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Finding the Best Monitor For Xbox One S? [Reviews And Buying Guide in 2024]

Best Monitor For Xbox One S

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gaming pro or not, but having a good quality monitor for a gaming console is always recommended. Using a gaming monitor for Xbox One S will take your gaming experience to another level.

In this world of competition, you will find various monitors specifically made to enhance the gaming experience. But it’s important to buy the one that is compatible with the gaming console you are using and is in your budget as well.

Well, to get the best monitor for Xbox One S, in this article, you will find the best options along with their reviews that will help you understand them better.

Knowing about the best options is not enough, so you’ll find some important details that you must know about these monitors before getting your own.

1. Acer XFA240 – Top Pick

Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24' Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor 1920 x 1080, 144hz Refresh Rate, 1ms...

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The next on the list is Acer XFA240, as it’s among the ideal choices for gaming monitors as it has 24 inches Full HD widescreen with 1920 x 1080p and TN G-Sync compatible display. It gives an overall smooth and tear-free gaming experience. 

With its rich color productions, the visuals are taken to another level. Also, it has a low dim, flicker less, and Comfortable View display that allows you to have long gaming sessions. 

The ErgoStand of Acer lets you tilt, pivot, swivel, and move up or down depending upon your comfortable viewing angle.

Why is it unique?

The Acer XFA250 monitor has a fast response time of 1ms and a 144 Hz refresh rate, enhancing the gaming experience. Moreover, the refresh rate speeds up the value of frames per second, which delivers smooth 2D motion scenes. 

The monitor with 1080p and full HD resolution has an aspect ratio of 16:9 that displays high-quality, detailed images. It comes with two speakers, each of 2 Watts, that delivers good audio quality. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Overall maximum of the buyers are satisfied with its performance. It delivers great image quality and fast response time. 

Also, it is NVIDIA G-Sync compatible, which made many of the buyers recommend it. Via its HDMI port, many of the gaming consoles like Xbox One S can be easily connected. 

Best fit for

This monitor is an excellent choice for gaming monitors because it displays a high picture quality and is ideal for a long gaming session. Also, with its fast response time and refresh rate, it enhances the overall performance and experience of gaming.


Input lag is low
Fast response time
Good quality display
It is G-Sync compatible


Viewing angles are average
Acer XFA240 bmjdpr 24" Gaming G-SYNC Compatible Monitor 1920 x 1080, 144hz Refresh Rate, 1ms...
  • 24 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen TN G SYNC compatible display
  • 144 hertz refresh rate using display port | Response time: 1ms. Input voltage: 120 volt AC, 230 volt AC
  • Height, pivot, swivel and tilt | viewing angles: 170° horizontal and 160° vertical
  • 2 x 2 watt speakers | panel type: TN | colors supported: 16.7 million | brightness: 350 nit

2. AOC C24G1 – Best Budget  

AOC C24G1 24' Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1080p, 1500R VA panel, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync,...

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The first best monitor for Xbox One S in this list is AOC C24G1, as it is easily affordable and comes with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution display. 

With its 1500 R curved monitor, it provides an immersive gaming experience. The monitor also has a FreeSync feature that makes it more ideal for gaming. Its curved VA panel gives wide viewing angles for better visuals. 

The monitor has a very sleek, curved frameless design, and it allows you to swivel, tilt, and adjust the height. Also, it has a VGA, DisplayPort 1.2, and two HDMI 1.4 connection ports. 

As it has an HDMI port, so it’s compatible with many of the gaming consoles, including Xbox One S.

Why is it unique?

The AOC C24G1 gives a rapid 1 ms of response time and 144 Hz refresh rate, making it one of the best gaming monitors. The FreeSync of the monitor provides a gaming experience with no stuttering and tearing. 

Moreover, it features FlickerFree and AOC LowBlue Mode Technology. The curved design of the display allows you to see the visuals clearly and have a more realistic experience. The flickering is also reduced in the monitor, which reduces eye strain and fatigue, allowing you to have a long gaming session without any discomfort. 

Buyer’s Experiences

AOC C24G1 gaming monitor is one of the highest-reviewed gaming monitors on Amazon. 

Maximum of the buyers are satisfied with its performance as it gives a fast response time and refresh rate along with wide viewing angles. Many people around the world trust this monitor because of its quality and performance. 

Best fit for

This monitor is the best choice when you want to have an immersive gaming experience, and your budget is also tight. It gives you all the features that are sufficient to offer you a long and good gaming time. 

Also, AOC is specialized in providing display technology for more than 50 years, so you can easily trust this monitor for having a good gaming session with your Xbox One S gaming console.


High contrast ratio
Rich colors
Good viewing angles
Ergonomic design


Ghosting is moderate in fast-paced games
AOC C24G1 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor, FHD 1080p, 1500R VA panel, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync,...
  • AOC Gaming 24" Class, 23. 6" Viewable AOC Gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 1500R curved monitor (VA panel) wrapping around your vision for an immersive gaming experience
  • Rapid 1ms (MPRT) response and 144Hz refresh rate with AMD Free Sync for smoothest competitive game play
  • 3-Sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders for the ultimate multi-monitor setup

3. Asus VG245H – Gamers Choice

ASUS VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye Care Console Gaming Monitor with...

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Asus VG245H is the most preferred monitor by all the gamers around the globe. This monitor is specially built for providing the finest gaming and esports experience. 

With its GameFast Input technology and two low input lag HDMI ports, it delivers smooth visuals, and you can also keep it connected with two devices. 

It also features AMD FreeSync that eliminates screen tearing and choppy frame rates. Moreover, you can enable the ASUS Low Blue Light Monitors to change the screen to a dimly-lit environment and reduce eye strain.

Why is it unique?

This monitor’s special thing is its ASUS GameVisual Technology that includes six preset display modes, and you can access this feature via a hotkey or the On-Screen Display (OSD). 

It has dual HDMI ports with which you can connect a gaming console and one more HDMI device simultaneously. Also, it has a rapid 1 ms response time and a 75 Hz refresh rate that gives a tear-free experience with AMD Radeon GPU. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Maximum of the buyers find it useful as it provides many features that they expect from a gaming ISP monitor. 

Because of its fast response time and refresh rate along with low input lag, most of the users recommend this gaming monitor. Also, the price range of this monitor is affordable, so most of the buyers find this monitor of good value. 

Best fit for

It is an excellent choice for all the Xbox One S gamers as it takes the gaming experience to another level. 

Moreover, It gives smooth visuals and seamless gameplay with its AMD FreeSync feature. It features all the exclusive ASUS technologies that create a realistic experience for all gamers.


Fast response time
Input lag is low
Dual HDMI ports
Good refresh rate


Viewing angles are not good
Average picture quality
ASUS VG245H 24 inchFull HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye Care Console Gaming Monitor with...
  • 1ms response time Featuring ASUS game Fast input technology and dual HDMI ports for a smooth console gaming experience
  • ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free and blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue
  • Ergonomic stand with full height/tilt/swivel/pivot adjustments to accommodate any desk
  • Exclusive Game Visual & GAME plus functions to enhance color performance and control

4. Asus ROG Strix XG32VQR – Best Featured

Asus ROG Strix XG32VQR 31.5” Curved Gaming Monitor 144Hz 1440P FreeSync 2 HDR Eye Care with DP...

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The ROG Strix XG32VQR is an excellent choice for a gaming monitor because of its features. This monitor delivers a smooth and immersive gaming experience with a highly detailed contrast that enhances the visuals. 

Its 32 inches WQHD 1800 R curved monitor delivers fantastic gameplay. With the FreeSync 2, it provides a tear-free game time with high color quality. The large screen contributes to a wide viewing angle with minimal distortion. 

Also, it offers an ultrafast refresh rate of 144 Hz that allows you to experience fast-paced games. Moreover, it has RGB lighting on the back and LED lighting in the base, making it look more attractive. 

Why is it unique?

This monitor offers various features, the first being its 32 inches screen that delivers great visuals. 

This monitor’s second special feature is that it supports HDR technology that delivers a wider range of colors, and higher contrast and brightness, which helps you see the dark places in the game more easily. 

The FreeSync 2 HDR technology delivers low latency visuals for both SDR and HDR contents. It comes with customizable light signatures of the ROG logo, making it look stylish while playing. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Almost all the customers who bought this monitor are completely satisfied with its performance. The best part of the monitor is its HDR Technology that lets you see easily during the game in all the dark places. Most buyers find the monitor’s lighting to be stylish as it gives them a good gaming environment. However, it costs a lot but still, if you want to have a realistic gaming experience, and if you can afford it, it’s the best choice without any doubt. 

Best fit for

It is the best choice for taking your gaming experience to another level. The monitor makes it possible for you to feel the visuals of the game by giving FreeSync 2 HDR technologies along with fast response time. All the lighting of the monitor makes it look more attractive and stylish than others. Overall, it has all the features that are required to enhance your gaming experience. 


Good color accuracy
High refresh rate
Free Sync feature available
Well designed OSD


Average brightness of the visuals
It is very expensive
Asus ROG Strix XG32VQR 31.5” Curved Gaming Monitor 144Hz 1440P FreeSync 2 HDR Eye Care with DP...
  • 31. 5” WQHD (2560 x 1440) 1800R curved monitor with 144Hz for immersive, smooth gaming with DisplayPort and HDMI...
  • Free Sync 2 HDR with DCI-P3 94% delivers contrast and displays 400 Color performance with smooth, tear-free gaming
  • Enhanced customization featuring Asus Aura Sync RGB lighting on the back and LED lighting projection in the...
  • Marathon ready with swivel, tilt and height adjustability and VESA Mount so you can always find your ideal viewing...

5. Asus VG278Q – Best Performance

ASUS VG278Q 27” 1080P Full HD 144Hz 1ms Eye Care G-Sync Compatible Adaptive Sync Gaming Monitor...

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The Asus VG278Q gaming monitor is among the best gaming monitors for Xbox One S gaming consoles. With its 27 inches Full HD 1080 p resolution display, it enhances the gaming experience. 

It features NVIDIA G-Sync technology that eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. This monitor comes with Asus Eye Care technology that minimizes eye fatigue and allows you to have a long gaming session without any discomfort. 

With its DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 port, and dual-link DVI-D, you will get extensive connectivity options. Its ergonomically-designed stand allows you to tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust the height depending upon your comfortable viewing angle.

Why is it unique?

This monitor comes with a 1 ms response time and a 144 Hz refresh rate. It features Asus exclusive GamePlus technology and Ultra-low Blue Light technology to have good long gameplay. 

It also has stereo 2 Watts speakers that give good sound quality. Moreover, it gives you flexible connectivity options and FreeSync technology. 

Buyer’s Experiences

The buyers of this monitor find it very useful for enhancing the gaming experience. Most buyers recommend it as with the Eye Care technology of the monitor; you can easily spend hours playing without any discomfort. 

However, it may look expensive to some, but this monitor is worthy of its cost. 

Best fit for

This Asus monitor is an ideal choice for connecting your gaming consoles due to its extensive connectivity. It features almost all the things that are essential for providing a good long gaming session. If you love to play for long hours and don’t want to connect external speakers, then it’s an ideal choice for you, as it is specially designed for long game time and has stereo speakers as well.


It supports Nvidia’s G-Sync Technology
High gaming performance
Fast refresh rate
The stand is adjustable


Average viewing angles
ASUS VG278Q 27” 1080P Full HD 144Hz 1ms Eye Care G-Sync Compatible Adaptive Sync Gaming Monitor...
  • 27” Full HD (1920x1080) Panel 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) response time gaming monitor and free Sync/Adaptive...
  • Nvidia G-SYNC technology ensures smooth gameplay by eliminating screen tearing and stuttering ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio...
  • Stereo 2W speakers provide for a full sound while eliminating the need for external speakers
  • Marathon ready with Asus Eye Care technology to minimize eye fatigue and an ergonomic stand with full...

6. Sceptre Curved C275W-1920RN – Best Overall

Sceptre Curved 27' FHD 1080p 75Hz LED Monitor HDMI VGA Build-In Speakers, EDGE-LESS Metal Black 2019...

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The last monitor on this list is Sceptre C275W because of all its features to deliver an overall good gaming experience. With its fast response time and 75 Hz refresh rate, the ghosting and blurring of the motion are reduced that delivers great visuals. 

Its edgeless design delivers a more immersive experience. You can easily connect your Xbox One S and other gaming consoles with its HDMI and VGA ports. With its built-in speakers, there is no need to connect an external speaker. 

It also features a blue light shift that reduces the blue light and allows you to play for long hours comfortably. 

Why is it unique?

This monitor comes with 1800 R curved design that increases the viewing angles. The fast response time and refresh rate increase its performance while playing. By enabling its Blue Light Shift mode, you can sit in front of it for a long time without any discomfort.

It features a tiltable stand that you can adjust according to your requirements. With its HDMI, VGA, and Headphone ports, you can connect various options that you want to connect.

Buyer’s Experiences

It is among the best-rated monitors, and the maximum of the buyers are satisfied with it and recommends it. It produces great picture quality and offers a wide viewing angle. 

It has built-in speakers, so you don’t need to connect other speakers unless you want a high-quality sound. This is one of the highly recommended monitors and is ideal for gaming.

Best fit for

This monitor is not only a good choice for gaming but also other regular work as well. With its high picture quality and built-in speakers along with blue shift mode, it’s an overall ideal choice for gaming. 

You can easily connect it with any device that supports HDMI and VGA. There’s also a headphone port by which you can use your headphones while playing.


Colors are accurate
Overall good monitor
Curved design
Both HDMI and VGA port is present


It doesn’t have ergonomic adjustments
Sceptre Curved 27" FHD 1080p 75Hz LED Monitor HDMI VGA Build-In Speakers, EDGE-LESS Metal Black 2019...
  • 1500R Curved Display: The 1500R degree curved design immerses you completely into the gaming landscape, allowing you to...
  • 98% sRGB: With 98% sRGB, this monitor offers a wider color gamut than most conventional monitors, giving deeper colors...
  • Multiple Ports: Two HDMI and one VGA port each accelerate refresh rate up to 75Hz, providing the visual edge you need to...
  • Adaptive Sync: Adaptive Sync is a technology that closes the gap between the graphics card's and the monitor's refresh...

Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of some of the best options of monitors for Xbox One S available for you, it’s time to know some important things that will help you buy the best. 

All the factors mentioned below play an important role, so you must consider each factor while buying a monitor for your gaming console.

  • Resolution

While buying an Xbox One gaming monitor, it needs to be of a certain resolution. For Xbox One S, a gaming monitor that has a resolution of 1080 pixels is good enough. 

If you are thinking of buying a 4k monitor, then it’s not a good choice for Xbox One S because even though it can upscale videos and even some games to 4k, the visual quality is compromised. 

So, for Xbox One S, a monitor with 1080p is preferred over others. 

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR helps in providing a more realistic visual experience as it makes images look more real by adding various colors, increasing brightness, and taking the contrast higher. The high dynamic range even adds details to all the dark areas. 

Those monitors that can support a high dynamic range provide a more real-life experience by taking all the visuals to another level. Also, Xbox One S is one of the HDR-capable gaming consoles. 

But you must know that there are very few options available for monitors that can provide good HDR performance. It’s better to get a monitor that gives a better HDR.

  • Refresh Rate

One of the most important factors in a gaming monitor is its refresh rate. The monitor’s refresh rate refers to the number of times an image is refreshed on the screen per second. 

The higher the refresh rate, the more enhanced the gaming experience you will get. Xbox One S can support a 120 Hz refresh rate, but being an Xbox gaming console, a monitor with a 69 Hz refresh rate is also enough. 

So, always look for a higher refresh rate monitor for Xbox One S to get good gaming experience.

  • Response Time

Response time refers to the time a monitor takes to change from one color to another and is measured in milliseconds. If a monitor has a fast response time, it will deliver a smooth motion, no motion blur, or fast-paced games. 

It is always recommended to buy a fast response time monitor as it is beneficial for giving an enhanced gaming experience. So, if you love fast-paced games and action-packed games, then you must go for a monitor with the fast response time. 

  • Screen Size

When it comes to the monitor’s screen size, there are two things to take care of. One is the size with the resolution you want, and the other thing is that it depends on your requirements. 

You can easily get a monitor with 24 inches, 27 inches, and 32 inches suitable for Xbox One gaming consoles. But if you want to get a bigger size than 32 inches, you can get a TV that is compatible with it. 

Also, you will find portable monitors that have a screen size of smaller than 20 inches. So, if you like to go on trips with your gaming consoles, you can buy a portable monitor. But you must check that the monitor should have one HDMI port to connect your gaming consoles with it. 

And for Xbox One S, you can buy either a gaming monitor or a portable monitor with any screen size with a resolution of 1080 pixels and has at least one HDMI port for connecting the console. So, get a screen size that is suitable for your use. 

  • Panel Type

Another important factor to consider while buying a gaming monitor for Xbox One S is the monitor’s panel type. The panels used in monitors are usually three types – IPS (In-Plane Switching), VA (Vertical Alignment), and TN (Twisted Nematic). 

  1. In-Plane Switching monitors are known for their good color production and wide display angles. If you love to play regular games or games with good graphics, this is a perfect choice. They have fast response time and are easily available. But they cost more than TN and VA monitors and are also not as fast as TN monitors. 
  2. Vertical Alignment monitors are ideal for regular gaming as they provide a better contrast ratio, which produces more vibrant pictures. As compared to TV, they have good color production quality. If you love to play games with many dark scenes, then it’s the perfect choice for you. However, it has narrow viewing angles and slow response time as compared to other monitors. 
  3. Twisted Nematic monitors give the best fast response time and are also less expensive than VA and IPS monitors. They are ideal for fast-paced competitive gaming. But the images produced have average contrast, so it’s not ideal for games in which high picture quality is required.

So, you can go for any of the three panel types that you find more suitable for your requirements and are also in your budget.

  • Video Input

For Xbox One S gaming consoles, you require an HDMI video input to connect it to the monitor or TV. If you want to get a monitor with 1080p with a refresh rate of 60 Hz, then the HDMI 1.4 port is sufficient. 

But for 4K monitors, it must have an HDMI 2.0 port, because if you use HDMI 1.4 to connect, then it will not run at the maximum resolution and refresh rates as well. 

So, make sure that the monitor you buy has an HDMI port, and depending on the resolution, it should be either HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0. 

  • Free Sync

Free Sync is made by AMD, and it provides an adaptive synchronization technology with the help of which the monitors can have variable refresh rates. Once this feature is used, the refresh rate will be changed according to the frame rate. 

If you purchase a monitor with a Free Sync feature over HDMI, you can easily enable this feature with any Xbox One gaming console. But PS4 consoles don’t support this feature. 

So, if you are buying a Free Sync monitor for Xbox One S, make sure that this feature is available on the HDMI port. 

  • Price

Last but not the least factor to take care of while buying a monitor for Xbox One S is the price. Whenever you buy something, you always make a budget first and then look for the best options available in that range. 

So, at the time of buying a monitor, you must make a budget and then get the one that gives you the maximum of the features you want and is also within your budget. 

Well, these are some of the important things that you must keep in mind while buying a monitor for the Xbox One S gaming console. 

Apart from these, you must do proper research on real customers’ reviews and experience before purchasing any monitor. It’ll help you know the positives and negatives of the monitors in a better way.

Monitor VS. TV for Xbox One

It’s obvious that everything would prefer a TV over a gaming monitor if they are a regular Xbox One gamer because using a TV gives a larger screen gaming experience with better sound quality speakers and many more functions. 

But having a good gaming monitor will cost you much less than buying a good quality TV that can support this gaming console. There are many options available for monitors that can give you a similar performance as a TV, but the only difference will be in the screen size. 

When you use TV to play games, it gives more eye-strain than using a monitor to play. If you want to play a game by sitting close, you can easily do this by using a monitor and sitting in front of it for long gaming sessions. 

But in the case of TVs, you cannot sit in front for a long gaming session because you’ll eventually find it uncomfortable for your eyes to look at a very large screen for hours continuously. 

Both Monitors and TVs have their benefits and drawbacks. So, it depends on you and your gaming habits as well. If you love to play long gaming sessions and don’t want much eye-strain, you can go for a good monitor, but if you are really into large-screen gaming, then TV is your option.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. For the Xbox One S, what is the preferred resolution and screen size that I should buy?

 A1. For Xbox One S, monitors with resolutions of 1080 pixels are sufficient because if you get a 4k resolution, the visual quality will be compromised. And for the screen size, it’s totally up to you because you can buy a portable monitor that has a screen size less than 20 inches, or you can buy a monitor with any screen size that has a resolution of 1080p.

Q2. How to connect Xbox One gaming console to monitor? 

A2. To connect your Xbox One gaming console to the monitor, you can use the HDMI cable that came with the console. You can connect the one end of the cable to the monitor’s HDMI port and the other end to the HDMI Out port of the Xbox One. Once it is connected, the monitor must start working, but if it doesn’t, then you can use the manual that came along with it to do some Input settings. 

Q3. What are some top monitor brands that are compatible with Xbox One gaming consoles?

A3. Well, many monitors are compatible with the Xbox One gaming console. Some of the top brands are Asus, Acer, LG, Sceptre, and BenQ. 

Q4. What type of input port is required for connecting a monitor or TV to the Xbox One S gaming console? 

A4. For connecting Xbox One S, you need an HDMI port on the monitor or TV. Also, if you have a 1080p monitor, then an HDMI 1.4 port is good enough for it. But if it’s a 4k resolution monitor, you must use an HDMI 2.0 to connect the gaming console.

Q5. What are some important factors that I should keep in mind while buying a gaming monitor for Xbox One S?

A5. Well, there are a few important things that you should consider because these factors play an important role in enhancing your gaming experience. These factors include the resolution, refresh rate, response time, and monitor’s video input. If these are not according to Xbox One S requirements, you may not get satisfied with its performance.


Now that you are at the end of this article, you must have an idea of some of the best monitors for Xbox One S available for you to buy. Also, while buying the monitor, you have to take care of the resolution, refresh time, and response time of the monitor, because these three play the most important role in a gaming monitor. 

But remember that you must buy the one that has the maximum of the features you want and is in your budget. So, it’s better to be sure of your priorities and then look for the best. You can check some of the best gaming monitors for PS4 in this in-depth review.

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