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Inspecting the Best Omnidirectional TV Antennas? [Top 10 Reviews and Buying Guide 2024]

Best Omnidirectional TV Antenna

The present era is absolutely different from the previous era and hence conventional antennas don’t serve the purpose anymore. To make sure you continuously watch high definition channels without compromising on performance and without paying much money, the best choice is buying an omnidirectional TV antenna.

An omnidirectional TV antenna is an advanced television that receives antenna signal from all directions and in varying frequencies. They are a preferred choice for modern homes as they gain frequencies from all areas without manual intervention. It offers the ease to gain crisp and clear images along with top-notch channels.

Most of the omnidirectional antennas are meant for outdoor, while there are a few models that offer indoor installation. No matter which antenna you select, it is worth investing in omnidirectional TV antenna.

In this post, we have listed the best omnidirectional TV antennas. Hope you find the most suitable one as per your preference.

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1. Winegard MetroStar MS-3005 Digital 360 Outdoor Antenna HDTV

Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Digital 360 VHF/UHF Amplified Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna, Black

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This Omnidirectional outdoor HDTV antenna by Winegard delivers 360 angular views and is an exceptional cord-cutter packed in slim size. With built-in 360 degree reception and amplifier, it is very easy to install and offers complete 1080 HD resolution.

From watching most popular shows to live sports, weather, and local news, it ensures you enjoy everything for free and in Dolby Digital Sound. This TV antenna will not only save you monthly bills but will also let you gain access over numerous advanced technicalities.

Antenna Reception

The antenna adjusts easily for reception from various directions at one point of time. It offers high-quality reception for all channels without letting you bear any subscription cost.

Durability & Appearance

It is an efficiently designed product in slim design. Packed with amplifier, it offers great signal amplification while eliminating all external noise. The antenna comes with high frequency and ultra-high frequency signals with high definition. Its dimensions are 6 x 14.88 inches.


Installing this antenna is very easy as it does not involve much assembling. It is a low-profile construction included with components like power supply, injector, and mounting hardware. With a weight of 2.8 pounds, it can be carried along easily to different places.


HD dual band UHF, VHF TV antenna
Requires no rotor
35 miles antenna range
Slim size integrated with amplifier
360 degree reception
Alleviates all external signal noises from splitters and long cables
Easy to install using hand tools
In compliance with HOA standards


It may not be the most durable design.
Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Digital 360 VHF/UHF Amplified Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna, Black
  • The ultimate cord-cutter antenna because of its slim size, built-in amp and 360 degree reception.
  • Omnidirectional Reception - Pick up signal from all directions, no rotor or pointing needed.
  • Built-In Pre-Amplifier - Allows you to boost signal right at the antenna, making up for signal loss from long cable runs...
  • Easy Installation - Install with simple hand tools on any antenna mast (mast not included).

2. Lava Omnidirectional 360 Degree HD8008 Antenna 4K HDTV Omnipro HD-8008

LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional 360 Degree HD TV 4K Omnipro TV Antenna OmniPro HD-8008 + Installation...

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The Lava omnidirectional HDTV antenna is a novel solution offering great reception. You have to place it only in one position and receive signals from all directions. Integrated with low noise amplifier and high gain components, it is a durable and waterproof design perfect for offering enhanced durability.

The antenna works on both VHF and UHF signals and lets you save huge on monthly bills. Using the Lava antenna lets you receive reception from all directions without any adjustments or interferences.

Antenna Reception

Because of its omnidirectional characteristics, this antenna receives reception from various directions without requiring adjustments. It is integrated with dipole offering excellent VHF and UHF band signal reception. Working at a distance of 80 miles, it can also reach out to 130 miles depending on the surrounding condition. You can therefore receive till 130 HD channels for free without bearing expenses.

Durability & Appearance

It is a sleek and compact design weighing 6.6 pounds and having dimensions as 16.4 x 12.6 x 4.3 inches. It works well with most of the TVs and includes a robust inline amplifier. The antenna is coated with UV protectant layer holding great resistance to water and everyday use.


Installing this antenna is very easy and you can even ask for professional assistance from the company. It comes with a comprehensive installation kit including 40 feet coax cable, 4-way splitter, and 15 cable clips. There are also adjustable angles offered with brackets and wall mounts based on the kind of installation you want to avail of. Once you install it in a direction you don’t have to adjust it anymore as the signals will come perfectly without turning or pointing needed.


360 degree antenna reception of 150 miles
1080 High definition
Ultra 4K ready
Anti-UV coating, durable and waterproof
Robust inline amplifier
Ideal for attic or outdoor installation
Can support around 8 TVs
Works with UHF and VHF signals
Shielded for reduced interference


You may need professional assistance for installation.
LAVA HD8008 Omnidirectional 360 Degree HD TV 4K Omnipro TV Antenna OmniPro HD-8008 + Installation...
  • Sold by Digihitech Exclusive. Package includes, 1x HD8008 Antenna, 1x Free FiveStar installtion Kit, 1x Five Star...
  • Omnidirectional characteristics, receiving reception from multiple directions without needing adjustments. Built-in...
  • Ideal Distance 40-80 miles (reaches up to 130 miles) Received up to 130 Free HD Channels (Depends entirely on the...
  • Please note, make sure to scan channels after install the antenna, or it may show 0 Channel. Antenna cable can not be...

3. Terk Amplified, Omnidirectional Digital HDTV Indoor Antenna

TERK Omni-Directional, Amplified Digital Flat Indoor HDTV Antenna

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The premium quality omnidirectional TV antenna by Terk guarantees optimal performance and delivers powerful reception. It is a sleek, contemporary design perfect for indoor installation and inbuilt with amplifiers offering channels in 1080HD. With advanced amplification system, it outperforms other antennas and lets you gain superior HD quality.

It is an excellent pick for streaming players like Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, and others and paired with FDTV2A allows receiving live content with your popular programs and channels. This discreet and elegant design can be laid on surface, stand up, hang on wall, and would be a perfect addition to your indoor environment.

Antenna Reception

This flat TV antenna by TERK is patented to offer 360 degree reception, which implies it can receive signals from all directions. You don’t have to make constant adjustments, which is the case with bi-directional or directional TV antennas. The antenna supports 1080 HDTV broadcast for high picture and sound quality of up to 50 miles from towers.

Durability & Appearance

The TV antenna is a superior quality product that will blend seamlessly into your modern home décor. It is constructed in the USA and is manufactured using the best quality components. The TV antenna exceeds performance and quality standards by Consumer Electronic Association and delivers uncompressed HD, most reliable, and best picture.

With the latest amplification technology, it offers accurate amplification and enables TV tuners to choose correct TV signals. It eliminates background noise because it comes with ELN technology. The antenna also boosts weak signals and offers better amplification. The lightweight of 1.65 pounds and dimensions of 2.5 x 9 x 9.8 inches makes it a great indoor pick.


The Terk TV antenna is very easy to install. It can be conveniently laid flat, stand up, or mount and comes with easel stand and hardware.


360 degree reception
Patented, high-quality design
Supports 1080HDTV broadcasts for free
Extremely low noise amplifier offers exceptional reception
Comes with 3-way mounting bracket offering flexibility
Includes 6 feet coax cable
Superior quality
Advanced amplification
Convenient setup


It is perfect for indoor installation and does not serve outdoor purposes.
TERK Omni-Directional, Amplified Digital Flat Indoor HDTV Antenna
  • Enjoy top-rated HDTV network programming and your favorite shows for Free with no monthly fee or subscription
  • Patented, 360º omni-directional design eliminates need for constant adjustments
  • Supports up to 1080i HDTV broadcasts for high-quality picture and sound - 50+ miles from the towers
  • DISCLAIMER: Reception quality and channels received will depend on distance from towers, broadcast power, terrain and...

4. Shakespeare SeaWatch 3015 15inches Marine Antenna

Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch Marine TV Antenna, 15',White

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Offering exceptional signal amplification and a compact omnidirectional design, this antenna adjusts itself for signals and ensures you always receive uninterrupted and smooth channel viewing experience. The antenna provides 1080 resolutions for network and local channels for absolutely free.

It amplifies signals without external noise. Along with 360 degree reception the other best thing about this antenna is that it comes with ready to install form. Hence, you don’t have to spend additional money for installation. The antenna comes with Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Modulation signals when coupled with a band separator thereby turning a great marine vessel.

Antenna Reception

It offers 360 degree reception meaning you don’t have to make adjustments to receive signals. It gains signals from all directions with ease and without leading to any interference.

Durability & Appearance

The antenna is a lightweight design of 5 pounds, which means it can be carried along at various places. It is designed exclusively for marine vessels. The antenna comes with pop-up camera adding to its flexibility and mobility.

The antenna is engineered using high-quality components. It offers the best choice for 1080 HD channels offering unmatched portability.


It is a ready to use design that requires no assembly. When placed with a separator, it receives the FM and AM radio signals.


Offers over-the-air HDTV solutions
360 degree high performance
Designed with threaded mounts
Fits to virtually all applications
Receives FM and AM radio signals with a 2-way separator
Perfect for mobile lifestyle
Useful for pop-up cameras, RVs, marine vessels
Requires no assembly
Comes with USB, DC, and AC adapter


Slightly expensive as compared to features offered
Shakespeare 3015 SeaWatch Marine TV Antenna, 15",White
  • TV Antenna
  • 15" Diameter
  • Omni-directional. Impedance: 75 ohm

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5. ViewTV Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna – Motorized 360 Degree Rotation, 150 Mile Range

ViewTV Outdoor TV Antenna, Amplified HDTV Digital Antenna, Dual Output TV Antenna, Motorized 360...

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The ViewTV antenna is ideal for those who have a digital converter box or a tuner with their television and want all channels for free. It is a high-performance, weather resistant design engineered with dual TV outputs and offering working frequency of 300 MHz.

The antenna boosts amplification and alleviates external noise to offer a great experience. With a wireless remote control, dual TV outputs, and convenient installation, it is one of the finest TV antennas inbuilt with various advanced features.

Antenna Reception

This premium-grade TV antenna delivers signal reception till 150 miles. It can be rotated to 360 degrees without requiring manual adjustment. It offers high resolution channels of 1080, 1080i, and 720 pixels. Receiving digital broadcast channels for free, the antenna offers performance of 40-300MHz for high frequency signals and till 890MHz for ultra-high frequency signals.

Durability & Appearance

It is a highly durable antenna offered with a wireless remote control. Hence, you can control all its operations without getting up or manual intervention. The dual TV output is another great feature that lets connecting 2 outputs simultaneously. It is lightning resistant and weather resistant design that comes with an amplifier for increased signal strength.


The antenna comes with high-quality components and accessories like power supply adapter, 40ft coaxial cable, and hence is perfect for outdoor mounting units. It is backed with one year warranty and offers 4K resolutions for free channels.


Built-in high gain and low noise amplifier
Integrated with motor turning in both directions
Wireless remote control
Assembles easily
Mounts to pole of 1 inch diameter
Designed to withstand water and harsh weather conditions
Dual TV outputs
150 miles range
Requires no special adapter, splitter
Lightning protected


Does not include a mounting unit, which can be an additional cost.
ViewTV Outdoor TV Antenna, Amplified HDTV Digital Antenna, Dual Output TV Antenna, Motorized 360...
  • Dual TV Output- This outdoor TV antenna supports 2 televisions at the same time without the need for a splitter, special...
  • High Quality Image and Sound- Enjoy unlimited access to a 4K 1080 P HDTV with our digital tv antenna. Simply install the...
  • Weather Resistant Antenna- This digital TV antenna is made from durable plastic and anodized aluminum, making it long...
  • High Performance- Our long range outdoor antenna uses VHF 40~300MHz | UHF 470~890MHz and has a 150 mile range. With our...

Best Omnidirectional Outdoor TV Antenna – 4K

6. Mohu Leaf Antenna

Mohu Leaf 30 Television Antenna, Indoor, 30 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable,...

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The Mohu Leaf Antenna is an award-winning design engineered using revolutionary cord cutting technology. It is as thin as a paper yet offers brilliant performance and quality. It is a top-rated HDTV antenna in the market patented using life-saving technology that was primarily introduced for the US Military. This is a sophisticated and reliable indoor antenna that is proven to offer unmatched stability, quality, and performance.

The antenna lets you watch over-the-air networks without paying expensive monthly fee. It delivers channels in an uncompressed form to let you witness clear picture quality.

Antenna Reception

This antenna is proven to offer up to 40 mile radius and high performance of 10ft. It offers HD reception on various networks such as CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and more. The reversible and multi-directional antenna requires no pointing. It offers superior access to HDTV channels in 1080 resolution. However, the reception varies as per location.

Durability & Appearance

It is a reversible and discreet design that can be painted to match your home décor. It is a compact, lightweight antenna perfect for outdoor installation. The thin size of this antenna is its USP.


This Mohu Leaf antenna is very easy to install. It comes with detachable coaxial cable offering flexible installation option to place the antenna as high as required like close to wall or window for efficient reception. The setup is convenient as plugging and can turn your TV into a hub of HD channels.


Sleek, paper-like thin design
Convenient installation
Allows watching HDTV for 100% free
Comes with durable, paintable exterior
Reversible and discreet design
Detachable cable delivers high performance
Offers reception up to 40 mile range


It is quite heavy and weighs 12 pounds
Comes with limited internal features
Mohu Leaf 30 Television Antenna, Indoor, 30 Mile Range, Original Paper-thin, Reversible, Paintable,...
  • ABSOLUTELY FREE HD TV FOR LIFE: 40 mile range HDTV Digital Antenna to access High Definition, Over-the-Air TV channels...
  • THE ORIGINAL PAPER-THIN INDOOR HDTV ANTENNA: Derived from advanced US military antennas technology and engineered to...
  • 10 FT LONG COAXIAL CABLE INCLUDED: Multi-directional and reversible digital antenna, paintable to match any decor "no...
  • RECEPTION TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON LOCATION and the type of signal being transmitted in the area (VHF/UHF). DISCLAIMER: The...

Best Outdoor Omnidirectional Antenna – Affordable

7. King OmniGo OA 1501 Omnidirectional HDTV Portal Antenna – Black

KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna - Black

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With the King OA 1501 HDTV antenna, you can now watch all over-the-air channels for absolutely free. Along with the benefit of being omnidirectional, it adjusts easily for reception signals. It is a lightweight and portable design offering 1080 HD quality channels for free.

It delivers ultra-high frequency using frequency modulation signal and comes with convenient setup. The slim, black color design ensures you never have to compromise on the look. Included with an amplifier, it boosts signals without interference and prevents distortion.

Antenna Reception

It is an innovative design, engineered to pick signals from all directions. You don’t have to adjust the device or move the antenna. Once switched on, the antenna searches signals in various directions. The augmented signal enhances signal strength offering best TV reception in your area. Just let the antenna sit back and you can get the work done.

Durability & Appearance

The King’s antenna is a compact and powerful design, engineered for mobility. It is integrated with high-grade components like tripod mount, flexible coax cable, magnetic vehicle installation, and a power supply offering great mobility. The antenna is a strong, waterproof, and UV resistant and protected design that never rusts. It is engineered to withstand the outdoor adventures under all climatic conditions.


This TV antenna requires no installation. It does not involve any labor work, holes, or drilling and manufactured using automotive-grade plastic offering lasting service.


Includes everything for free HDTV
Comes with multi-directional signal acquisition
Enhanced for best signal
Portable design requires no installation
Comes with simple setup
Needs no turning or rotation
Easy to travel and compact design
Receives free FM, UHF, VHF signals
It lets you take your free channels along


It may not offer great performance over long range.
KING OA1501 OmniGo Portable Omnidirectional HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna - Black
  • Omnidirectional over-the-air antenna brings you HDTV for free, No rotation/tuning needed once set up
  • Multi-directional signal acquisition (no pointing required) receives free VHF/UHF/FM signals
  • Portable and compact; no installation required and easy to pack for travel. Frequency bands - VHF (54-216 MHz),UHF...
  • Always ready with simple setup - no tuning needed

Best Outdoor HDTV, UHF, and VHF Antenna

8. BoostWaves Outdoor WA2608 Amplified Antenna Motorized Rotation, HDTV

BoostWaves WA2608 Outdoor Amplified HDTV Motorized Rotation Kit with Installation Kit

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The BoostWaves antenna is a high-quality construction offering over-the-air solutions. Using this antenna ensures you never have to pay hefty cable bills. It offers a wide range of local and network channels to let you gain a superior TV watching experience.

It is designed using ABS plastic and is a reliable product perfect to gain lasting service. The antenna is portable and perfect to view HD channels in high-quality.

Antenna Reception

Offering a reception signal of 125 miles, this is an omnidirectional antenna that delivers uninterrupted signal connectivity without requiring manual adjustments. It receives signals from all directions to offer you clear channel view in HDTV. The motorized 360 degree antenna is rotatable and offers gain of 20-28dB. With a frequency range of 1-12MHz for VHF signals and 21-69MHz for UHF signals, it offers great viewing experience for network and local channels.

Durability & Appearance

It is a compact and lightweight design of 17 x 9 x 13.5 inches and weighing just 5 pounds. It is a high-quality Flagship model supporting 360 degree rotation with the help of infrared remote control. The solid construction is well-complemented with water resistance capability and is backed with BoostWaves trademark.


Installing this antenna is very convenient. It comes with an installation kit including 25 cable clips, 50ft coaxial cable, and 20 cable security ties.


Solid construction holding water-proof capability
Supports full 360 degree rotation
Easy to operate using infrared remote control
Comes with installation kit
Reception range of 125 miles
Flagship, high-quality model


It may not withstand extreme weather conditions.
BoostWaves WA2608 Outdoor Amplified HDTV Motorized Rotation Kit with Installation Kit
  • Installation Kit includes 50ft Coaxial Cable, 25 Cable Clips, 20 Cable Safety Ties.
  • Reception Range: up to 125 miles - Flagship Model Provides Best Quality in the market
  • Gain 20-28db - Channel: VHF1-12 UHF21-69
  • Support full 360 Degree rotation using the infrared remote controller included in the package

9. Antop Omnidirectional Outdoor Antenna 65 Miles, 360 Degree Reception

ANTOP AT-413B Amplified Indoor/Outdoor (Attic) TV Antenna with Built-in 4G LTE Filter 55/65 Miles...

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Gain high definition and digital channels from your network and local area for free with the premium-grade Antop antenna. The best thing about this antenna is that it can be installed outdoor, indoor, or attic as per preference, hence offering absolute flexibility. It is one of the advanced designs engineered using high-quality components and technology.

The antenna receives signals from all directions and comes with inbuilt filter preventing external noises. It is compatible to VHF and UHF signals and weighs extremely light. It comes with various mounting options offering convenient installation. The lightweight and compact design makes it a perfect solution for mobile homes.

Antenna Reception

This new concept device is engineered in the USA and works on 360 degree omnidirectional reception. It offers a reception of up to 65 miles. The horizontal polarization is complemented well with advanced high gain reception technology. It comes with a unique smart switch which serves long range reception when switched on and short range reception when switched off.

Durability & Appearance

It is a smartly engineered device coated with UV protectant and weather resistant layers. As a result, it can easily withstand extreme weather conditions. Because of its compact size, it can reduce wind load, offering enhanced signal reliability on rainy and windy days. It is one of the few designs with inbuilt 4G filter that blocks 4G and 3G wireless signals to make sure you avail of noise-free reception for your TV. It is very lightweight weighing 2.75 pounds and has dimensions of 12.4 x 12.3 x 4.9 inches.


It is a smart advanced digital technology antenna that is easy to set up. The installation kit comes with 16 inches coaxial cable, pole clamp, power inserter, smart switch, DC/AC power adapter, and pole or wall mounting bracket. Hence, you don’t have to spend additional money on buying installation components and avail of convenient installation.


Smartpass amplifier
High gain and advanced reception technology
Waterproof and durable exterior with UV coating
Supports UHF and VHF signals
Comes with essential mounting accessories
Protected for reduced interference
Delivers noise-free digital reception
Compatible with digital televisions or TV converter boxes
Caters to 4K ultra high definition
Can be installed outdoor, indoor, attic


Quite expensive but worth the price

Best Omnidirectional HDTV Antenna

10. Winegard HDTV MS-2000 Antenna

Winegard MS-2000 HDTV Antenna with Cable

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Featuring a 360 degree reception pattern, this omnidirectional antenna is ideal for outdoor installation. It receives signals from various directions and comes in a sleek, simple design. Offering you access to limited channels till 69, it lets you gain a high-quality HDTV viewing experience within a budget.

Antenna Reception

This omnidirectional antenna comes with 360 degree reception pattern receiving signals from all directions. The best thing is that it does not require rotor and performs well without needing manual intervention.

Durability & Appearance

The antenna is a compact design, engineered using high-quality components and materials. It weighs just 7.8 pounds and has dimensions of 25.2 x 22.1 x 1.6 inches. The design is simple but holds resistance to external climatic conditions.


The antenna can be easily installed, but comes with limited resources.


Budget-friendly design
Easy to set up
Durable and long-lasting


Heavy weight design
Involves additional cost of buying components for installation
Simple design with limited features
Winegard MS-2000 HDTV Antenna with Cable
  • Features a 360 degree receive pattern
  • Perfect For Receiving Signal In Multiple Directions Without A Rotor
  • Compact Design
  • Channels 2 - 69

Editor’s Choice

Our pick is the Winegard Outdoor HDTV Antenna, which is a compact and sleek design offering cord cutting mechanism. It is very easy to install and let users gain a clear picture view. The antenna adjusts for reception and makes sure you receive high signal quality most of the time.

Winegard MS-3005 MetroStar Digital 360 VHF/UHF Amplified Omnidirectional Outdoor HDTV Antenna, Black
  • The ultimate cord-cutter antenna because of its slim size, built-in amp and 360 degree reception.
  • Omnidirectional Reception - Pick up signal from all directions, no rotor or pointing needed.
  • Built-In Pre-Amplifier - Allows you to boost signal right at the antenna, making up for signal loss from long cable runs...
  • Easy Installation - Install with simple hand tools on any antenna mast (mast not included).

It works well with signals of all bands. It comes with an inbuilt amplifier that performs great and eliminates external noises to a great extent. The lightweight and durable construction of the antenna is coupled with convenient installation.

In compliance with HOA standards it withstands all weather conditions and offers durable, long-lasting, and high performance. In brief, it is true value for money where every feature is worth the price and integrated to serve users in the most optimal manner.

Different Types of Omnidirectional TV Antennas

The omnidirectional TV antennas are available in different types. Understanding the various types lets you make an ideal choice.

  • Outdoor TV Antennas

The outdoor antennas are quite big and come with installation kit. They are designed using durable materials and must withstand all sorts of external weather conditions offering better signals.

  • Indoor TV Antennas

The indoor TV antennas are the simplest to install and use as they can fit properly close to the television set. Most of the indoor antennas are lightweight and can be installed close to the window, wall, or even behind the TV offering a higher range.

  • Amplified TV Antennas

The amplified TV antennas are integrated with an amplifier or the option for installing an additional amplifier. TV antennas with amplifier aid in amplifying signals offering better reception and clarity. This feature prevents external noise, interference, and signal breaks. However, amplified TV antennas are not much selective, meaning they may render signals with noise.

Understanding the Difference between Various Bands

Omnidirectional antennas come in different bands – UHF and VHF.

Indoor omnidirectional antennas usually run on UHF signals as the UHF frequency is higher and does not last longer. The UHF signal wavelength ranges from 450 MHz to 1.3 GHz, which is higher than VHF bands that run from 50 MHz – 225MHz.

The VHF wavelength is 6 meters long and the UHF signal wavelength is 70 centimeters that makes it conveniently pass through all sorts of external distortion and obstructions even then the signal travels longer distance.

Furthermore, the VHF signal offers longer elements as the wavelength is higher. For this reason, most of the outdoor TV antennas run on VHF bands. The indoor antennas are mostly based on UHF. But there are a few advanced models available that run on both frequencies.

The channels 2-6 are included in the VHF-low band while the channels 7-13 are included in VHF-Hi bands. The other channels, which are 14 – 69, belong to the UHF band. To gain optimal performance, it is better to pick an antenna that serves both VHF and UHF signals.

Buying Guide for Best Omnidirectional TV Antennas

Selecting the best omnidirectional TV antenna can be tricky. Hence, to ensure you pick the right antenna, it is essential to keep some important aspects into consideration.

  1. Range

The range is the most vital aspect of an omnidirectional TV antenna. The range lets you know from how far the TV antenna can catch signals. The distance of broadcasting tower helps you know the TV antenna range and suggests at least picking the antenna supporting 65 miles range. If possible, try to select an antenna that offers additional range support as it will serve most of your purpose.

  1. Signal Amplifier

Most of the antennas are inbuilt with signal amplifiers. It boosts signal to offer uninterrupted network supply. However, it may block other sources and boost the noise for reception. In this case the quality of picture suffers. However, the omnidirectional antennas mentioned above in our list offer long range as well as short range amplification and produce less noise and block unnecessary signals.

  1. Outdoor or Indoor Installation

Antennas designed for indoors are lightweight, compact, and come in pleasing design. They can be installed near the wall or window of your home. Antennas meant for outdoors are heavyweight and designed to efficiently withstand extreme temperature conditions including wind, snow, and rain. You may select between outdoor and indoor devices based on your preference. Also, do assess the antenna, which can catch transmission from tower close to you.

  1. Setup

It is best to pick an antenna, which is easy to set up. A large number of antennas can be installed using hands and does not involve too much hefty work. It saves installation cost and lets you gain high performance easily.

  1. Antenna Gain

Antennas with high gain range hold the ability to amplify and catch signals. The higher is the gain of an antenna, the more numbers of quality channels it lets you to view. The gain range depends directly on the performance of antenna. For omnidirectional antennas, they must offer high-quality signals from all directions.

  1. Weather Protection

This is an important consideration for those who are purchasing an omnidirectional antenna for outdoor installation. It is essential that the antenna holds great resistance to all kinds of weather conditions. It must offer protection against extreme rain, UV rays, wind, snow, and other climatic conditions. Hence, it is best to always pick the antenna holding resistance to weather as it will offer you long-lasting service.

  1. Frequency

The antenna offering over-the-air TV channels come with designated radio frequencies. It is essential that your TV antenna works in a specific radio frequency. The frequency ranges from VHF, UHF to VHF-Hi. It is essential to understand the difference between all frequencies to gain the desired performance.

  1. Noise Margin

TV antennas with higher noise margin offer stronger signal. The unit for noise margin is dB. Hence, check for an antenna that offers high noise margin by checking its specifications.

If you belong to rural areas, then we have a more useful review for you on Best TV Antenna For Rural Areas. It will guide you to make the perfect choice for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Do omnidirectional antennas perform well?

A1. Omnidirectional antennas are of various types. The indoor TV antennas work perfectly for picking UHF signals. The outdoor TV antennas offer long range coverage but the reception is subject to external weather conditions and your surroundings. The amplified TV antennas also render great performance. Each type has its own benefits and disadvantages and the performance depends on the model you select.

Q2. Are omnidirectional antennas better than directional antennas?

A2. The directional antenna is suggested more than omnidirectional antennas because it offers double gains and works with the frequency bands. The wide-band directional antennas are the best solutions available for weak signals.

Q3. How high the TV antenna must be installed?

A3. Usually, the higher you mount antenna, the better it is. It is best to have the antenna positioned 30 feet above ground to gain premium over-the-air connection with the tower. Outdoor antennas are great for installation at such a height.

Q4. What exactly is an omnidirectional TV antenna?

A4. It is a device, which receives TV signals from all directions. It can be installed conveniently in all directions at the rooftop to gain maximum signals. The signals obtained are related to different channels including kids, sports, news, and others.

Q5. Is it important to emphasize on rigidity while choosing an omnidirectional antenna?

A5. It is essential that TV antenna holds a certain level of rigidity as they are exposed to various natural elements. The high-quality construction ensures optimum performance and survival even in rigid conditions. It is essential that each component of antenna is tough and durable.

Q6. Which is the Best Omnidirectional Attic Antenna?

A6. For superior reception, easy installation, and exceptional customer service, the RCA Outdoor Yagi HD Antenna is the best choice. This yagi-style and compact attic antenna enhances signal reception and integrates flawlessly into any home setup. Using it allows you to gain more free channels. It gives you both UHF and VHF signals to make it easier for you to enjoy favorite shows for absolutely free. Its solid build withstands rigid outdoor conditions even when mounted in the attic, which makes it the best omnidirectional antenna for attics.

Q7. Directional vs. Omnidirectional TV Antenna – Which is the Best?

A7. To decide whether an omnidirectional antenna is better or the directional antenna is best is a choice specific to each case. But here are some of the key aspects to consider that will help you gain a better insight of both these types.
When it comes to Omni-directional antenna, it releases a spherical shaped signal. It is like a light bulb commonly used in homes. For this reason, this kind of antenna is useful for applications like movement of vehicles like semi-cabs, boats, RVs, and others that catch Wi-Fi signals from clubhouses, resorts, restaurants, and other places. Also, this signal works well when you receive a signal from all angles as you do not know from where it is originating. Another ideal use is broadcasting a hotspot from a central location like backyard, park, and others.
In comparison to this, a directional antenna is similar to a flashlight that allows focusing the signal to a particular point. The signal targets on a particular spot. This kind of antenna is great for point-to-point connection where one antenna is used for broadcasting a hotspot while another is used for connecting to the hotspot. The directional antennas point towards each other offering a potential for higher bandwidth. It gives a cone shaped signal and less people use it, which keeps the signal more secure.


It is worth investing in a high-quality omnidirectional TV antenna, particularly when you want to view all channels. This single device can increase the reception quality of your TV along with the number of channels you can watch.

Hence, pick the best omnidirectional TV antenna for yourself from the list as we have mentioned the top-rated ones. Sure you will gain enhanced clarity and be able to watch more number of top-notch channels within local and digital networks. We also have a post on the Best Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier. We think you might like it.

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