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Checking Out The Best WiFi Extender for Comcast? [Top 8 Reviews and Buying Guide]

Best WiFi Extender For Comcast

Wi-Fi offers great convenience to us, but if the signal transmission is not adequate, we do not make its best use. This is what brings the Wi-Fi extender in role!

The number of Wi-Fi enabled devices in our homes has increased a lot. In such a situation, it has become difficult to gain smooth wireless signal in all devices.

But there is an easiest solution to this problem – A Wi-Fi Extender.

A Wi-Fi extender enhances the coverage of your existing Wi-Fi connection so that you can gain uninterrupted connectivity and better speed among all your devices. As a result, you can stream videos with ease, conveniently make downloads, watch videos, play games, and do a lot more without experiencing network disturbance.

So, which Wi-Fi Extender is the best?

After doing in-depth research and comparing various products, we have mentioned the best Wifi Extender for Xfinity Wifi also known as Comcast.

Have a quick look!

1. TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender / Covers Up to 800sqft / Up to 300Mbps / WiFi Range Extender, Repeater, Wifi Internet Signal Booster, Access Point, Easy Set-up (TL-WA855RE)

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender(TL-WA855RE)-WiFi Range Extender, up to 300Mbps speed, Wireless Signal...

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With compact size and impressive features, the TP-Link Wi-Fi extender gives excellent Wi-Fi access into all areas of your house. It reaches where the standard routers cannot reach.

It supports wireless speeds of up to 300 Mbps. It ensures all your preferred devices keep running at a fast pace. It boosts Wi-Fi coverage up to 800sqft and connects 8 devices at once.

Why it is Unique

This range extender expands the signal of router to offer stable and strong connection to your house. It lets you set schedules and completely control the Wi-Fi access by controlling the devices connected to the extended Wi-Fi. Using it allows you to enjoy lag-free connection to any kind of device.

The expanded coverage lets you stay connected for your phone, media streaming, web browsing, gaming, ring, echo, and more. With its smart indicator light, you can easily find the optimal spot for its installation.

Buyer’s Experience

This device lets users listen to their favorite podcasts, stream music, and watch movies without making them worry about spotty signals or dead zones. It works great with routers supporting N300 Wi-Fi and above. Setting up the range extender is simple with the WPS button.

It conveniently access and manages the extended network through TP-Link Tether app. It is compatible with standard router, service provider gateways, and access points.

Best Fit For

It is a sleek and compact design that will perfectly blend in your décor and walls. It is not a clunky range extender, and hence, is a great addition to all modern homes. You can easily connect an Ethernet cable with your gaming console, smart TV, streaming box, or any other device for a boost in connectivity and speed. Also, it creates faster Wi-Fi connection by switching it to access point mode.


Extended Wi-Fi coverage boosts coverage up to 800 sqft.
Compatible with all gateway, router, and access points
Eliminates all Wi-Fi dead zones in your house
Stay connected without experiencing any disruption
Smart indicator light allows easy setup
Backed with rich customer support
Comes with parental control
Let you control connection among various devices
Compact and sleek design
Perfectly fits to your home décor


The Wi-Fi speed may fluctuate at times.
TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender(TL-WA855RE)-WiFi Range Extender, up to 300Mbps speed, Wireless Signal...
  • Extend Wi-Fi Coverage - Boost Internet Wi-Fi Coverage up to 800 Square feet - Compatible with any Wi-Fi Router, Gateway,...
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones - Enjoy Lag-Free connection to any type of devices, including wired devices via Ethernet Port
  • Stay connected - Expand Wi-Fi coverage for your Smart Phones, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Web Browsing,...
  • Easy Set Up - 2 simple taps and you are ready to connect, smart indicator light helps to install in best optimal...

2. TP-Link AC750 Wi-Fi Extender RE220 – Best OneMesh Technology

TP-Link WiFi Extender with Ethernet Port, Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz , Up to 44% more bandwidth than...

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For TP-Link fans, we have another great range expander. Packed in a compact and sleek design, it will be a flawless addition to your home or office décor, leaving space for other devices and equipment.

Achieving strong range extension is very easy with the RE220 as it holds impeccable compatibility with most of the access points, standard routers and service providers. The best thing is that you get before and after purchase, which makes it a great deal worth considering.

Why is it Unique

This unit is curated to not only extend the network’s range but also to offer you complete ease. Streaming HD movies is very simple as it leaves no spotty signals in your house. The bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz allow connecting multiple units in just fractions of minutes.

Its exclusive high-speed mode utilizes just one band to support your router while the other band is free for performing online activities like gaming, streaming, and others. You will also be amazed to know about its Intelligent Signal indicator that uses various color signals to make it easy for you to place the extender at the best possible connection location.

Buyer’s Experience

The installation is simple enough and took only 20 seconds. The support app downloaded in a few minutes. The connection is strong and steady and allowed signal flow through natural materials like walls, granite, tile, and others.

Ideal For

This is a fruitful buy for standard routers as well as those holding WPS compatibility. It is because of its effortless setup due to the WPS button. Even if you are not a tech-savvy, you will not find any problem while setting it up. It is because of the Tether app support that allows accessing functions through web UI.


Strong long range extension
Enhanced performance and speed
Universally compatible
Single button setup
Convenient set up and management
Intelligent signal indicator functionality
Compact and sleek design
OneMesh Technology
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Does not work well for spectrum internet.
TP-Link WiFi Extender with Ethernet Port, Dual Band 5GHz/2.4GHz , Up to 44% more bandwidth than...
  • Dual Band WiFi Extender: Up to 44% more bandwidth than single band N300 WiFi extenders. Boost Internet WiFi coverage up...
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones - Enjoy Lag-Free Connection to any type of devices, including wired devices via Fast Ethernet...
  • Stay Connected - Expand Wi-Fi Coverage for your Smart Phones, Smart TV, Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Web Browsing,...
  • Easy Set Up - 2 Simple taps and you are ready to connect, smart indicator light helps to install in best optimal...

3. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 – Coverage up to 1000sqft and 15 Devices with CS750 Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster and Repeater

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 - Coverage Up to 1000 Sq Ft and 15 Devices with AC750 Dual Band...

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If you’ve got any dead zones in your house, this Wi-Fi range extender will cover them all. With an efficiency to boost the range up to 1,800 sqft. it reaches spaces of your house both outdoors and indoors.

It comes with mesh seamless roaming that simplifies network connection and lets you stay connected with a single network. It smartly connects up to 30 devices between dual bands to reduce interference and boost speed for enhanced speed to your smart wireless devices.

Why it is Unique

This Wi-Fi range extender is designed for serious streaming. It delivers speed up to 1900Mbps and is perfect for demanding functionalities like online gaming and HD streaming. The 5 high-speed Gigabit Ethernet ports allow easy connection to nearby wired devices for uninterrupted performance and faster speed.

Buyers Experience

Most of the buyers who have brought this range extender are in love with it. The best part they like is its easy 5 minute installation where it is required to be connected with the existing router with a single button press.

Moreover, it offered them convenient parental control, using which it is possible to set schedules easily with the NETGEAR Wi-Fi app. It perfectly met all their requirements and holds universal compatibility.

Best Fit For

This Wi-Fi range extender can add Wi-Fi coverage up to 1800sqft, and hence, is perfect for you to gain Wi-Fi connectivity to your entire house. If you already have a network setup, it will be a perfect addition to it. It offers speed up to 1900MBps using dual band and FastLane technology. The security and safety offered by it makes it an ideal fit for all the homes.


Offers great network coverage up to 1800 sqft.
Connects 30 devices at once like smartphones, IoT devices, laptops, and more
Delivers speed up to 1900Mbps performance
Incorporated with Patented FastLane technology
Perfectly serves demanding online gaming and HD streaming
It is universal compatible and works with wireless router
Wired Ethernet ports allows streaming players, game consoles
Secured and safe support


The design is not very attractive.
NETGEAR Wi-Fi Range Extender EX3700 - Coverage Up to 1000 Sq Ft and 15 Devices with AC750 Dual Band...
  • EXTENDED WIRELESS COVERAGE: Adds Wi-Fi range coverage up to 1000 sq ft, and connects up to 15 devices such as laptops,...
  • AC750 WI-FI SPEED: Provides up to 750Mbps performance using dual-band and patented FastLane(TM) technology.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Works with any wireless router, gateway, or cable modem with Wi-Fi.
  • WIRED ETHERNET PORT: Simply plug in game consoles, streaming players, or other nearby wired devices using the one...

4. TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender AC1750 – Most Exceptional Performer

TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Extender (RE450), PCMag Editor's Choice, Up to 1750Mbps, Dual Band WiFi...

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If you are among those who are annoyed with dead spots in their home, this TP-Link range extender will be an ultimate solution.

Having a distinguished design with three powerful external antennas, you gain blazing-fast speed. The dual band device functionality spreads network coverage throughout your house and allows smooth gaming and 4K streaming gaming experience.

Why is it Unique

Equipped with strong wireless technology, it develops a strong network connection across the entire house. The intelligent light signal indicator allows you to find a suitable location for its placement so that you gain optimal performance always.

While single button functionality makes the setup hassle-free, the Gigabit Ethernet ports offer high-speed connectivity to your preferred wired devices. The unique Access point mode allows direct connection of the extender to an Ethernet port to function like a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The universal compatibility with various access points and routers makes it simple to strengthen and expand the network.

Buyer’s Experience

This range extender impressed buyers with its intuitive mobile interface. The Tether app support made it easy for them to set it up and connect to both iOS and Android platforms. Using its Gigabit Ethernet port, they are able to connect PC, TV, and gaming consoles and avail of high entertainment.

Ideal for

This unit works thousand times better than standard extenders. You must pick it up if you want to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and video chat with absolute clarity. It leaves no dead spots in a house and is available at an affordable price, which makes it worth the spending.


Incredible Wi-Fi performance
Signal indicator light
RE button for simple setup
Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Intuitive mobile interface
Universal compatibility
Stays connected for longer
Best customer support
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The signal may sometimes drop if you use two bands simultaneously.
TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Extender (RE450), PCMag Editor's Choice, Up to 1750Mbps, Dual Band WiFi...
  • Extend Wi-Fi Coverage - Boosts Internet Wi-Fi Coverage up to 2000 Square feet and connects up to 32 devices - Compatible...
  • Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones - Enjoy Lag-Free connection to any type of devices, including wired devices via Gigabit...
  • Stay connected - Expand coverage for your phone (Galaxy, iPhone, Android etc.), Media Streaming, Gaming, Web Browsing,...
  • Easy Set Up - Smart indicator light helps to install in best optimal location. 3 adjustable external antennas for...

5. Linksys RE6700 AC1200 Amplify Dual Band High-Power Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender/Repeater with Intelligent Spot Finder Technology and AC Pass Thru

Linksys RE6700: AC1200 Amplify Cross-Band Wi-Fi Extender, Wireless Range Booster, Gigabit Ethernet...

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The Linksys AC1200 Amplify Dual-band Wi-Fi Range Extender eliminates all dead zones and extends the network range of your current wireless router to deliver exceptional performance.

It uses Spot Finder Technology on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to determine fast optimal placement of extender with the router. The signal is then repeated from router and distributed to diminish wireless dead spots with a combination of Beamforming and Crossband technologies.

Why it is Unique

Using the Wireless-AC you can easily stream videos and play online games without disruption. It even allows you stream audio from smartphone using its audio jack. An additional gateway near power outlet keeps the power outlet free for use.

The integrated power pass lets you maintain the use of power outlet when the AMPLIFY is switched on. With its 3.5mm audio jack you can easily connect your speaker or stereo system to range extender to wirelessly stream music from your preferred device.

One good thing about Android users is that they can stream music using apps that support DLNA digital media sharing.

Buyers Experience

This device is compatible with most of other Wi-Fi enabled devices. It is easy to set up and comes with optimal placement and spot finder technology. As a result, most of the users are able to enjoy maximum Wi-Fi signal even when at a distance in their home or outdoors.

Also, it features a Gigabit Ethernet port that enables users to gain a secure wired connection with high speed of up to 1,000 Mbps to any device with an Ethernet port. The innovative Crossband technology is another aspect that impressed most of the buyers allowing them simultaneous use of both bands than relying on a single radio band for all the work.

This way, they availed of faster media transfer speed, consistent and robust signal across the home.

Best fit for

This is a universally compatible device with any Wi-Fi router and does not require many adjustments to be made to your router’s settings. Hence, it is a great solution for those who want to enjoy internet access on all devices from anywhere in their house. It quenches all your requirements of efficient performance, faster speed, longer service life, and compatibility.


Spot Finder Technology shows optimum positioning place
Easy and quick setup
Extends wireless coverage area up to 10,000sqft
Compatible with any gateway or Wi-Fi router
Does not require changes in existing router’s settings
Cross band technology enhances use of both bands
Beamforming technology delivers robust Wi-Fi signal
Let you gain Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere in your house
Wi-Fi audio feature
Pass-through functionality allows use of wall outlet
Comes with Gigabit Ethernet port


It is a feature-packed product with only limitation of having a less-durable body construction.
Linksys RE6700: AC1200 Amplify Cross-Band Wi-Fi Extender, Wireless Range Booster, Gigabit Ethernet...
  • Spot Finder Technology to show where to place the range extender using a mobile device for optimum performance and a...
  • Expands wireless coverage area upto 10,000 square feet; Operating Humidity: 10 to 80 percent non condensing
  • Speed of up to N300 + AC867 Mbps. The AC1200 amplify is compatible with virtually any Wi Fi router or gateway, including...
  • Cross band technology maximizes simultaneous use of both bands

6. Google WiFi System, 3-Pack – Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25)

Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White

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With the Google Wi-Fi system, you can gain amazing network coverage in your entire home and enjoy a fast signal in every area, on every device. It is a new kind of connected system serving as a perfect substitute for your router offering seamless coverage throughout your house.

It eliminates all dead zones and works your internet service and modem. Holding compatibility with major service providers including Time Warner, Comcast, and Verizon Fios, it will be a great addition to your Wi-Fi setup.

Why it is Unique

Along with excellent compatibility with top internet service providers, it comes with a single Wi-Fi point covering up to 1,500 square feet and if you purchase the entire set of 3-packs you can gain network coverage up to 4,500 sq ft. The Network Assist technology is another unique trait that keeps the network connection fast by always choosing the fastest band and clearest channel for your devices.

Buyers Experience

The buyers loved the app that is designed exclusively to run this device. Using this app, it is possible to quickly check to see what all devices are connected, prioritize device, and pause Wi-Fi on specific devices, like kids devices without intervening connection on other devices. The 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per point offered easy connectivity with numerous platforms.

Best Fit for

It is a great solution to extend network coverage in your home as big as 4,500 sq ft. It is slightly expensive, but will never disappoint you in terms of performance and features. With features like app support and family controls, we suggest it for those who want to restrict internet usage for their kids. From basement to roof, you can have steady network connectivity with this single device.


Completely eliminates buggering and dead zones
Works your internet service and modem
Compatible with major internet service providers
Offer coverage up to 4,500 sq ft
Designed with Network Assist technology
Comes with app support and family controls
You can select one pack or two-pack depending on the size of your house


It is slightly expensive.
Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White
  • A new type of connected system for seamless WiFi coverage throughout your home, helping eliminate dead zones and...
  • Replaces your current router, and works your modem and internet service. It’s compatible with major internet service...
  • A single WiFi point covers up to 1,500 square feet, a set of three covers homes up to 4,500 square feet Wifi points work...
  • Network Assist technology keeps your connection fast by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for your...

7. MOTOROLA MT7711 24X8 Cable Modem/Router with Two Phone Ports, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem, and AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router, for Comcast XFINITY Internet and Voice

Motorola MT7711 24X8 Cable Modem/Router with Two Phone Ports, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem, and AC1900 Dual Band...

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Save on monthly modem rental fees and switch to a reliable, fast, and high-quality internet solution with the MOTOROLA MT7711 Cable Modem/Router. A perfect solution to make long phone calls, it comes with two jacks, one is useful for any Xfinity Voice service while the other is used for Xfinity Voice 2-line service.

With Comcast Xfinity Certification, it supports Comcast Xfinity Internet service speed tiers up to 600 Mbps.

Why it is Unique

With a built-in router, it offers high speed shared internet access to tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, media devices, game stations, and other Wi-Fi and Ethernet enabled devices. It comes with power boost technology that amplifies wireless signal up to the highest limit set by the FCC or Federal Communications Commission for delivering high Wi-Fi speeds and extending Wi-Fi range.

It even supports Xfinity voice features like caller ID on your TV, which makes it a perfect solution for modern homes.

Buyers Experience

Most of the buyers are impressed with high-speed connectivity offered by it. This device integrates the router, modem, and phone capabilities in one device thereby saving space and offering a clutter-free and clean set up. The best thing is that this single device offered users with extended Wi-Fi range and voice calling in once that saved them a lot of monthly bills.

Best Fit For

Just remember, it is compatible with Xfinity service and voice only. So, if you are having one, it would be the best modem/router you could purchase. It not only offers flawless performance but also saves a lot on monthly bills.


Three-in-one cable modem
Xfinity compatible voice ports
Certified by Comcast for Xfinity voice and internet
Eliminates up to $165 rental fees per year in cable modem
Integrated with high-speed router with AC1900 Wireless
Designed based on Power Boost Technology
Provides internet access to a range of devices
Broadcom cable modem chipset offers security from service attacks


It does not come with battery backup option and allows making calls up to 8 hours.
Compatible only with Xfinity internet and voice
Motorola MT7711 24X8 Cable Modem/Router with Two Phone Ports, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem, and AC1900 Dual Band...
  • REQUIRES COMCAST XFINITY INTERNET SERVICE. Approved by and for use with Comcast Xfinity and Xfinity X1. This product...
  • ELIMINATE UP TO 156 Dollars IN CABLE MODEM RENTAL FEES PER YEAR – Say goodbye to monthly rental fees and landline...
  • BUILT-IN HIGH-SPEED ROUTER WITH AC1900 WIRELESS AND POWER BOOST - provides Internet access for WiFi devices including...

8. DrillTop Wi-Fi Extender Internet Booster – Best for Indoors and Outdoors

Get complete freedom from Wi-Fi signal drops and cluttered connections with the DrillTop Wi-Fi extender. Offering network coverage of up to 2500 square feet, it is a powerful creation designed with two advanced external antennas.

Feel secured with its latest security encryption and always gain stable, strong and fast signal connectivity because of its ultra-fast 2.4 GHz processor.

Why is it Unique

This advanced performer must definitely be on your bucket list if you want long range, stable, secure, and fast Wi-Fi coverage. With its five different modes like Wireless router, repeater, client, access point and Wisp client router mode you can satiate all your requirements and perform online activities with ease.

Forget lags, freezes and buffering while watching your preferred content or TV as its newest intelligent Wi-Fi chip lets you gain strong connection wherever you go. The internet speed is so fast that every family member of yours can enjoy full signals in every corner of your home including the garden and backyard.

Buyer’s Experience

With this device, most of the buyers availed steady and solid connections both outdoors and indoors. They can now study, stream, work, and play without interruptions. Taking on video conferencing and listening to videos and podcasts have become extremely easy and hassle-free.

Ideal For

This is a superior quality range extender perfect for big homes. It allows signal coverage both indoors and outdoors making it an ideal fit for big families looking for flawless performance. Packed in a sleek body it is a space saving design with great built.


Over-voltage protection controller
Latest security encryption
Five different modes functionality
High-performance processor
Convenient setup
Covers up to 2500-3000 square feet
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Not backed with rich tech support.

Buying Guide

When searching for a Comcast Wifi range extender, you don’t have to purchase it from the same manufacturer as your Comcast. There are a few important questions to answer and factors to consider making an adequate choice.

Though you can always ask more questions and think twice before making the final choice, here we suggest some vital questions that you must consider.

  • Do you really need a Comcast range extender?
  • What benefits will you avail of purchasing a Comcast Wifi Booster?
  • What all important factors must be considered before purchasing the best Comcast wireless extender?
  • Why you must pick the best Comcast Wi-Fi extender only?
  • Check for the best Comcast Wi-Fi extenders of the existing year.

We are sure that we have answered most of your questions in our post. If still, you have any queries unanswered, you can always reach out to us.

In addition to these questions, there are a few important factors you must consider for buying the best WiFi Extender for Comcast.

Factors to Consider for Buying the Best WiFi Extender for Comcast

  1. Features and Specifications

Not every Wi-Fi extender is the same. There are a variety of models available, which differ in features, size, specifications, weight, and more other aspects. You must check all specifications of models shortlisted by you to make an ideal pick that perfectly caters to all your requirements. The most important specification is that it must be compatible with maximum number of devices in your home or office.

  1. Security

This is one of the most important considerations. Your Wi-Fi range extender must ensure absolute security of your network.

  1. Brand Value

Though Wi-Fi extenders from top-notch brands may cost you a little more, but they are definitely worth the price. It is because devices from low-quality brands may not be engineered using best-quality components. Also, they do not come with any warranty and are not backed by customer support. All this can increase your problems and eventually result in a headache.

  1. Customer Ratings and Reviews

Always make sure you check online reviews for the Wi-Fi extender before you finally hit the order button. It is because there are various networking equipments that are popular for reliability, but they may not be able to perform flawlessly within your setup. Moreover, buying two products from the same manufacturer may not offer optimal performance. Hence, check online ratings for a product before the final selection.

  1. Durability and Quality

Just like most of the other devices, the Wi-Fi extender you purchase must impart high durability. It must be designed using high-quality components as only then it can serve you for a longer time period.

  1. Product Value

A product is valued high when it is able to meet the requirements of most of its customers and serves them in the best possible manner. For this reason, such devices are always high in demand. Hence, always take into account the product value of a device so that you never experience any problem or suffer from any issues while using it.

  1. Kind of Set Up

For tech-savvy individuals or tech professionals’ one important requirement is to want an extender that blends well with the internal settings through the web browser. The simplest set up is when both the extender and Wi-Fi box holds WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Having WPS button on both the extender and Wi-Fi box ensures that it allows the system to interact with each other. This will ensure you have a simple setup without fiddling around with your existing settings.

  1. Double-Band Frequency

A few Wi-Fi boxes run on 2.4GHz, some on 5GHz and others on both bands. You must pick an extender that perfectly matches the frequency of your Comcast device. It must boost a 2.4GHz signal, but enhancing the short-range 5GHz signal can be stronger. You must pick a double-band extender that serves both the frequencies.

There are also tri-band extenders available that hold a dedicated band for communication between extender and router along with 2.4GHz and 5GHz for the devices. It boosts the process of communication and precisely serves the extended part of the network.

  1. Seamless Roaming

To ensure that your Wi-Fi extender works seamlessly within the office or home, you must pick an extender that can be set to the same network as served by your main Wi-Fi network. It is great if it can automatically switch between the extenders and Wi-Fi router to get the best signal. The extender must work seamlessly and in a way that it is a component of the entire home Wi-Fi mesh system.

  1. MU-MIMO Extender

The Multi-user, Multiple-input, Multiple-output is a feature supported by most of the advanced extenders available these days. With the help of this feature, it is possible to connect multiple devices in your house or office with the router at one point of a time. This reduces the wait time for all such devices, which makes the Wi-Fi network perform efficiently and faster.

  1. Signal Strength Indicator

It is essential to place your Wi-Fi extender at an appropriate place to gain the best signal. Placing the Wi-Fi box too close will not offer the best coverage. At the same time, placing it too far will weaken the signal. Hence, you must look for an Extender that comes with an indicator for signal strength. This way, you can easily find the correct position for your device.

How Does a Wi-Fi Extender Work?

Using a Wi-Fi extender does not mean you have to replace the existing router, because it works simultaneously with the router making the signal stronger.

Wi-Fi extenders function like stereo amplifiers that are used within Hi-Fi driving systems. They require an electric connection to boost the strength of original Wi-Fi signal, transferring the amplified signal range in the air.

For this, Wi-Fi extenders are incorporated with two Wi-Fi antennas. The first one is used for capturing signals, while the second one is used for transmission of signals.

Most commonly, a Wi-Fi extender is referred to as a repeater or a booster because its main purpose is to boost the strength of your overall Wi-Fi network.

To start using it, you have to plug in the extender into a standard electrical outlet. It can be then set up within your network using the WPS button or a smartphone app, based on the model you select. WPS is a standard for network security that enables Wi-Fi devices to communicate without allowing outsiders or entering long passphrases.

Picking the best Wi-Fi extender lets you enjoy a robust system encryption protocol, which you get with the main Wi-Fi router. Hence, it imparts more security to your privacy. But this can lead to some loss of speed.

Also, Wi-Fi extenders can rebroadcast Wi-Fi signals at only negligible speed loss. To ensure you get the performance with your extender, you must place it at an optimal position. For this, it is best to purchase Wi-Fi extender displaying signal strength or hire professional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is it important to use a Wi-Fi Extender in all situations?

A1. Well, it is not necessary to use an extender in all cases or situations. The need of a Wi-Fi extender mainly arises when you experience weak wireless connection. Also, if your internet connection breaks frequently, you can consider buying a Wi-Fi extender to avail uninterrupted performance.
If setting up an Ethernet connection is feasible, you can go for it as it will save you some cost. But if you are frequently or permanently using one place, it is best to use a Wi-Fi Extender.

Q2. How online reviews and ratings help picking the best Wi-Fi Extender?

A2. There are varieties of Wi-Fi extenders available that vary in shapes, sizes, and price ranges. It is worth buying a Wi-Fi extender only when you are unable to get the desired outcome with your existing set up.
Ratings and reviews available online can help you gain more knowledge about a model before you finally purchase it. You can learn about networking equipment, performance, and how the features actually work through online reviews and ratings.
It is best to go through these reviews at least once as there are various models that are guaranteed to perform excellently well, but in reality, they may not serve you in the best manner.

Q3. Why is it best to purchase Wi-Fi Extender from a reputed brand?

A3. Buying a Wi-Fi extender from a reputed brand ensures there is no threat to your privacy and security. You must avoid products from unknown companies and manufacturers holding poor reputation.
It is important to take Wi-Fi security into account as it can pose severe threat to your other online activities.

Q4. How to Install a Wi-Fi Extender?

A4. Installing a Wi-Fi extender is simple and you may follow these steps.
1. First, we have to plug in the Wi-Fi extender into electrical socket. It is essential to have a specific location as too close or too far as it can intervene with the Wi-Fi signal.
2. If the device is installed too far from the router, the Wi-Fi signal will not be able to boost the original router signal. The network will remain unstable after boosting the router signal.
3. We suggest installing the Wi-Fi extender in the center of the router and any weak signal area that plays a balancing role into the wireless signal coverage and for stable network connection.
4. When the Wi-Fi extender is plugged into the socket, the indicating light will turn red. You have to open the Wi-Fi in option in the device and connect it with the extension signal.
5. Finally, enter the password and username. Once you click in the Login details, you will see that the signal light is blinking. Then the indicator light turns green and you avail of successful connection.
You can also check this link for more help.

Q5. How to boost Xfinity Wi-Fi signal?

A5. The Wi-Fi connectivity is influenced by many factors. You may take into account the following aspects for an enhanced Wi-Fi performance.
1. Place your modem, router or gateway in a central location of your house.
2. Restart your equipment on a regular basis.
3. Make sure you connect to your in-home Wi-Fi network.
4. Use only one Wi-Fi name for Xfinity.
5. Connect high-bandwidth gadgets through Ethernet.
6. Check Antennae and bridge mode for third- party routers.
7. Select a distinct speed option.
8. The Wi-Fi connectivity is also impacted by limited technical specification of personal devices like an old phone or outdated operating system.
9. Make sure the distance between your modem, router, or gateway and personal devices is not much.
10. Devices with older versions may consume more bandwidth, and hence, result in network slowdown.


Using a WiFi range extender is an excellent way to enhance the connection within your home network without investing too much money or installing devices. It is best to pick a universally compatible range extender as it will save you on additional expenses of buying multiple devices. We have listed the best WiFi extender for Comcast. Just pick one and sure you will gain faster and stable connection for all your devices.

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