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5 Best Windstream Compatible Modems in 2024 [Windstream Approved Modems]

Windstream Compatible Modems

Are you a Windstream service user and want to enhance your internet surfing experience? It’s true that Windstream offers high-speed internet service to its users, but you can actually get more of it with Windstream compatible modems and routers. Buying a modem allows you to enjoy quick internet service throughout the day and at every corner of your house.

But it is necessary that you pick the right modem, which is compatible with Windstream. In this post, we have shortlisted the five best Windstream compatible modems that are packed with superb features and deliver exceptional performance.

So, here is a quick check!

1. Windstream Actiontec T3200 Modem Router – Best Overall

Windstream Actiontec T3200 xDSL Wi-Fi Premium Wireless Router/Modem 1GIG

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The Windstream Actiontec T3200 Wi-Fi modem is the latest device perfect to gain premium and enhanced speed with DSL connections. It supports all Windstream’s xDSL protocols like fiber and bonded and offers a speed up to 1 Gbps. It is an excellent unit that covers a large size home completely.

The modem comes with already preconfigured settings that make it very easy to use. It runs smoothly offering faster speed without resulting in any kind of issues. Since it is designed to work exclusively with Windstream, it can be assured that you will never experience any problem when using this modem router.

Why is it Unique

It comes with the support of both 802.11n and 802.11ac standards, thereby offering great security to your Wi-Fi network. This device comes with dual bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz delivering excellent combined speed based on the type of Windstream internet package you have selected.

The modem has numerous lights, which are useful to see the current status of your network connection and identify installation problems. Its interface holds functionalities like port forwarding and wireless settings, which makes it very convenient to use.

Buyer’s Experience

In addition to its performance, the buyers liked its design, which is highly stable from the bottom. With a vent at its back, it keeps internal components cool. Another good thing is that it comes with inbuilt antennas. Hence, there are no external antennas that show up.

Ideal For

This is one of the finest Windstream compatible routers, which is proven to deliver exceptional performance. If you are an exclusive Windstream user, this modem router will never disappoint you. It is a worthy purchase if you want the best out of your Windstream service.


Wireless AC 802.11ac
Dual bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
Remote HTTP access
Backward compatible for Wireless N/B/G
4 Ethernet Ports
Supports speed up to 1 G
One USB 3.0 port


It is unlikely to work with other DSL internet service providers.
No Gigabit Ethernet Ports

2. Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 – Best Speed

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 Smart Wi-Fi Router (R8000) - AC3200 Tri-band Wireless Speed (Up to 3200 Mbps) |...

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With the Netgear Nighthawk modem-router, you can advance your Wi-Fi performance to a high extent. This router comes with efficient Tri-Band Gigabit technology that renders incomparable speed to your existing network. It offers a powerful coverage of up to 3,500 sq ft and is perfect to upgrade your existing Wi-Fi experience.

The router comes with the advance range boosting Beamforming technology that delivers reliable and fast Wi-Fi to every area of your house. It is an ideal solution for all demanding activities such as multi-player gaming and 4K ultra-HD streaming.

Why is it Unique

This modem router wisely chooses between three bands to reduce interference and enhance speed for all your smart wireless devices. It comes with Netgear Armor Advanced Threat protection technology that offers a multi-layer safety solution to your router. This way, all your connected devices like smartphones, computers, and smart devices stay protected from malware, viruses, and data thefts.

The other best thing about this device is its circle smart parental control capability that allows convenient management of device screen and internet content access. With its app support, users can set time limits for usage, device schedules, filter out websites, and offer complete ease of network control.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers were impressed with this modem’s performance. The other good thing they liked is the Nighthawk app support that allows 5-minute setup. The modem comes with Gigabit ports that offer them quick wired connections to game box, computer, and other devices. Also, there are two USB ports that allow easy sharing of data through a storage drive.

Ideal For

This modem is a top of the line device that resolves all data coverage problems. It is a great router inbuilt with advanced technologies that offer fast speed and high coverage. It is a robust body that holds great strength. Though it is slightly more expensive than other modem devices in the market, it is worth its price.


Smart parental control
Quick and simple 5-minute setup
4 high speed Gigabit Ports connections
Designed for heavy-duty streaming
Armor Advanced threat protection
Seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 50 devices
Great Wi-Fi coverage of up to 3500 sqft
Fast Tri-Band Gigabit technology
Dynamic QoS and Amazon Alexa Voice control


It is not backed with good technical support.
NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 Smart Wi-Fi Router (R8000) - AC3200 Tri-band Wireless Speed (Up to 3200 Mbps) |...
  • Recommended for up to 50 devices: Reliably stream videos, play games, surf the internet, and connect smart home devices.
  • Wired Ethernet ports: plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other nearby wired devices with 4 x 1...
  • Loaded with advanced technology: Designed with a 1GHz dual core processor, 6 amplified antennas, Beamforming+, Dynamic...
  • USB connections: Share a storage drive and printer with any connected device, and create a personal cloud storage to...

3. Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band AC1900 – Best Budget

Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC1900 MU-Mimo Fast Wireless Router)

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The Linksys AC1900 is a dual band Wi-Fi router with Multi User-MIMO technology. It offers a combined speed of 1.9 Gbps, which perfectly caters to all kinds of high bandwidth applications. It is an excellent choice for homes with dense Wi-Fi traffic.

With this modem/router, you can easily connect more than 12 devices like 4K UHD TVs, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, and others. It always makes sure you gain an uninterrupted and fast Wi-Fi connection when various devices run at the same time.

Using this router is a treat as it is very convenient to connect. The setup instructions come into a form of CD. You only have to connect the router into a power outlet and then connect your device to its secure network.

Why is it Unique

It offers two dedicated bands that offer double performance than the single band. The single band is perfect to perform light internet activities and serves older wireless G and N devices. The other band is ideal to perform high-bandwidth activities like gaming and streaming. You can manually assign the band to each device to gain flawless performance.

The latest beamforming technology is another awesome thing about this device that allows the router to strengthen Wi-Fi signals to individual devices. As a result, you get better Wi-Fi range, faster speed, and robust connections. It comes with a USB 3.0 port, which allows connecting external storage devices for media or file transfers across the network at 10 times faster USB 2.0 port. The USB 2.0 port is perfect for transferring small files or connecting a printer.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers find it a great device that was very easy to install and delivered excellent speed. It runs well for 10 devices simultaneously. Integration of the latest features makes it an efficient choice for Windstream as well as other internet service providers.

Ideal For

With a convenient setup, fast performance, and latest technologies, this modem comes with an easy-to-use app that allows convenient customization of the entire network. The app is useful to get real-time details about the home network, prioritize devices, set parental controls, and send guest network access.


More bandwidth for multiple devices
Convenient setup without third party assistance
Dual band Wireless Delivers Quick Speed
Beamforming and MU-MIMO technology
Gigabit Ethernet Ports for Fast Connection
Easy Management and Customize for Home Wi-Fi
Works with existing modem


The speed may break when a device is connected at a long distance
Linksys EA7500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router for Home (Max-Stream AC1900 MU-Mimo Fast Wireless Router)
  • Provides up to 1,500 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage for 15plus wireless devices
  • Works with existing modem, simple setup through Linksys App
  • Enjoy 4K HD streaming, gaming and more in high quality without buffering
  • Dual band Wi-Fi speeds up to 1.9 Gaps (2.4 GHz/ 600 Mbps) plus (5 GHz/ 1300 Mbps). Minimum system requirements -...

4. MOTOROLA VDSL2 AC1600 – Best Appearance and Support

MOTOROLA VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem + WiFi AC1600 Gigabit Router, Model MD1600, for Non-Bonded,...

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The MOTOROLA 1600 is an excellent choice for various non-vectoring and non-bonded service providers. It comes with a VDSL2 and ADSL2+ Modem offering fast internet speed to all your Ethernet and Wi-Fi devices. It can be used with your existing telephone service and offers you great speed ensuring you are able to save a lot on your monthly bills.

Its high-quality design and robust engineering is backed with friendly customer support, which makes it a premium choice for Windstream and more other internet service users. This device offered high-speed internet connectivity for all your Ethernet and wireless devices including HDTVs, tablets, computers, game stations, smartphones, and others.

Why is it Unique

This DSL modem and router combo comes in a compact, stylish design that requires less space and goes well with all interior settings. It gives clutter-free and quick installation as it comes with a setup wizard. This device offers an internet speed up to 100 Mbps depending on your Windstream’s internet package.

Connecting all your Wi-Fi and wired devices is convenient with it as it comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and a USB 2.0 port supporting DLNA media sharing. Your network will always stay secured while using it as it is backed with WPA/WPA2 wireless security, IPv6 and IPv4 support. The best thing about this modem is that it also holds Virtual Private Network capability.

Buyer’s Experience

Most of the users liked super-stylish appeal, quick installation, and impeccable performance of this modem/router. They find it absolutely the fastest and convenient setup ever with Windstream. The Motorola setup wizard made things much simpler for them and let them hold an unparalleled experience.

Ideal For

This WI-Fi router is a great choice for those who want to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity and fast speed with their Windstream network along with a stylish design. It comes with multiple connectivity options and allows you to enjoy smooth Wi-Fi and wireless connections.


Ideal for various internet services
Uses the existing telephone wiring
Comes with Gigabit Ethernet and USB ports
Offer great security with WPA/WPA2 encryption
Quick and easy setup
Backed with customer support


It requires firmware update for CenturyLink service.
MOTOROLA VDSL2/ADSL2+ Modem + WiFi AC1600 Gigabit Router, Model MD1600, for Non-Bonded,...
  • BUILT-IN ROUTER INCLUDES 4 GIG-E PORTS, AC1600 WIRELESS, a firewall, WPA/WPA2 wireless security, IPv4 and IPv6 support,...
  • CLEAN AND EASY. This DSL modem/router combo saves space, reduces wires, and includes a setup wizard for fast, easy...

5. Actiontec 300 Mbps GT784WN – Best Seller

Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router (GT784WN)

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The Actiontec GT784WN Wireless router offers impeccable flexibility and power required to connect various wireless devices. It comes with 802.11n wireless speed and MU-MIMO smart technology that allows convenient access to the latest wireless technology. This way, you can easily gain extended wireless coverage and eliminate all dead spots in your house.

This modem router also incorporates a robust security and firewall suite, which includes WPA/WPA2 encryption. The unique ID assignation prevents hacking, service protection denials, content filtering, and other functionalities.

It comes with industry-leading AutoDetect Wizard, which makes installation very simple and quick. The remote management for internet services and technical support along with rich backward compatibility ensures you get the best from your network.

Why is it Unique

This modem router is inbuilt with 802.11n technology, which allows easy surfing of the internet at a speed of 300Mbps. Its smart antenna MIMO technology offers extended network range that makes it convenient to connect all kinds of devices from anywhere in the home. It is backward compatible and connects seamlessly with the internet service offering top speed.

It offers a highly secured network connection and completely customizable firewall. The best thing is its customer support feature that functions 24 x 7 for the modem over online or phone.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers find it as an excellent device that comes with numerous amazing features and all delivering wonderful results. The setup was simple and offered them extended range, which enhanced wireless connectivity in their entire home. It works great with Windstream and is backed with technical support.

Ideal For

This modem router is a feature-packed device that offers incredibly high speed. It is an innovative design with rich customer support and unmatched features, which make it an excellent choice for those who want absolute peace of mind and incomparable performance from their internet service.


Preconfigured for quick setup
Parental controls and high-grade firewall
Advanced security support
Offers fast speed
MU-MIMO Smart Antenna technology
Automatic Configuration eliminates installation hassles
24 x 7 Customer Support


It comes in a simple design.
Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router (GT784WN)
  • Compatible with ADSL CenturyLink (NOT their VDSL) and major DSL service providers
  • Not compatible with Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse or cable systems such as Comcast,Time Warner, Cablevision, Cox, Charter...
  • Preconfigured for simple setup and will auto-detect your specific service settings. Includes high-grade firewall,...
  • Three products in one: full-rate ADSL 2/2+ modem, 4-port switch, and 300 Mbps wireless-N router. INTERFACES: Four 10/100...

How to Install Windstream Compatible Router?

It is very easy to install the Windstream router. The process is simple.

1. Check the Activation Date – Once you receive your equipment and modem, you need to check the activation date. You will start receiving the internet service from the mentioned date. Only then you can check network connections easily.

2. Check Your Equipment – Check all your equipment. You must have a Windstream wireless modem, power cords, cables, DSL filters, and instruction manual.

3. Select a Location – Select a suitable place to locate your modem. Pick a centralized location that offers easy and smooth access. It will help spread the wireless coverage across the house.

4. Connect DSL Filter – Having a DSL filter prevents signal intervention. This is a common issue, which occurs when DSL internet is installed. You can also plug in the filter known as splitter into the phone jack. Then connect the gray line of your phone to the DSL port.

5. Link to the Phone Line – There is a gray colored phone cord provided in the Windstream’s equipment box. Connect this cord to the DSL port on your modem.

6. Switch On Your Modem – Now, connect the power source to your modem and connect the adapter to an electrical source.

7. Link to an Ethernet Cable – To gain a robust wireless network, make sure you have a reliable connection during account activation. For beginning, plug in the yellow Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port of your modem. Connect the other end of the cable to the computer.

8. Check the Lights – The internet and DSL lights must flash green. They must turn in solid green color to run the setup.

Steps for Windstream Internet Service Activation

Once all lights turn into a solid green color, you can activate your Windstream account.

1. Open the Browser – When you open your internet browser, the window automatically redirects to the Windstream Internet service setup page.

2. Accept Terms of Service – You have to accept the terms and conditions of Windstream. This is essential to begin the installation process.

3. Enter the Details – Next, you have to enter your account details. This information is provided in a mail or a letter.

4. Complete the Windstream Account Settings – In order to avail of a wireless connection, you need to enter the wireless details like key and SSID. These details are mentioned in the service agreement or on the bottom of the modem offered by Windstream.

5. Complete the Setup – Once all necessary details are entered complete the setup by clicking on the finalize button. This will save the data and allow internet access.

6. Connect the Wireless Device – You can connect your wireless devices like laptops, tablets, or phones to the network. Also, you can change the default key and SSID during the setup phase.

About ISP

ISP or Internet Service Provider is an industry term used for the company offering you the internet access, usually from a PC. The ISP makes the possible internet connection. In simple words, you can have an inbuilt modem and a router in your PC for networking, but if you are not subscribed with an ISP, you will not be able to gain internet connectivity.

An ISP is your entrance to the internet and other activities you can perform online. Once your connection is activated and established, you can send emails, browse the internet, and do more activities. The ISP is the conduit or link between your PC and other servers on the Internet.

Every office or home with internet access holds an ISP. The ISPs are of two types. Traditional ISPs offered access to the internet through dial-up modems. This form of connection was conducted over regular phone lines and offered a limited speed of 56 kbps. Broadband ISPs were then introduced in the 1990s that offer internet access through cable modems and DSL.

The modern ISPs deliver high-speed fiber connections that offer access to the internet through fiber optic cables. Time Warner and Comcast are a few companies that offer cable connection while Verizon and AT&T offer DSL internet service.

For connecting to the ISP, you require a modem and active account. When a modem is connected to the cable outlet or telephone, it communicates with the ISP. The account is verified by ISP and it assigns an IP address to your modem. With this IP address, you can connect to the internet. A router can be used for connecting multiple devices to the internet. Multiple devices routed through one modem will share the same IP address.

Windstream Internet Service

Windstream internet service is known for offering great connectivity and performance to its users. The speed and performance you avail of depends on the connection type as well as the network plan you select.

Windstream is renowned for its high customer satisfaction and is capable of meeting your varying needs. The services from Windstream are committed to offer high upload and download speeds. It is one of the most budget-friendly DSL providers. So, whether you are a Windstream user or you want to switch to Windstream, you can gain more from it by using a high-quality modem.

Just make sure you pick an ideal Windstream internet plan and modem to choose from as per your requirements.

Benefits of Your Own Windstream Compatible Modem

It is always better to buy your own Windstream modem than renting. Here check why:

  • Faster Internet Speed – You can never compare the performance of generic modems to Windstream modems. Windstream modems can offer you great internet speed. Just make sure you pick a model that supports the speed you require to perform various activities like streaming, gaming, and others.
  • Eliminates Rental Fees – Purchasing your own modem gives you the comfort to pay only a one-time fee and not indulge in huge expenses every month. Also, they are easy to install and can be set up using your own equipment. This way, your rental fee is eliminated and you save a lot.
  • Enhanced Security – A Windstream modem comes with hi-tech security norms. Such modems offer enhanced security with advanced features like parental controls, VPNs, and other techniques of screening to keep the network safe.
  • More Network Control – The amount of network you gain with Windstream modem is incomparable. These modems provide the level of control you require to manage your individual needs.
  • Extended Coverage – Having dead spots in your house can damage the overall online experience in your home. Also, it makes it difficult to perform various online activities. Purchasing the Windstream modem offers you extended coverage for your requirements.
  • Updated Technology – Whether you purchase a modem with advanced security or with DOCSIS 3.1 standards or latest gaming functionality, having your own device ensures you can access the high speed internet package easily. Modems available for rent are usually based on standard models and do not support the latest technology.

Windstream DSL Internet

The full form for DSL is Digital Subscriber Line. It is a connection delivering high internet speed through the existing telephone lines. The internet can be obtained by you in a DSL connection through a cable modem.

Your telephone line has a copper wiring, which has the capability to carry more than one connection. It can easily handle an extensive range of frequencies that can be utilized by a DSL connection. Novel internet equipment transmits digital data rather than analog and a DSL modem fetches the data for converting it into electronic signals that can be understood by your computer.

Windstream Fiber Internet

There is no modem required for Windstream Fiber internet. You have to connect a great router. Fiber internet utilizes fiber optic cables that link directly to your home ISP. Such internet connections deliver unmatched upload and download speeds. Fiber internet is considered to be the next step in accomplishing fast internet speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Can I purchase my own router and modem to use with Windstream Internet service?

A1. You may buy and use your own router and modem to use with the Windstream internet service. However, in that case, you cannot rely on the Windstream team for technical support or other related issues. The Windstream routers and modems are backed with rich technical support from the experts. Even the fee amount to pay is nominal. You can get in touch with the experts at 800.347.1991.

Q2. Is it possible to purchase a modem and router directly from Windstream?

A2. This is not possible. Windstream offers internet equipment only for rent and not purchase. Renting a modem from Windstream will cost you a monthly fee. Also, you have to pay a one-time fee for internet activation. Selecting suitable plans and offers can help waiving the one-time fee for activation.

Q3. Can I install the Windstream router and modem myself?

A3. Yes. You can go for self-installation for Windstream modem and router as well as other internet equipment without paying additional expenses. If you hire a professional, you have to pay the fee for at least one time. For self-installation, Windstream ships the modem, instruction manual for installation, and other details on technical support through the phone. You can check the self-installation page to get more details.

Q4. How can I reset a Windstream modem?

A4. Almost every modem comes with a separate reset button at its back. The modem can be reset by simply pressing that button till all its lights turn off. Again, press the button till lights are on. But if there is no reset button available, you can unplug your modem and plug it after a couple of minutes.

Q5. What must I do if I experience issues with my Windstream router and modem?

A5. If you buy your own router and modem to use with Windstream internet service, you need to contact the manufacturer of equipment directly. Make sure you provide complete information about the manufacturer.

Q6. If my internet speed is not apt, does this mean I am not getting the speed I am paying for?

A6.  If the internet connection for your Windstream appears slow or you are experiencing too many lags or buffering, you have to perform a speed test to measure the upload and download speeds. You can get the most correct results by running the test while utilizing an Ethernet cord without running any other device on the same network.
If still, you are receiving the adequate speed you are paying for, you must contact the Windstream support team. They can troubleshoot the problem. For renters, they will know whether you have to upgrade the equipment or not. But, if you buy your own internet device and are not receiving the desired speed, you have to check your device compatibility as well as contact the manufacturer.

Q7. How can I book an appointment with the Windstream technical expert?

A7. To seek professional installation for Windstream, the appointment is automatically scheduled on the activation date. But if you choose self-installation and want professional assistance afterwards, you can contact customer service support at 1-866-445-5880.

Q8. Does Windstream support IPv6?

A8. No, Windstream does not support IPv6.

Q9. How can I change my Windstream Wi-Fi password?

A9. It is very simple to change the Windstream Wi-Fi password. You need to open your preferred browser and enter the router’s IP address in the URL bar. Now, locate the password and within the WPA2/Mixed WPA2-PSK passphrase, you have to enter the new password and save the changes.


A great Windstream compatible modem offers an excellent internet speed and fast range. It is, therefore, essential to pick a modem that incorporates the latest features and optimally meets your unique requirements. We have summarized the five best Windstream modems for you and hope that you are able to make a lucrative and convenient purchase. Just select the model while keeping your requirements into consideration and sure you will be able to get the best pick. 

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