to your external hard drive.

The DVR must be connected to the computer using RCA connectors, especially for older systems. 

Connectors such as RCA cables are color-coordinated audio-visual cables commonly used for connecting electronics, such as stereos and receivers, and for connecting computer and DVR components as well. 

Video jacks on the machines are yellow, and audio jacks on the machines are red and white. The computer can be connected to the DVR via a USB cable if your DVR is more recent. 

Step 3

Obtain the program and upload it to your computer. To transfer a program from your DVR, select the program and hold down the “Play” button while holding down the “Record” button on your computer software program. 

Ideally, the transfer of data should take place in real-time. When you’ve finished recording, make sure the quality is acceptable.

Step 4

Obtain an external hard drive and copy the program there. When you are ready to make another copy, select your external drive in the video software on your computer. 

On your external hard drive, make a second copy of the copy you just made from your DVR. When you are done, monitor the quality of the transfer again.

Final Words

Copying and shifting the stored data from your DVR to external sources is a very responsible task due to the risk of privacy. You should always transfer files only for your personal use. Don’t do it to promote privacy in any way. 

However, if you still need to copy files from DVR to an external source then this article would surely help you out. Steps are very easy and can be done by yourself without the help of any professional.