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5 Best WOW Compatible Modems [Wide Open West Cable Modems Reviews 2020]

Have you ever been in a situation when it almost takes up an hour to buffer the movie and then watch it online? Taking up almost three hours just to watch a movie that finishes in two hours can always be frustrating. Similarly, getting squashed out of your team while playing your favorite CS: GO can be gruesome.

Just because of an error in network connectivity, you may feel that the internet service you are opting for is not sufficient for you. Upgrading your internet service plan can be a good option which will give you reliable speed.

I’m already paying for high-speed internet!

If you are already paying for a high speed internet, either you have a problem with the internet service, or your hardware is not upto the mark. The only solution is to get a hold of the modem that supports you during the toughest tie.

When data is transmitted to your home through the coax cable, it already eats up a lot of speed. The main job role of a decent modem is to build back the speed that has been lost. It also gives you the stability and speed that you need while working with the internet.

How Can I Get one?

Picking up just a regular modem will not give you the requirements that you need. Instead, it may not be compatible with Wide Open West internet services as well. This is the reason why picking up the right product requires an extensive amount of research and also the right type of product to choose from.

However, this may consume vital hours of your work. If you just want to pick the best WOW compatible modem, here is a complete guide and detailed review mentioned below that you can follow.

If you are willing to get the fastest internet activities, you will always require the fastest internet connections. However, it is not possible if you do not have a proper modem. However, would you like to purchase it or rent it in? There are several perks to be answered and you can have a look at it from both the prospects.

Advantages of Purchasing a Modem

1. Purchasing anything always makes the device your own. If you purchase the product it will be solely owned by you and no one else. As a result, it would be a first hand purchase and not even a used model as well.

2. The next big advantage of owning the product is that you won’t have to pay out monthly fees every month. If you calculate the entire payment that you have to pay round the year, you will save up a lot of money indeed.

3. Another huge advantage of purchasing your own modem is that you will get proper warranty of the modem. If the modem is still on the warranty period, you will be able to use the warranty features and contact the technical support for assistance.

4. When you buy a modem, you already know that the device will give you complete support and the best experience. However, a rented modem may be purchased a lot of days back. It may not be able to give you the support that you will get with a new device.

Advantages of Renting a Modem

1. If you are renting out a modem, you will be able to save up a lot of money initially. You won’t have to end up paying a hefty amount upfront and save up a lot. Instead, you can just pay out the lower monthly rental fees.

2. One of the biggest advantages of having the rented modem is that you can get the chance for upgrading the modem at any time. If the current modem is not doing any good for you, you can purchase a new model in the brisk of time.

3. If you rent in a modem, it will be helpful for you in many ways. You would already know that the modem is compatible with the internet service. This will save up a lot of time for you in place of searching for a proper modem.

5 Best WOW Compatible Modems Reviewed

1. ARRIS SURFboard SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router – Best Overall

The combination of performance and speed is rare to find in terms of budget. But if you have the SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router along with yourself, it will just feel like a professional in your hand. This product has everything that you would have wanted to have in your home.

The modem runs on a simple DOCSIS 3.0 platform that makes it much compatible with the WOW high-speed internet services for you. To enhance the connectivity, it comes with a combination of 16 downstream channels with a support of 4 upstream channels to your home. Ideally, the router will be great for your regular gaming and HD streaming needs.

Why is it Unique

The SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router has a slim design and is quite compact in size. It sits up straight and takes up very less space to install. The option of having an LED panel just in the front of the device adds a new dimension to its look. These lights indicate the working condition of the modem and router combo. Moreover, it is also easy to configure with a simple plug and play mechanism that the product uses.

The one feature that impressed me the most about the SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router is the option of having a fast and effective router technology. Even though the product has an inbuilt AC1600 router, it is developed enough to provide WiFi 5 for your use. Moreover, it uses dual band technology to enhance the speed of the internet throughout.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers on Amazon quoted “Great modem/router”. The user is always happy because purchasing the SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router has saved her lots of money. Just renting out the same product would have charged her highly. However, renting out for a complete year is a big expenditure for everyone. When she decided to purchase this combo, it saved her a lot of money.

Best Fit For

The connectivity features of the SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router are highly impressive. This product comes along with a wide coverage area by the router and also gas 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. With the help of these ports, you will be able to connect to two separate wired devices in your home. The speed always remains a constant and this is the reason why the product can be an ideal choice for the 400 Mbps plans.


It has the latest security systems for use
The installation is smooth and easy
Wi-Fi 5 AC1600 dual-band concurrent router
Setup and manage your network with use
Comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports


Not good with Verizon

2. NETGEAR C6250 Modem WiFi Router Combo – Best Performance

Almost everyone is aware about how impressive the brand Netgear is. It is mainly because of the wonderful devices that the brand manufactures. The C6250 is an ideal product when it comes to such situations. The high speed internet access and the internet connectivity will help you to complete your work in the fastest time.

But what impressed me the most is the option of having 1 USB port along with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports. With such configurations, it becomes much easier for any person to connect with multiple other devices on the go. Since it runs on the DOCSIS 3.0 Platform, it becomes easier to connect as well.

Why is it Unique

The reason why most of the people like the NETGEAR C6250 is because it has a wide coverage area. Very few routers and modem combos can cover a wide space of 1500 Square feet. Because of this dynamic range, it becomes evitable that you can get a vast speed boost. The modem and router combo can be easily connected to at least 25 or more devices without much lag of speed in it. It can be great for gaming needs.

Coming to the configuration of the NETGEAR C6250, it has an AC1600 router platform that works with dual band technology. It has both a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band which will help you to connect with multiple devices. Another impressive feature is the presence of the DOCSIS 3.0 support. It allows the modem to be compatible with WOW internet. Also, the option of 16 downstream channels along with 4 upstream channels makes this device versatile.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers on Amazon has said that “The Best Modem/Router We’ve ever Had!” It has been almost six months that the user has purchased the NETGEAR C6250. In the past three years, he changed the router and modems individually multiple times till he purchased this model. He is currently using the 400 Mbps speed and it seemed to be highly satisfying.

Best Fit For

The parental control features of the NETGEAR C6250 are an impressive feature. Not many modems can provide the parental control option. To activate the parental control option, you can go to the Nighthawk application and then configure the settings as per your needs. Moreover, the presence of WPA/WPA2 enhances the securities for the product. The NETGEAR C6250 is specifically built for fast speed.


It gives a wide wireless coverage to the home
The router can connect to more than 25 devices at once
2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1 USB port
Engineered with 16×4 channel bonding
Works with Major Cable Providers


Parental control is not advanced

3. MOTOROLA MG7540 Modem & AC1600 Router – Best Budget

In the segment of modem and router combos, Motorola is one such brand that has challenged every other manufacturer. Not only because of the wonderful mechanism that it brings, but features that you can get at this price margin makes the MOTOROLA MG7540 a special choice.

This device features a modem and an in-built AC1600 router that can provide high speed internet transmission. It is specifically a dual band gigabit router that can provide a maximum speed of 1600 Mbps. This much speed should be enough for you to continue your work for longer hours. As a result, opting for a 300 Mbps plan from WOW internet will do the job well.

Why is it Unique

The MOTOROLA MG7540 comes with a simple and unique design. The patented body is much sleek as compared to the other models available. So keeping it just at the corner of your table will not be a problem. It has a tall body design that allows you to get upto 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. You can use all of them to configure the modem and then connect it to multiple other wired devices in your home. Setting up the router just takes a few minutes.

Coming to the configuration, the MOTOROLA MG7540 features the Intel Puma 6 chipset that allows you to get faster internet services from both the bands. Although the 5 GHz band could have been better, the 2.4 GHz channel is still the best available in the market. The use of specific AnyBeam beamforming technology makes sure that there are no more dead spots in your home. It is thus, highly secure from any type of service attacks.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers named Antonio commented as “No more dead spots”. He mentioned on Amazon that his house is almost 2500 square feet in area and the router has been an impressive purchase. It could easily connect to two computers along with 10 other wireless devices in the home. However, the wide coverage was a bigger relief for him as it could cover up the entire home.

Best Fit For

This device from Motorola includes 16 downstream channels that can be ideal for a speed of 686 Mbps. Apart from this it has 4 upstream channels providing a speed of 123 Mbps. However, what impressed me the most is that even after connecting with 20 devices, the speed always gave out a constant reading. So I never had to change the settings while using. If you are considering the budget, having the MOTOROLA MG7540 is a great option.


Built-in high-speed WiFi router
The router can work on WiFi DFS frequencies
16×4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem
AnyBeam beamforming at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Has two-year warranty plus rugged lightning


The 5 GHz channel may not be so good

4. NETGEAR CM1150V Nighthawk Cable Modem – Best Gaming

Having a high speed internet is a must when it comes to gaming. This is the reason why the NETGEAR CM1150V is a specialized product in this segment. Ok, the price may seem to be initially higher, but the speed that you can get in return of this will help you a lot. Specifically, this product comes with a maximum speed of 2000 Mbps and it can be heavily used for fast internet gaming.

Even if you connect the modem with a Netgear compatible router and connect upto 40 devices, the modem will always provide you with faster internet connectivity and give you the best results. On top of this, you can get a complete voice support system.

Why is it Unique

The NETGEAR CM1150V features a complete configuration for versatile connections. Specifically, this device runs on the DOCSIS 3.1 platform which is much advanced and places it in the WOW approved modems category. To enhance the modem technology, Netgear has created the CM1150V with a set of 32 downstream channels along with a set of 8 upstream channel bonding options.

This device comes with easy connectivity options. To connect with other wired devices, you can get 2 x 2 OFDM ports that will allow you to make voice integration. Moreover, you can get upto 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports from which you can easily set up a router. But what impressed me the most is the option of having a separate 2G port for faster wired Ethernet speed. Not many modems have the option of link building systems like the NETGEAR CM1150V.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers from Amazon quoted as “This modem is great”. The product comes with a great internet service and a massive support. It works specifically well for a product that you would like to have for your home. Since it has a high capacity, you can also set up the router for your office work and even play lag-free games. The owner is using the CM1150V for 8 months now and he is completely satisfied.

Best Fit For

The NETGEAR CM1150V has impressed me in many ways and the most common reason was the high speed data transfer. But there are also some other features that have caught my eyes! Some of them are the 3-way conference calling, call forwarding and many other enhanced call features. This will help you to easily gain connectivity to some of the smart devices to your home without much interruption. If you are having high speed internet, this can be a great option for you.


It comes along with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Engineered with 32×8 channel bonding
Set up is easy and takes 5 minutes
It works with any Wi-Fi Router
You can get a multi-gig Ethernet support


Don’t work with DSL

5. ARRIS SBG7600AC2 Modem & AC2350 Router – Best Seller

ARRIS is one of the industry leaders when it comes to creating the right type of products for high-speed internet needs. The high-quality engineering reflects on the SBG7600AC2 & AC2350 Combo which is itself a great product to choose. It has auto-detecting technology that allows you to configure and set up the device in just a few steps.

Just by putting in the coax cable to the modem will allow the device to detect the IP configuration settings and it can go well. To help you with the configuration settings, you can also use the ARRIS SURFboard app where you can easily manage, configure and also limit access for the connected devices. This acts as a better security measurement.

Why is it Unique

The SBG7600AC2 & AC2350 Combo works on the Wave 2 concurrent technology. It is one of the most advanced platforms developed in the market today that allows you to get better settings and performance with the internet connection. Moreover, the presence of an integrated AC2350 platform allows you to get 2350 Mbps of combined speed with the product. For this, you can even use both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz channel frequencies.

Another impressive feature of the SBG7600AC2 & AC2350 Combo is the easy connectivity with external devices. It is a specific device that comes with both wired and wireless connectivity options. Apart from the WiFi 5 technology, you can also get four different 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports that will help you to connect with computers with a LAN cable. Even if you connect with so many devices, it never reduces the initial speed.

Buyer’s Experiences

One of the consumers from Amazon has recently purchased this device. According to him, the review suggests “Works great…very high speeds”. Since he is using the SBG7600AC2 & AC2350 Combo for his office work, it became easy to create the modem as a hub for multiple computers. The speed is always constant and will always give you the satisfaction of paying for high speed internet.

Best Fit For

The SBG7600AC2 & AC2350 Combo is built to provide high speed data transmission to your home. It uses 32 download channels along with 8 upload channels that can easily provide a fast internet activity to your phone. Since you can get high speed internet activity with this modem and router combo, you can even pick this model if you have a plan of 500 Mbps or more. Ideally, the SBG7600AC2 & AC2350 Combo can be a great choice for your office work.


32 downstream & 8 upstream channels
Wave 2 AC2350 dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi Router
It comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
This modem has with the SURFboard Manager app
Quick & easy setup takes only 5 minutes


Not many updates available

Editor’s Pick

Not every router that you see will satisfy you with the compatibility and also the requirements that you have. There are a lot of devices already available. However, some of them may be slow while some of them may not be the perfect choice according to what you pay for the WOW internet. If you are in a hurry, you won’t have to go through individual in-depth reviews. Instead, you can just have a look at the editor’s pick mentioned below where I have made up a compilation of the top products available.

The ARRIS SURFboard SBG10 Modem & AC1600 Router is the best overall product that is available in the market today. This device features a cumulative total of 1600 Mbps speed along with DOCSIS 3.0 platform. To enhance the connectivity, this product comes along with 16 downstream channels along with 4 upstream channels. It comes with decent performance and an attractive budget and is truly the best product from all sides.

Considering the performance, the NETGEAR C6250 Modem WiFi Router Combo is the best product to purchase. This product is an ideal purchase if you have a large home and you’re looking for a place where you require larger coverage. To be specific, this router and modem combo has coverage of 1500 Sq Feet. It comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports along with a USB port for easy wired connectivity. This combo allows you to connect with 25 or more smart devices together.

If you are looking for the best budget pick, the MOTOROLA MG7540 Modem & AC1600 Router is the best product to choose out from all. This product comes with a 1600 Mbps and features the Intel Puma 6 chipset. Because of this, it also allows dynamic area coverage. You can get upto 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports to establish wired connections for your home. Planning up a 300 Mbps plan with this modem can be a great option for you.

WOW Internet Plans

WOW internet has been one of the best services all over the country delivering you faster internet access in the least amount of time. However, choosing the right internet plan completely depends on the type and the requirements that you have.

You can simply have a look at the different levels of internet tires available that will help you to get the best service plans according to your needs. You can always take the help of this service and gain the best experience. You can have a look at all the possible options that you have if you wish to pick out the best option from the internet plans available.

1. Internet 100

This is the foremost basic plan from WOW internet services. As the name suggests, you can expect that this plan is designed to provide you with a 100 Mbps internet plan. The basic plan for this service is around $34.99 and to give you a great speed. It is a decent buy if you have a few limited connections to make and also supported with a few devices.

If you only watch movies, the Internet 100 can be an ideal option for you to choose for such options. If you do not require the highest of speed and watching movies on the go is good for you, this plan will certainly help you the most.

2. Internet 200

The next tire of internet plans available is the Internet 200 plan. This plan is specially built to provide a better speed for the upgraded modems and routers. The plan suggests that you can get a maximum download speed of 200 Mbps.

However, the monthly rental charges for this plan would cost you around $44.99. If you have a few more wired connections to make in your home like smart IoT devices and others, choosing this plan can be a great option. It also enhances the levels of gaming and gives you the best choice to make.

3. Internet 500

The Internet 500 plan is a much advanced plan that makes the product look like a professional. It allows the user to get at least 500 Mbps download data. With such high speed internet activities, gaming becomes much easier.

So even if you connect with more than 20 devices including both wired and wireless connections, opting for this modem will give you the best experience. The monthly rental charges for the 500 Mbps plan is around $54.99 per month. Considering the speed that you get from WOW Internet, this can be a reliable option for you to choose.

4. Internet 1000

The most advanced platform for internet services from the WOW Internet is definitely the Internet 1000 plan. With the help of this plan, you can assume that you will be able to get around 1000 Mbps. Not many homes require so much speed and thus it can be a preferable choice for many offices who work with such high speed internet options.

Connecting to more than 30 devices will not be a big job if you are using this plan. The monthly rental fees for the Internet 1000 plan is around $74.99. By far, it is also one of the lowest and competitive amounts in the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Do I need a modem and a router?

A1. Now this entirely depends on what your requirements are. If you are just looking to establish wired connections and no wireless at all, using just a router will do the job well for you. However, if you are looking to opt for both these features in the least time, you can easily take the help of the best services by picking out a router and a modem. No data speed will be lost but you will be able to connect with more devices.

Q2. Do you need a modem for the Internet?

A2. In general terms, when the internet is transmitted by the coax cable, it already starts losing the speed that you have purchased the internet for. If speed is a factor for you, using a modem can solve this issue. You will be able to get the right amount of speed that you need. Having a router combo with the modem just gives you the extra edge that you need the most it gives you the space and the liberty to connect with more devices.

Q3. Does a modem have WiFi?

A3. To have a WiFi, you need to have a specific router that integrates the WiFi module. To be fair, modems and routers are two different hardware components that have different functions altogether. So, it’s hard to find the right product because of this. However, if you are looking for a modem that will have WiFi, you can also try to take the help of a combo device. This type of device has both the modem and the router module.

Q4. Is it better to have modem and router separate?

A4. Having a separate modem and a router always gives you a bit of flexibility. It allows you to get the upgrades for your router according to your needs. However, the only question lies whether it will be compatible with your internet service or not. If the product is not compatible, it will be a waste to purchase separate devices. Instead, you can go for a combo unit that consists of both router and modem. This will be better to configure and use with WOW internet.

Q5. How to reset my WOW cable Modem?

A5. There may be multiple reasons why your WOW internet modem is not currently working. However, overheating may be the most common issue. To get rid of this, you need to plug out the power adapter from the back of the modem and then take out the batteries as well. Allow the device to cool down for a few minutes and then plug back the power adapter along with the batteries. Once you are done, you can now turn the power on. The modem should be reset.


Wide Open West has been one of the most profound internet services available all over the country. Millions of people use them every day and with multiple connectivity options it becomes one of the most prominent services to look out for. To enhance the usage of the internet better, you can take the help of a reliable modem.

Having a modem means that you can always get to play the lag-free games and also end up receiving the internet speed that you are paying for. To get better features, you can also look for devices that have both. This will help you to get a better internet with both modem and activities for your work.

Choosing for the best modem is indeed a daunting task in hand. It requires a lot of research and activities that will give you the advantage over others. However, not many routers will give you the best experience you need. This is the reason why I have compiled the best 5 products available and a complete review about them.

You can also look for the guide mentioned above to know more about WOW internet services. However, if you are running out of time and looking for a proper product that will help you to get the best result, you can obviously look for the editor’s pick section mentioned above. It will help you to find the best WOW internet compatible modem available.

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