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What Does AP Not In Use Mean? [5 Quick-Fixes to Solve the Problem]

what does ap not in use mean

Recently the modern generations do face a lot of trouble. The ones who are always into internet surfing and do much work on the mobile have to regularly come across a similar problem. Despite having a good network connection and no router problem, the network connection often goes off.

The internet stops working, and you as a user have to struggle a lot to get back the network connection; only then a generic message pops up that is not in use. Even after entering the right password, after any attempts, the same thing pops up, you get confused due to this, and it very obviously spoils your mood.

It is better to learn to solve this small problem to keep on surfing on the site. So, let’s check out this article on What does AP not in use mean?

Many people also have queries about what AP means and stands for; they cannot first figure out whether they can solve the problems related to this AP. Then it is mandatory to know, especially when you are facing this annoying trouble a lot of times.

For the sake of your, convenience AP is the short form of the access point. And here, the access point refers to the medium you are using to have the internet. And in common sense, it hints at the dongle or router, which is being used as the medium of accessing the internet.
This thought can also create trouble for you when you get to see at the same place the separate dongles or the routers are working fine. What is particularly stopping your mobile from accessing the internet?

The answer is nothing but the dire state of the mobile that is bothering the entire process and you too. So, let’s not waste much time; stay tuned and figure out the solutions that can be of some real help.

There go some of the best rescue measures for you. Instead of getting confused, you better concentrate on that and quickly find out a solution.

Identifying the Problems

Before taking or opting for any practical conclusion, please find out real solutions; according to all the research and findings, it has been explained that this particular error occurs only due to three significant problems.

That happens due to internet trouble, phone or device trouble, or for that matter, the app that showed up does not work correctly, but in every case, the ways of resolving problems do not come out to be similar. Let’s check out which solution goes with what.

1. When It’s About the Phone

How will you identify whether the problem is solely related to your phone or not? There goes the trick. If you are an android user, then ask your surroundings whether they are facing the same trouble, whether they can still have access to the internet.

If that scenario comes in, then be rest assured the problem lies in your phone. In that case, talk to the company’s customer care executive whose phone you are using and get away with the troublesome experiences.

2. When It’s About the Router

There goes the collective trouble if the entire family faces the same problem, then it is about the problem with the dongle or the router, whatever you are using.

It is always easy for you if you use routers to get a hold of the local service provider, and on the one hand, when it’s about the dongle, you can have solutions from the respective customer care executive. Do not freak out. Solutions are real.

3. When It’s About the Network Connection Itself

When you, as the user, get done with all the procedures mentioned above, then blatantly nothing is left apart from changing the location from the current location of yours. This is the best you can do to get the proper hold of the service.

Switching off places is worth applying, and if you use it once, you will see the results, if that can get resolved at home.

When amidst the suggestions’ chaos, you are worried about whether any professional’s help is needed. It’s better to let you know that all these problems require only a few seconds to resolve without anyone’s intervention or support. Self-service is enough to execute the fact.

Fixing the What Does AP Not In Use Mean?

1. Turning on And Off the System

Often, by switching off and on, the system can put a full stop to all the problems that were happening previously. If switching on and off the mobile does not bring any solution, it’s better to switch on and off the router through which the entire accession procedure is being conducted.

According to various reviews, most of the problems go away with this, and that is how the user comes back to the track. If all of nothing comes up, then it is better to consult with the respective authorities.

Note – There goes a good trick: whenever you are keeping the machine, keep it away from heat, germ, and dust. It affects the overall quality of the mechanism.

2. Connect and Reconnect

Often, this happens due to forgetting the track or disconnecting the device from the router, and then again connecting it to the same brings in some real issues of solutions, and as a brownie point, it is effortless to conduct.

This has also, in former cases, produced some real help. This process has always been very familiar among all.

Note – After connecting and reconnecting, give your device some time to get back in the old form. Do not just rush immediately.

3. Changing IP Address

Many users do not know that the user tries to switch the router when the IP address of the router changes, and that is how the dynamic IP address changing system works on. And due to this dynamism, this works, but this does not occur in the time of static one, where only one IP address is needed.

And if you want to get away from these repetitive problems, it’s better if you, as a matter of solution, change the format to a static one.

It will not require so much effort; you will have to go to the respective device settings and then choose “forget” your password on the Wi-Fi.

Now by clicking on the network and give a checkmark on the boxes below. If you proceed with the systematic flow, then after scrolling down, a box will pop up, and there, then you will have to choose between DHCP and static.

It is always advisable to allow the static option to give the respective device’s IP address. That is how the entire procedure gets completed.

4. Switching Router Connections

Many people are not aware of a router’s processing units; this is very important because every router is being run with the help of two bandwidths, which are 2.4 GH and 5GHz.

When this type of problem has become regular to you or your acquaintances, it is essential to know one major thing: you can switch between the two according to convenience. To execute such stuff on the phones, it is necessary to follow the steps –

  1. You will have to connect the phone to the router.
  2. Then you have to open a browser where you will type and press enter.
  3. Next, you need to type “admin” as the password and leave the user box blank.
  4. Now you need to find the 802.11 option to see both 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  5. Accordingly, now you can allow and measure the problem.

5. Few Other Additional Points

When installing any router in the house, it is essential to note that it is located correctly. From every corner of the house equal amounts of internet coverage can be attained. Often, that does not happen, which is why when applying in almost so many ways, you cannot find a proper solution, find a perfect place to locate your device. Otherwise, nothing will bring much help.

Note – To accumulate the process in your device, you do not need to be a tech-savvy person. All you need to have is an adequate level of temper and patience to bring much help to you.

End Note

Is It Really A Big Trouble to See “AP Currently Not in Use?” You may ask. So, the answer is, “NO.” Seeing this error on your screen is not a big problem but can be the one to hamper your entertainment or work. So, if it pops up, you would be able to resolve it by determining the correct cause of an error.

We hope we answered your question What Does AP Not In Use Mean? Let us know your further question in the comments below. In case nothing works and you are planning to buy a new and the best WAP for home then we have a detailed article for you.