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5 Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch Reviews and Buying Guide [2024 Updated]

Best 8 Port Gigabit Switch

Are you looking for the best 8 port gigabit switch for your home or your office? Well, with so many options in the market, it can get tricky to pick out the right one. So, we made sure to make things a little easy for you. We have created a list of the best 8 port Gigabit switch that took us days to come with the perfect options.

The list below consists of easily affordable yet amongst the best options that you can buy without a second thought. Well, gigabit switches are available with multiple ports, so if you have a limited number of devices that you need to connect to the internet, then an 8 port switch will work perfectly for you. Whether you are a gamer or simply a workaholic with multiple devices to connect, these switches might be the right choice in the long run.

You can check out the list of the best gigabit switch 8 port with a proper buying guide.

1. NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (GS108)– Best Overall

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS108) - Desktop or Wall Mount, and Limited...

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To start with, Netgear 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch is one of the best on the list that has every single feature or specs that you need. It is highly affordable and might perfectly fit in your budget.

This device is pretty lightweight and the brand provides a lifetime warranty on it, which means you need not worry about things if anything goes wrong. 

You can choose to use it on your desk or even wall-mount it near your devices. The GS108 is compatible with every device or internet service provider, simply plug and play is the motto that the brand follows. There is no software that needs to be installed or any particular configuration required.

Apart from this, another exceptional feature is the fact that it serves as a silent operation that means you will hardly hear any noise from the device.

Why is it unique?

Since you are thinking of going for Netgear GS108, there are multiple aspects that make it better than most of the devices we have listed here. This 8 port gigabit switch contains no fans built in it, hence you will hear no noise from it. This particular aspect makes it perfect for your office environment. It is highly affordable making it a great asset for small businesses.

This device includes high-security and keeps you distant from any complicated configurations. All you need to do is simply plug in the device and set up the password. Moreover, the device works in an energy-efficient mode and saves a lot of energy for your business. In fact, you can either choose to mount it on the wall or keep it over a desk.

Buyer’s Experience

This Netgear device is a favorable one for most of the buyers. The main reason behind it is that the price is pretty low and does fall under the budget. Moreover, even as a buyer you face any issue with the connection, they have excellent service and provide a lifetime warranty so that you can get it repaired for free. There were no issues found with the connection at any point in time. Moreover, the excellent feature of this device that the buyers who are non-technical loved the fact that it does not need to install any software and installation hardly takes minutes.

Best Fit For

Since these smaller devices are meant to connect a limited number of devices, it is a perfect fit for small business owners. You can install it in your home too that can cover larger distances. Since it has 8 ports, you can connect your console, computers, laptops, printers, etc into this and might still be left with enough ports to connect more.


It is easy to install and configure
It saves a lot of energy
Perfect fit for home and small businesses
It is designed to minimize fan noise
Lightweight and Affordable
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Comes with a default password
The web management interface cannot be turned off
NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS108) - Desktop or Wall Mount, and Limited...
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Simple plug-and-play setup with no software to install or configuration needed
  • Supports desktop or wall mount placement
  • Lifetime Limited Hardware Warranty, Next Business Day Replacement, and 24/7 chat with a NETGEAR expert

2. TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch (TL-SG108)– Best Affordable 8 Port Gigabit Switch

TP-Link TL-SG108 8 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Network Switch, Ethernet Splitter Plug & Play...

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Well, if you are looking for a switch that fits in perfectly with your budget, look no further. TP-Link TL-SG108 is one of the best there is and also the most affordable. This desktop switch gives you an uninterrupted performance and transfer of massive files within minutes across eight definitive ports.

It is a perfect device whether you need it for your home or office. Some of the devices that you connect are routers, computers, gaming consoles, laptops, printers, cameras, etc.

This TP-Link switch is made of a high-quality casing that keeps it protected from any harm and also it is eco-friendly to save energy. Moreover, the ports are shielded to protect against any static interference while transferring data or files. Overall, it weighs only approx 14 ounces or even less and can be easily mounted on the wall.

Why is it Unique?

The most important aspect of this device is that it increases the reliability of the devices connected to it. It enables instant transferring of data from device to another or other sources. Moreover, TP-link provides a unique feature where administrators can use QoS to prioritize the traffic for certain devices connected to it. If you need your computer and security camera to get the maximum traffic for a lag-free service, you can set a limit for others.

Also, this device does not require any installation that may take a professional for a setup. Simply plug and play and get on with it. Even the ports feature an auto-negotiation function that recognizes the speed of the network by itself and adjusts likewise for the best performance with every device.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers love the amazing build quality of this product and how durable it has proved to be with each passing day. The installation is pretty quick and hardly takes minutes. You may need assistance while mounting it on the wall or else simply keep it over a desk. Moreover, the amazing price of this network switch makes it even more favorable for the buyers since it saves a lot of money. Furthermore, each port has its own LED indicator which is perfect to keep track and manage.

Best Fit For

As we said that the TP-Link TL-SG108 is one of the lowest-priced products on the list here and that makes it a perfect fit for everyone with a low budget. You can simply buy this device and enjoy every feature that you are looking for. It is perfect for small businesses and also for home use too who are working from home and have multiple devices to connect to over the network.


It is easy to Plug & Play.
It is highly durable.
The device is made of high-grade material.
It features Indicators for every port.
The device allows admins to prioritize the traffic on devices.
Connects up to 16 devices to router


There is no Syslog or SNMP support.
TP-Link TL-SG108 8 Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Network Switch, Ethernet Splitter Plug & Play...
  • 𝗢𝗻𝗲 𝗦𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗵 𝗠𝗮𝗱𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝗘𝘅𝗽𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗡𝗲𝘁𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸:...
  • 𝗚𝗶𝗴𝗮𝗯𝗶𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗦𝗮𝘃𝗲𝘀 𝗘𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗴𝘆: Latest innovative...
  • 𝗥𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗤𝘂𝗶𝗲𝘁: IEEE 802.3X flow control provides reliable data...
  • 𝗣𝗹𝘂𝗴 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘆: Easy setup with no software installation or configuration needed

3. TP-Link Litewave 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (LS1008G)– Best Gigabit Switch for Compact Size

TP-Link Litewave 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch | Desktop Ethernet Splitter | Plastic Case |...

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Here we have another masterpiece by TP-Link that is equally very low in price and falls under an affordable category. The TP-Link LS1008G is known for its compact size and its design.

Apart from the fact that the device is fanless and creates very little noise, you can simply mount it anywhere on your wall or keep it over your desk. In fact, it is made of energy-efficient technology that consumes very little energy and also saves money.

As we said, it is affordable but also very easy to use. You can also expand your network connection by connecting your router with it and add more devices to your network such as using it in your workspace. If you do not have a router with enough ports, you can use this network switch and connect your router to it to expand the number of devices you can connect.

Why is it Unique?

Well, one of the most unique aspects of the device is that it has power consumption technology that adjusts automatically based on the link status and also the cable length resulting in less carbon footprint. Simply connect the adapter to the power source and get going. There is no software required that needs to be installed, all you need to do is plug and play your devices. Moreover, the fanless design makes it compact in size and allows it to produce no sound whatsoever.

As for the design, all the ports have their own LED indicator that will light up as long as it is in use helping you to keep track and manage the connections. A lot of high-end switches might not have this feature.

Buyer’s Experience

As per the buyer’s experience, this device is pretty reliable and perfectly under budget. Yet the build material is plastic that might serve to be the best there is. Hence it might look a little cheap but overall it is worth investing money on. In fact, the best part is that the brand has excellent customer support so if anything might not work, you can get it fixed. 

Since the internet connection may have more devices loaded up, hence the speed might be less in each of them and not because of the network switch.

Best Fit For

Considering the fact that you are looking for a reliable yet low-priced product, this might be the best fit for you. It has everything you would need for a fast connection. From installing it in your home to using it in your small office space, it goes all the way. If you have a lot of devices, it is worth investing money in this device than getting anything with a higher number of ports.


It is easy to install and manager
Easy Plug and Play
Highly efficient and Reliable
It is an ideal device that saves money and energy
Highly affordable
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The build material is cheap
Not constant speed
TP-Link Litewave 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch | Desktop Ethernet Splitter | Plastic Case |...
  • 【One Switch Made to Expand Network】8× 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ports supporting Auto Negotiation and Auto MDI/MDIX,...
  • 【Gigabit that Saves Energy】Latest innovative energy-efficient technology greatly expands your network capacity with...
  • 【Reliable and Quiet】IEEE 802.3X flow control provides reliable data transfer and Fanless design ensures quiet...
  • 【Plug and Play】Easy setup with no software installation or configuration needed

4. D-Link Ethernet Switch (DGS-1008G)– Best Fanless Gigabit Switch

D-Link Ethernet Switch, 8-Port Gigabit Plug n Play Compact Design Fanless Desktop (DGS-1008G), Black

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D-Link is yet another brand that designs some of the best 8 port gigabit switches to connect multiple devices. The outstanding DGS-1008G model is an ideal network switch with 8 ports that provides Gigabit Ethernet storage and also enhances your gaming experience overall.

It makes sure you get blazing internet speed so that you have the most amazing and lag-free gaming sessions. In fact, it even supports high-end software to run smoothly by boosting network performance.

Yes, this too indeed is fanless and does not heat up due to its efficient performance. As for the design, it is sleek and looks compact too. It includes QoS support that enables VoIP calls with a smooth connection. Moreover, this D-Link device has LED indicators for each port and one for the on/off device too on the top. If this is your first device, it could be perfect since it does not require any installation.

Why is it Unique?

The D-Link DGS-1008G is a plug and play device that requires no software for any configuration. It has been designed perfectly and looks a lot similar to any router you might have used before. One of the most unique aspects is the LED indicators that are placed on the top of it to make it a lot more visible and being placed beside the ports. Another important aspect is its capability to boost network speed so that each device can have a smooth data transfer.

Similar to other network Switch D-Link devices, the technology used here is energy-efficient so that it not only saves energy but also a lot of money. From enjoying small office work to playing online multiplayer games, you can do it all.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers have been pretty much impressed with every aspect of this device. One of the biggest reasons to like the device is the excellent build quality and reliability of the brand. Then the price that may not be the least of all but surely affordable for a long term usage. The overall speed transfer may vary in each device since it will be distributed all over. Apart from simply connecting a router you can also use a range extender and increase your network’s reach.

Best Fit For

If you are a massive fan of the brand and familiar with its excellent product, this network switch might be an interesting option to go for. It does have very similar features as others, however, the price is a little steep. So, if the price is not a big deal for you and the build quality is something you look for, this might be the perfect fit for you.


It supports QoS for clear VoIP calls
Energy Consumption using Green technology
Provides fanless design with silent operation
It features 16 Gbps switching fabric
Auto MDI/MDIX crossover for all ports
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Not the best choice for long term usage
D-Link Ethernet Switch, 8-Port Gigabit Plug n Play Compact Design Fanless Desktop (DGS-1008G), Black
  • 8 Gigabit ports
  • D Link Green technology helps conserve energy when the device is not in use
  • Ideal for Gigabit Ethernet storage and gaming
  • Plug and play installation

5. Linksys SE3008 8-Port Metallic Gigabit Switch– Best for Build Quality

Linksys SE3008: 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, Computer Network, Auto-Sensing Ports...

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Linksys SE3008 is an ideal customer choice multiple times. To start off, this device is an all-metal construction with a near-perfect high durable exterior. You can simply hang it on a wall and not worry about anything.

This device guarantees a fast data transfer that works as a backbone or the base to decide on the best Gigabit Switch. Since the overall cost of the device is pretty low, you can buy multiple such devices and create a working space for your office.

From connecting your computer to your Wifi direct printer, you can give it all. The main region that consists of all the ports has small light indicators that do help to know which ports are in use. Also, every port does support the auto MDI/MDI-X cable detection for long term usage.

Why is it unique?

One of the most unique aspects of this device is the power saving mode, which keeps the system cool and stops it from overworking. Well, once you put it on a power-saving mode not only does it create a lesser carbon footprint but also saves money on the energy bills. The QoS feature helps to prioritize making sure you have better video and audio streaming quality.

Moreover, the ports have intelligent congestion detection capabilities so that you can have a much smooth service overall. There isn’t much that you need to do in terms of installation, rather a simple plug and play would be perfect especially if you are a beginner.

Buyer’s Experience

Well, the buyer’s loved the fact that the ports can detect congestion using Ping to manage the throughput-performance tradeoff. Also, in the long run, it does help to reduce the delay in the network speed over multiple ports. Another aspect is that it does have a fan that keeps the system cool from overheating. Every buyer accepted the low price range of this product as well since it fits in the budget with so many levels of excellent features.

Best Fit For

If you are not willing to spend a lot of money and need something with the excellent build quality, Linksys is the most reliable of them all. It handles congestion as well as features broadcast rate control. Moreover, who would not like to go for a device that consumes less energy in the long run.


It features auto MDI/MDIX cable detection
Highly affordable
It is highly durable with the superb build quality
Keeps the system cool
This device features No Head-of-Line blocking.
Connects up to 16 devices to router


It has a poor customer support
The cables are on the front making the wires messier
Linksys SE3008: 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch, Computer Network, Auto-Sensing Ports...
  • Full-duplex IEEE 802.3x flow control and half-duplex backpressure with intelligent port-based congestion detection and...
  • All ports support auto MDI/MDI-X cable detection
  • Non head-of-line blocking architecture
  • Power Save: Advanced power saving mode detects unused ports

Buying Guide

We have mentioned the 8 port gigabit switch Reviews and everything you need to know about them. But as a beginner, there are certain factors that you might need to consider before you choose the right option for your home or your office. Here is a buying guide that will help you in the long run.

1. Usage

Well, the most important aspect that any user or buyer needs to understand and take into consideration is the usage of the device. Whether you need it for your home or office. Most of the users either are gamers or simply work from home fellas that have multiple devices that they need to connect to complete their setup.

Also, if you need to set up a small office, these easy to install routers do serve the purpose well. Since you are a beginner, we have made sure that you are free from the hassle of complex configuration.

2. Build Quality

Not everyone is aware of the importance of a good build Gigabit Switch. If you need a reliable and long-lasting device, it needs to be well built overall. Most of the devices we have above are made of high-quality material.

However, you can skip those that are made of plastic or anything that may not last long. If you are tight on your budget, that might feel like the best option and can be used with utmost care. The durability of the product does determine its lifespan.

3. Speed

Another important feature is good speed. Well, most of the network switches above have Gigabit Speed that can easily provide you with faster gaming sessions, better audio, and video streaming, high-quality calls, etc.

You might also come across another category known to be Fast Ethernet which is not as fast as the former but worthy enough since they may have a lower cost. As per what we know that Gigabit speed is over 10 times faster than the Fast Ethernet speed.

4. Budget

Lastly, it all comes down to the budget. Above all, you can filter out half the products based on your budget and choose as per the points above.

In fact, all the above-mentioned products are one of the best under a small budget that anyone can afford. If at all budget is not an issue, you can pick up based on your purpose and also whichever suits you.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is an 8 port Gigabit Switch?

A1. An 8-port Gigabit Switch is a device that helps to connect multiple devices and acts as a hub to create a local network. It is perfect for your home or your office where you can set up multiple such devices for a shared network with high-speed data transfer to every device. Moreover, it brings better response time and refresh rate.

Q2. Do Ethernet switches reduce speed?

A2. It is possible. Since multiple devices share a single connection, it is bound to happen. If you have an Ethernet Switch with Gigabit Speed, then there are chances that the distribution of speed might not matter much and still be good enough for every device connected to it. On the other hand, the Fast Ethernet Switch devices might face reducing Speed.

Q3. Should I get a managed or unmanaged switch?

A3. The most basic difference between these two is that the unmanaged switch does not require any configuration and features a plug & play model. And the managed switch might just be the opposite.
So, if you are a newbie and do not want to work on the technical aspects you can go with the unmanaged switches. However, for greater control over the device, you can vouch for managed Switch.

Final Verdict

Here is everything you need to know about the best 8 port gigabit switch and the detailed review of each of the products mentioned. For starters, you might not be too familiar with a lot of terms, but make sure you go through each point and understand each feature. From speed to other configurations, take every aspect into consideration. Even though the cost is pretty low and perfect for your budget, invest your money in the one that fills your purpose.

All the above devices are selected with proper research and analysis. You might find hundreds of other such products but might be as genuine as the ones listed above. If you feel you are still unable to make a selection, let us know in the comment section below.

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