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Finding Out the Best Mice for Large Hands in 2024? [Top 7 Reviewed]

Best Mice For Large Hands

Well, we know that it can be a little difficult to work things when you have large hands. It does have its advantages no doubt but when we speak of buying the best mice for large hands, things can get a little tricky. However, you do not have to worry an inch since we have got it covered for you.

Within a stretch of two days, we have been researching various sites, stores, and online shops for some of the best mice. There were about twenty such options that were brilliant among which 7 of them were perfect for your large palms.

These mice were big enough and had ergonomic properties so that you can enjoy gaming or simply any other activity on your system with the use of the mouse. Make sure you go through each of the products on the list very keenly and decide for yourself.

Here is the list of the best mouse for large hands so that you can make your selection.

1. Logitech G502 Hero – Best Overall

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable...

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Logitech G502 Hero is one of the best gaming mouse for large hands and perfect for any high-performance gaming. It is designed by Logitech and is amongst the biggest names in the industry for manufacturing some of the best mice available in the market.

Whether it be for regular purposes or be it for heavy tasks such as gaming or professional use, Logitech is always users’ top choice.

This mouse features a special adjustable weight system where you can arrange up to five weights of 3.6g to balance the overall weight as per it suits you. It has about 11 customizable buttons that can be set up according to the gameplay.

Moreover, the onboard memory allows users to store up to five such customized profiles that can be used when needed. Moreover, the dual-mode scroll wheel features hyper-fast speed for maximum efficiency.

Why is it Unique ?

G502 hero features the most accurate sensor you might have come across yet with up to 16,000 DPI that can be adjusted and set up to increase or decrease for better sensitivity of the mouse. Moreover, the DPI settings can make a huge difference in deciding the gaming speed and accuracy of the mouse. Moving on, this gaming mice have adjustable RGB lighting using Light Sync Technology.

Any user can program the lights on the mouse from among the 16.8 million colors available so that it matches your team or simply whichever color represents you. To add more to its unique features, G502 Hero has mechanical switches that give a very comfortable and crisp clicking with the capacity to withstand around 50 million clicks. Similarly, the amazing set of 11 buttons make up for the rest of the functions that are fulfilled while playing any game.

Buyer’s Experience

The biggest advantage for any buyer after getting their hands on the mouse is its ergonomic shape and size. It is a god sent gift for every user who has large hands since it fits in perfectly for a comfortable experience.

Many buyers found the build quality to be near very close to any premium product you will find in the market. A very important aspect is the infinite Scroll wheel that can be locked or unlocked based on what you need it for.

Even though the DPI sensors are simply the best that you can think of, not a lot of users need that high number. Also, the software used for customizing the buttons may not be the best that also hands at times while in use.

Best Fit For

There is no doubt in saying that this mouse is a perfect fit for buyers with large hands. Moreover, it may seem a little on the heavy side but you can always adjust the weight using the weight adjusting system. If you are a pro gamer, there is nothing better than you can think of buying in this price range.


Impressive build quality
Superb sensors
Ergonomic shape and size
Thick and flexible cord
Durable switches and buttons


Not for left-handed users.
Troublesome Scroll-wheel

Logitech G502 HERO High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable...
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Our most advanced, with 1:1...
  • 11 customizable buttons and onboard memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save up to five ready to play...
  • Adjustable weight system: Arrange up to five removable 3.6 grams weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and...
  • Programmable RGB Lighting and Lightsync technology: Customize lighting from nearly 16.8 million colors to match your...

2. VicTsing MM057– Best Budget Mouse

INPHIC Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, 3 Modes Bluetooth 5.0&4.0 Mouse 2.4G Rechargeable Mouse with 6...

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If you have a small budget and do not wish to spend a hefty amount buying a mouse, this is the perfect option you can go for. VicTsing MM057 is one of the most affordable ranges of the mouse in the market and also among the lightest you might have used before.

It uses wireless technology and a USB receiver to connect to the system. This mouse is perfect for your daily work as well as can be used for gaming as well.

VicTsing MM057 weighs only 0.30 ounces and feels as light as a feather. It is a perfect fit for users with large hands and the ergonomic design gives a good arc & thumb rest to reduce any stress due to prolonged usage.

Moreover, it has side grips that keep the thumb in position and prevents any slips. You can easily select from among the number of color options made available to you.

Why is it Unique ?

The most unique aspect of the mouse is that it features five distinctive DPI levels. You as a user can switch between 800/1200/1600/2000/2400 levels very easily depending on the type of activity. You can keep the DPI setting at the minimum for any normal usage while for gaming choose the one that suits you the best. This mouse features mechanical switches that can withstand over 50 million clicks showing strong durability for a longer time.

A high polling rate is essential for any mouse as much as a good DPI depending on the game you are playing. VicTsing MM057 has two polling rates that you can switch in between while enjoying the gameplay. Simply click the right key and the scroll wheel simultaneously for about 3 seconds to adjust the polling rate between 125Hz & 250Hz. To add more to this, this mouse runs on battery power that allows it to work for as high as 15 months at a stretch with no interruption.

Buyer’s Experience

Apart from simply the low price range, there are multiple features that fit right in the checklist of most of the buyers. It has an adjustable DPI allowing it to serve the multi-functional purpose. There is no doubt in the fact that it is super comfortable and its weight speaks for itself. Moreover, it has 6 buttons that are compatible with Notebook, PC, Mac, Laptop, and Computer.

The incredible wireless connectivity makes it even more favorable since it rarely lags or loses connection at any point. Furthermore, it is perfect for light computer usage but also serves the purposes perfectly well for gaming too. Also, the setup is pretty easy and only requires a plug and play option to go with.

Best Fit For

Any user that has a low budget can go for this mouse. It has a high build quality and is perfectly comfortable for large hands. Moreover, if your purpose is to use the mouse for light usage as well for gaming purposes, you can choose this mouse and have the best experience.


Easy to use and setup
Exceptional battery life
Impressive build quality
Adjustable DPI levels
Affordable and value for money


No ON/OFF switch

INPHIC Bluetooth Wireless Mouse, 3 Modes Bluetooth 5.0&4.0 Mouse 2.4G Rechargeable Mouse with 6...
  • ✔ 【BROADER THUMB REST DESIGN】Upgraded much wider thumb rest area, designed for better feeling to give comfortable...
  • ✔ 【BATTERY POWER DISPLAY AT A GLANCE】Upgraded visible battery indicator on the top of the mouse design, at a...
  • ✔ Ergonomic Design: The Bluetooth Mouse Is Designed For Right-Handed User For The Best Hand Feeling. Six Efficient...
  • ✔Tri-Mode Connection: Inphic Bluetooth 5.0/4.0 And 2.4g Usb Connection. You Can Switch To Any Mode By Clicking The...

3. Logitech M570– Best Ergonomically Designed Mouse

Here we have another brilliant mouse that is known for its ergonomic design and high durability. Logitech M570 is one of the best mice that need not be moved around like a regular mouse.

It features a trackball that stays in one place and can be controlled by your thumb. The mouse offers maximum comfort and releases the pressure on your palm by supporting your hand and giving you an armrest.

This Logitech mouse can be easily connected to your system using a lawless receiver. Simply plug & use without any setup. In fact, you can add any compatible keyboard, number pad, or anything without the need for any other receiver. Since you need not move the mouse around, it is perfect for a tight workspace with better proficiency.

Why is it Unique ?

The most unique feature of this mouse is its trackball. The design is pretty unique, not something you come across quite often. Well, surely it isn’t for gaming but perfect for anyone who needs to release the pressure of their large hands and grab something that is a perfect fit. Moreover, it has insane wireless connectivity enabling faster data transmission with no delays or drops in connection at any moment.

The switches are highly durable and can withstand millions of clicks in a lifespan. There are two buttons that enable easy backward and forward movement on the screen. Also, the scroll wheel is comfortable to use and offers flexibility for professional use. The trackball can be removed and cleaned easily. Moreover, the mouse has a superb battery power that can go one for as high as 18 months with a single set of batteries.

Buyer’s Experience

With lesser elbow and wrist movement, you can enjoy a comfortable usage of the mouse all day long. The buyers love the ergonomic design since it is something unique and saves your aching hand from stress or if you have carpAl tunnel issues in your hands. You can even set up the mouse in any manner that may seem comfortable to you in the long run.

It was a little difficult to adjust in the beginning since it is not anything like a regular mouse. All the control is through the thumb. But once you get a hold of it, there is nothing better for you if it does work for you. On the contrary, it is good for people who may have issues using the regular mouse.

Best Fit For

It is a perfect fit for people with carpal tunnel issues or those that have constant pain in their wrists. Also, it is easy to use and takes the burden off your hands, and relies solely on the thumb for any movement.


Unique design and structure
Impressive build quality
Superb battery power
Consistent wireless connectivity


Difficult to operate for starters
A little on the heavier side

4. SteelSeries Rival 310– Best Lightweight Mouse for Large Hands

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Split-Trigger Buttons -...

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Here we have another incredible option for you that is perfect for you if you are a pro gamer. Well, SteelSeries Rival 310 is one of the best mice for large hands that is known for its incredible design, performance, and well-designed software.

This mouse is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort ensuring better and speed with maximum grip. It is only for right-handed gamers with the exceptional build quality.

This mouse features the TrueMove3 sensor that offers ultra-low latency and rapid-response tracking. It is specially designed for esports gaming offering 1-to-1 tracking with 3,500 to 12,000 CPI.

Also, the device is super lightweight and highly durable enabling faster movement of the tracker on the screen for better efficiency. To add more to this, its design speaks of its superb aesthetic value that appeals to more buyers.

Why is it Unique

Well, this mouse is equipped with one-on-one tracking by TrueMove3 that allows you to be in perfect sync with the pointer on the screen. In fact, the incredible range of 12,000 CPI makes the mouse sensitivity at its best.

You can set the range as per the sensitivity you can handle while playing any high-end game. Not to forget, it possesses an incredible range of full-spectrum with 16.8 million colors to choose from.

It features split-trigger buttons with high durability and offers over 50 million clicks in a lifetime. The mouse has six buttons on it that can be customized as per the gameplay.

You can even choose to save multiple profiles based on the game you play so that you need not customize it every time. Furthermore, the advanced jitter reduction allows the mouse to move much faster without slowing down response time.

Buyer’s Experience

As per the buyers who have already been using this mouse, it feels light and a perfect fit for large hands. The buttons on the side are pretty durable and the best ones you may ever come across. As for the scroll wheel, there is a contradictory choice on that. For some, it does feel pretty smooth while others felt the quality to be cheap.

Furthermore, the best aspect of this mouse is that not only can you use it for gaming but also for browsing. No need to buy any extra set of mice for your professional use at any point in time. Also, the software that you may use for customizing the buttons and the RGB lights is pretty amazing and perfect for usage.

Best Fit For

If you wish to save money and still grab the best deal. SteelSeries Rival 310 is the best you can think of. The price range is pretty good and you can use it for multiple purposes. Also, the durability of the mouse along with the grip is amazing that can go on for a longer span of time.


Excellent buttons with high durability
Great grip on large hands
Impressive Software
Outstanding sensor
Good Scroll Wheel


Build material is not good enough.
Not for smaller hands

SteelSeries Rival 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Split-Trigger Buttons -...
  • Custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical 1-to-1 tracking esports sensor
  • Ergonomically-designed for extreme comfort and performance
  • Exclusive split-trigger left/right buttons deliver guaranteed 50 million click durability
  • Two-zone, multi-color Prism RGB illumination for customizable lighting.Save all your performance and lighting settings...

5. Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse– Best User-Friendly Mouse

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for Laptop,...

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If you have been looking for something unique and a mouse that is a lot more comfortable than any regular mouse in the market, Anker Wireless Optical Mouse is the right choice. It features a vertical design where the structure is designed depicting more like a handshake.

The compact wireless connectivity makes it easy to be taken around and gives more flexibility. Simply plug in the USB receiver in your system and wishing seconds you can start using it, no software needed. 

Well, the most attractive aspect of the mouse is its design. It reduces the strain and the pressure from your arms and fingers giving a much more natural hold to a mouse.

The mouse has five buttons with multi-purpose use that you can set using the software. Also, it can be used for gaming, browsing, or simply anything small but done with ease.

Why is it Unique ?

Apart from its comfortable grip on the hands, you can get hold of the mouse a lot stronger and wiser. As we say that it can be used for playing games, you can make use of the three levels of mouse sensitivity that is 800 / 1200 / 1600DPI for better sensitivity.

Also, changing the DPI level is much smoother than you would have hoped for. This mouse is more inclined towards claw grip style since the build quality can be a little slippery on the surface.

Adding more to the incredible durability of the buttons and the switches, the scroll wheel stands out to be an amazing asset to the mouse. It is super easy to scroll and also to press the button you need not put a lot of effort adding more flexibility.

Buyer’s Experience

There have been mixed reviews when it comes to understanding a buyer’s experience on this. So, this is undoubtedly an excellent mouse overall. The structure is good, although the build quality could have been better.

The ergonomic structure does feel comfortable but not much of relief if you are looking to get over with carpal tunnel. Overall the movement on the desk is amazing and you would not need any mouse pad even.

However, the mouse may not have a longer life span that you would expect it to work. The main issue is the scroll wheel that may or may not work out for the best. So, it depends on the buyer and how efficiently it is being used.

Best Fit For

It is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a comfortable mouse that has a good grip. The movement with this mouse is pretty amazing and the buttons are highly durable. Moreover, you can customize the buttons as well using the software so that everything falls into place.


Great Grip
Comfortable and Lightweight
Impressive Movement
Perfect for claw grip style
Easy-access use


Build quality not up to the mark

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for Laptop,...
  • Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and...
  • 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides more sensitivity than standard optical mice for...
  • Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when webpage browsing; the superior choice for internet surfers, gamers...
  • Enters power saving mode (power is cut off completely) after 8 minutes idle, press right or left button for it to wake....

6. Tecknet Wireless Mouse– Best Full-Size Mouse

TECKNET Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz Ergonomic Computer Mouse, Portable Cordless Mice, Mouse for Laptop, 6...

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Here we have another brilliant mouse from VicTsing that has been designed for large hands and fits in perfectly. It has multiple features that make it a suitable choice for you on an affordable budget.

The mouse can be easily connected to your system using a USB receiver and is compatible with Notebook, PC, Laptop, Computer, and MacBook. Also, it runs on battery power, simply put in two AA batteries and you are good to go.

The most interesting aspect of the mouse is its built quality and poses an excellent grip on the hand. It gives support to each of the fingers on while you enjoy your gameplay or simply any work for that matter comfortably.

It even makes sure that you get proper rest to your palms and supports it in every manner. It works on the 2.5GHz wireless technology to offer long-distance and lag-free connectivity.

Why is it Unique ?

The main question arises what is the unique part about it. Well, this wireless mouse features five adjustable CPI levels that are 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400 that can easily change the sensitivity dining on your usage.

It is perfect to play high-end games that need better sensitivity and more power. Also, you can switch between two polling rate options that are 125Hz and 250Hz.

Moving on, the mechanical switches can easily withstand over 50 million clicks and still go on for a longer time. This ensures durability and flexibility with the number of clicks on the button.

Moreover, it is sweat-resistant keeping you safe from any slips while you are working on it thus providing a good grip overall. Furthermore, the mouse ensures low power consumption that goes into sleep mode within 8 minutes of inactivity.

Buyer’s Experience

There is no doubt in the fact that it is indeed an affordable device. It does have a good size overall and gives a good palm rest as well. The best aspect is that it gives support to all the fingers in your hand so that you can use it a lot more comfortably than ever. Also, there isn’t any software to configure the buttons but you still can. It works fabulously whether you are thinking of using it for gaming or simply for your work.

The only issue that is missing from the mouse is good lighting just as you might have seen in other gaming mice. But overall at this price range, you will be satisfied in every manner.

Best Fit For

If you are looking for good battery performance, a low budget, wireless technology, and additional space to rest your fingers, this is the best fit. In fact, the movement and sensitivity are brilliant as well so you can vouch for that as well and make your choice.


Lightweight and comfortable
Great battery performance
Impressive thumb, ring, and pinky support
Affordable and value for money
Great build quality


Lacks the RGB Lighting for gaming

TECKNET Wireless Mouse, 2.4GHz Ergonomic Computer Mouse, Portable Cordless Mice, Mouse for Laptop, 6...
  • Compact Design, Travel Friendly:With the dimension of 4.09*1.88*1.49 in, this compact mouse provides more portability...
  • Ergonomic Design, Comfort Grip: The contoured shape of this mouse is ergonomically designed to fit the natural curve of...
  • Advanced Optical Tracking: Featuring 5-level adjustable DPI (800/1200/1600/2000/2600), this mouse provides...
  • 24 Months Battery Life - Combined with a power-saving mode and on/off switch, this efficiently engineered mouse grants...

7. Logitech M510– Best Ambidextrous Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse, Black

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Here we are with another Logitech mouse that checks all the features tha you will need for any regular purposes. Logitech M510 is compatible with any of the systems and the USB receiver does the job perfectly. A simple plug and play are all that is needed to connect the mouse to your system.

This is a full-sized mouse that weighs only about 4.55 ounces making it very lightweight and highly portable. Moreover, you can add more compatible devices to one single receiver such as a keyboard, mouse pad, etc.

This is an ambidextrous mouse that has an ergonomic design and soft rubber grips that keep you hard firmly on the mouse. The overall size is pretty compact and its wireless connection allows a lot more flexibility. You can use it for work, home, or simply travel with it on any of your systems.

Why is it Unique ?

Unlike any other mouse, this fits in not only for right-handed users but also for left-handed buyers as well. It features exceptional switches that have the capacity to withstand millions of clicks over a lifespan. This mouse features 7 programmable buttons on it that can be used to move the page up/down, open browser windows, jump to full screen, switching applications, etc. With the help of Logitech software, you can assign the buttons to their special purpose.

When it comes to battery life, this is nothing short of a beast. It can go on with two batteries for over 2 years. Also, the power-saving mode allows the mouse to go in a sleep mode for some time saving a great deal of power and increasing battery performance. Moreover, you can enjoy precise cursor control aligned with response tracking with the help of advanced optical tracking.

Buyer’s Experience

The best experience with the mouse is the fact that it serves well for both right and left-handed users. Not a lot of good mice these days do provide such a feature. Also, the build quality is excellent and the movement is top-notch overall.

This is not a gamers mouse rather a powerful one to get all your work done with the best performance. Also, the size is perfect for large hands and something worth investing money into.

Best Fit For

It is the best fit for those looking for an ambidextrous mouse. If you are ready to invest in some money, this can be your choice to go for. There are several colors for you to choose from that will suit your style as well.


Multiple colors available
Value for money
Comfortable and portable
Ergonomic design
Impressive buttons durability


Not for smaller hands
Not for gaming

Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse, Black
  • Note: In case of wireless mouse, the USB receiver will be provided inside or along with the mouse

Buying Guide for Best Mouse for Big Hands

Before you choose the perfect mouse for yourself, make sure to check out certain factors that you need to know in selecting the right product. Here we go. 

1. Size

The first and foremost aspect that you need to consider before even buying any of the options above is the size. Since you are looking for something that can fit in your large hands, you need a large mouse with an ergonomic design. 

If you choose a small-sized mouse it will never be able to do justice in your hands and you may end up having pain and other issues with your palm. There are several mice that have a full-size and thus are perfect for you. Mostly all the mice we have mentioned above have the right size, hence the size may not be a big issue.

2. Weight

Another important aspect is the weight of the mouse. A lot of people might have different aspects when it comes to deciding whether a light mouse is good or a medium weighting mouse is better. As of here, anything lighter will be better to move around and will give a faster movement on the table. If you are looking for a gaming purpose mouse you might get the mouse with a little heavier side with buttons and other features involved in it.

Most of the wired mice are a lot lighter than that of a wireless mouse. The reason being that the wireless mouse does have batteries in them that makes them functioning thus increasing their overall weight. Make sure you make the right choice and compare the weight of the product.

3. Wired or Wireless

There is no specific choice that we can give when it comes to choosing between wired or wireless mouse. They are equally good in their own aspects and serve the purpose well. There are few aspects that you can take into consideration such as for any Gaming mouse mostly pro gamers prefer a wired mouse. It is because they provide direct connection and better connectivity than any wireless mouse.

On the other hand, considering portability, you can choose a wireless mouse for all your professional work or your daily personal work that requires constant work at all times. We have mentioned such mice that have the potential to work perfectly well for both gaming as well as regular work.

4. Comfort and Build Quality

It all comes to whether the device you are using is comfortable enough for long use. Many users suffer from carpal tunnel making it difficult to work on a mouse for long hours. So, you will easily find an ergonomically designed mouse with perfect shape and build quality that will give you a good grip.

In fact, the mice we have mentioned in the list are very comfortable and some even have unique designs too for added comfort level. Whether you are looking to fulfill your gaming needs or for professional usage, it needs to have a good resting space for your fingers as well so that you can get rid of any stress on your palm.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is a bigger mouse better?

A1. It depends on multiple aspects or factors. For instance, there is no denying the fact that a large-sized mouse has a better grip and gives enough room to rest your palm. It also depends on each individual. If you have a smaller hand you may not use the mouse at all since your fingers will not be able to adjust to the buttons. Similarly, a large mouse is perfect for large hand users.

Q2. How do I choose the right mouse for my hand?

A2. Well, the most important thing that matters is the ergonomics. No matter what the cost of any mouse, if it is not comfortable to you in your hands, it will never work out in the long run. If you have smaller hands, never go for any large-sized mouse and vice versa. You can check out about the size of the mouse along with their weight to determine the right mouse for your hand.

Q3. Is a vertical mouse better?

A3. Yes, it indeed is. Having a vertical mouse could give you a better posture and ergonomically it has multiple benefits. But then it depends on whether it is okay with the user’s hands. These mice usually have a handshake based design that can be perfect for large hands. However, the only issue is that it still does not have a good palm rest.


You have every single product mentioned in the list of best mice for large hands. We have curated and reviewed ourselves just to make sure you get the best among all. There are multiple other good options as well in the market but here have the most comprehensive list with every piece of detail you may not find anyplace else. In fact, worthy buyers’ experience has been mentioned so that you can get the most genuine answer.

Every product has multiple factors and features that need to be carefully looked at before you can jump to a conclusion. To invest money in any product you need to know what you are looking for. Hence the guide will take you a much clearer view and aspect of each of the features. If at all you feel stuck and are unable to decide, you can let us know in the comment section below. 

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