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🥇Looking for the Best MoCA Adapter for Your Home? [8 MoCA Adapter Reviews 2024]

best moca adapter

Do you wish to boost the consistency, extension, and speed of the home network?

Are you looking for the best MoCA adapter that caters to most of your requirements?

Well, in this post we have listed the 6 best MoCA adapters that are worth buying in 2024.

While each MoCA adapter uses existing home cables for a smooth data connection, not all of them are same. So, read our comprehensive guide on MoCA adapters as definitely it will solve most of your queries related to these devices.

1. Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter

ScreenBeam Bonded MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter for High Speed Internet, Ethernet Over Coax - Single...

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The next power-packed 2.0 adapter in our list is from Actiontec, which is your solution to better Wi-Fi. You only have to plug an adapter into the home’s router or modem and the other into a device close to coaxial port for a fast performance boost. Delivering a speed of up to 1 Gbps, it is perfect for 4K and pristine HD streaming and unmatched gaming experience.

It utilizes existing cable wiring as Internet Autobahn to extend the Wi-Fi network beyond a router. With Actiontec Bonded MoCA, you can avail steadier connections, faster speeds, less congestion, lag-free gaming, and smooth video streaming and file transfers.

Why is it Unique

The Actiontec Bonded MoCA guarantees up to 300% extension of your Wi-Fi connectivity. It is supported with the bonded MoCA 2.0 standard and ECB6200 bonds MoCA channels supporting great speed.

Not only you get convenient access to online gaming, HD video streaming, and other data demanding applications, but excellent performance and reliability of a wired connection without requiring external Gigabit Ethernet. It offers the convenience of Wi-Fi throughout your house with the reliability of wires and better speed where you require them.

Buyer’s Experiences

The buyers find it true value for money and worth investing in this device. It delivers great reliability and performance along with internet connection of lightning speed. It is trusted by millions of users as it offered them a great online gaming and video streaming experience, which is a need of almost every house these days.

Best Fit For

The Actiontec MoCA adapter is an excellent solution for houses that face Wi-Fi issues such as interferences or dead spots. It comes with consistent Gigabit Ethernet performance and only a single plug gives a rich experience.

It offers Wi-Fi connectivity comfort throughout the house. Moreover, it is easy to install and comes with a quick setup guide. It renders faster file transfers, lag-free gaming, and pristine 4K and HD streaming.


It allows connecting multiple devices at once
The adapter is convenient to install
The modem passes through the adapter with no loss of power
It is a reliable and fast unit offering great gigabit performance
It will not intervene with cable TV services or internet or other house devices


It offers high latency than Ethernet cable
It required buying MoCA filter and splitter, which is an additional cost
ScreenBeam Bonded MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter for High Speed Internet, Ethernet Over Coax - Single...
  • Includes one 10/100/1000 base T 802.3ab Ethernet LAN, one bonded MoCA 2.0 / 1.1 coaxial jack, up to 16 devices...
  • Up to 1 Gbps using home's coaxial wires to create an Ethernet or coax network
  • Compatible with virtually any device with Ethernet, does not support homes with satellite TV
  • Made in China

2. goCoax MoCA Adapter for Ethernet over Coax – Best for Home Mesh Wi-Fi Network

goCoax MoCA 2.5 Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax(Single Pack). MoCA 2.5. 1x GbE Port. Provide 2.5Gbps...

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Offering a high bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps and packed in a sleek design, this MoCA adapter by goCoax can help you gain unlimited enjoyment online and smooth connection to 16 devices at once. It is based on coaxial cable that reduces external interference.

Why is it Unique

Designed for great network connectivity, it uses MoCA 2.5 technology that makes the home network better. Extending network connectivity, it offers internet all across the house using existing coax TV cables. The home network with MoCA immediately turns TV cable into an easy-to-use and powerful for internet access.

It offers 2.5Gbps traffic throughput in the house. The MoCA allowed products to stream HD/4K videos to devices. High speed online gaming is also achievable even in VR games. The product is easy to install and you connect the Ethernet / RF cables and power on and place the same to the appropriate place, desktop mounting or wall mounting.

Buyer’s Experience

For most of the buyers this adapter works great. It offers fast network connection and holds great built quality and components. It is a perfect example of modern and professional functionalities, which makes it an amazing buy for all families.

Best Fit For

It is a great router for those looking for high bandwidth. This bandwidth allows streaming 8K and 4K videos simultaneously while transferring pictures and playing online games. A 60dB path loss, allows full-speed internet connection.


Easy installation
High bandwidth
Ultra-fast connection
Connects multiple devices at once
Reduces external interferences
Lower latency
Variable mounting options
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


The build quality is not long-lasting if mishandled.
goCoax MoCA 2.5 Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax(Single Pack). MoCA 2.5. 1x GbE Port. Provide 2.5Gbps...
  • MoCA 2.5 can offer extremely high bandwidth of 2.5 Gbps. This bandwidth are shared by all the MoCA devices in the same...
  • Combined with the GE Ethernet inerface, our product can provide the real 1Gbps backhual to your home network. This is a...
  • Unlike Wi-Fi, MoCA is based on coaxial cable, a shielded metal wire. That can minimize the external interference. Also...
  • Improve online gaming by lower latency. Latency is the important quality of your network, it is the term used to...

3. Motorola MoCA Adapter, 1,000 Mbps Bonded 2.0

Motorola MOCA Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax, 1,000 Mbps Bonded 2.0 MoCA (Model MM1000)

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The Motorola MoCA adapter is a reliable and faster device than Wi-Fi. Delivering high-speed internet connectivity, it conveniently handles videos and high-data traffic. Designed with simple plug-in connections, it is easy to set up and requires no configuration. It transmits over the same coax cable and lets you connect up to 16 devices easily.

Why is it Unique

It is a high-powered unit offering Ethernet connection of high-speed. It holds excellent compatibility with all kinds of MoCA devices and shares data connectivity through single coax cable with speed up to 1,000 Mbps.

The installation is easy and does not intervene with TV or other services. In addition to simple plug-in connections, it comes with professional customer support and allows connecting multiple devices at once.

Buyer’s Experiences

Most of its buyers are highly satisfied with the product. The best thing they like was stable, fast, and efficient internet connectivity that comes with easy installation.

Buyers believe it is a true value for money and works flawlessly even when connected to multiple devices. The online support offers answered all their queries, and hence, make device running a great experience.

Best Fit For

It uses home’s coaxial cable wiring, and hence, is a perfect solution if you are looking for a reliable, fast, and uninterrupted connection between your router and device. This 2.0 beat wireless for latency, security, speed, and reliability.

It is integrated with POE or Point of Entry feature and hence prevents unauthorized access to the MoCA network and network security. It is perfect for you if you want a stable and secure connection.


Easy plug-in setup
Does not need an external configuration of router or adapter
Power surge circuits offering longevity and durability
3 status-reporting LEDs
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


It cannot be used over coax cable which is being used for Dish, DirecTV, or AT&T U-verse networks
Motorola MOCA Adapter for Ethernet Over Coax, 1,000 Mbps Bonded 2.0 MoCA (Model MM1000)
  • MM1000 MoCA ADAPTER USES A HOME'S COAXIAL CABLE WIRING: To create a fast, reliable Ethernet connection between a router...
  • A POINT OF ENTRY (PoE) FILTER IS INCLUDED to prevent unauthorized access to your MoCA network and protect network...
  • You need MoCA capability built into your router or provided to the router by a MoCA adapter. Most FiOS routers have MoCA...

4. Actiontec Ethernet to Coax ACB2500C

Actiontec Ethernet to Coax Adapter for Homes with Cable TV Service (ECB2500C)

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Finally, we have this power-packed and high speed delivering MoCA adapter from Actiontec. This is truly an excellent buy and a perfect solution to get wireless connectivity across multiple devices in your home. The best thing is that it does not require any additional MoCA enabled router or MoCA device.

Why it is unique

This high-speed adapter precisely bridges gap between router and coaxial network delivering Ethernet network access across your home. It is inbuilt with the latest technology and delivers flawless performance for all connected devices. Consistent high speed ensures you gain stable and strong connection even when streaming HD video and buffering.

The QoS feature manages your bandwidth making sure all critical applications are served uninterruptedly. It offers easy setup and secured network connectivity protecting your privacy to the fullest. This high-quality adapter comes with 24×7 live technical support, reliability, compatibility, and enterprise-level performance. The only thing is that it does not work with satellite, including Dish network and DIRECTV.

Buyers Experience

Delivering exceptional performance and unmatched durability, this adapter already hosts a long list of satisfied buyers. It not only offered them with great connection across their home, but made gaming, downloading, audio and video streaming a rich experience. A lot of buyers find it as an ideal solution to gain uninterrupted connectivity when too many devices are connected.

At the same time it served Ethernet connection to their TV. For all buyers, the installation was super easy and straightforward as there no complex wires or components involved.

Best Fit For

If you already have a wireless router, but do not want to increase load over it, this will serve you in the best way. It lets you serve devices, which are far away from the router location. Delivering consistently great speed, it lets you even connect home theater devices to the network. It is a perfect buy deal for those practicing high-bandwidth applications on a daily basis.


Requires no additional MoCA device or built-in MoCA
Allows connecting various devices in home network
Perfectly serves high-bandwidth applications
Consistent speed of up to 270 Mbps
Highly compatible with cable TV services
Does not intervene with other devices
Easy to setup and use
Excellent compatibility
Secured to protect your privacy


Does not work with satellite TV homes
Actiontec Ethernet to Coax Adapter for Homes with Cable TV Service (ECB2500C)
  • The ECB2500C MoCA Network Adapter makes it easy for cable broadband subscribers to distribute HD video (and other...
  • Use the MoCA Network Adapter to bring high-speed Internet connectivity to your gaming consoles, computers and home...
  • This Adapter turns coaxial wiring into a high-performance Ethernet network, giving you an easy way to connect your home...
  • The ECB2500C is designed specifically for homes with Cable TV and is compatible with virtually any device that has an...

5. MoCA 2.5 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports – Best Features and Capabilities

MoCA 2.5 with 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports - Ethernet Over Coaxial Adapter (2 Pack) | Translite Global |...

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Engineered for strong data transmission over coaxial cable, it is a powerful device constituting reliable and fast Ethernet home network connection. With this single unit, you can connect your video game consoles, smart TV, smart phones, computers, and other devices without experiencing network issues.

The flexible frequency selection capability lets you work at a high frequency range between 1125-1675 MHz. It is a great solution for those who want an interference-proof capability and advanced functionalities from their buy.

Why is it Unique

Having this device lets you have a protected network setup. It comes with advanced capabilities like Enhanced Privacy, Management Proxy, Bridge detection, and Network wide Beacon Power for an immaculate online experience. It has a unique physical layer that adopts rich ACMT mode that makes it easy to get robust intervention-proof capability by eliminating high noise levels.

Another great feature of this device is its advanced data link layer agreement that adopts TDMA protocol and a rich MP2MP structure. This allows seamless communication between connected devices.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers liked its rich performance and easy setup. It has multiple ports that allow streamlined connections even when numerous devices are linked. It has a micro USB power, which some liked but others didn’t.

Best Fit For

It is an efficient performer offering up to 3.0 Gbps speed with low latency. It performs as fast as a basic Ethernet 5e cable. The best part is that it can be used with a cable modem on the same coax cable.


Variable frequency selection
Robust interference-proof functionality
Advanced data link layering
Bandwidth supply of up to 3.0 Gbps
Enhanced privacy
Flexible channel selection based on network condition
Point of Entry Filter for network security
Connects up to 16 devices to router


It has only one Ethernet port.
MoCA 2.5 with 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports - Ethernet Over Coaxial Adapter (2 Pack) | Translite Global |...
  • MoCA 2.5 offers actual data rates up to 2.5 Gbit/s, continues to be backward interoperable with MoCA 2.0 and MoCA 1.1,...
  • Flexible frequency selection: It works at high frequency range. Frequency range is between 1125~1675 MHZ. Channels can...
  • Strong interference-proof capability: Physical layer adopts advanced ACMT mode that isOFDMA, which makes it to get...
  • Advanced data link layer agreement: Link layer adopts TDMA protocol, MP2MP structure. Each device can communicate with...

6. TiVo Bridge MoCA 2.0 Adapter

TiVo Bridge Plus, Moca 2.0 Adapter| DVR, Streaming Video, ECB6200TIVO,Black

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Do you wish to extend to a multi-room or screaming-fast setup? Do you wish to avail of a lightning-fast network with your home’s existing wires? The TiVo Bridge MoCA 2.0 adapter is a perfect solution for you. It not just lets you access recorded videos and shows but also allows you to stream content through the prevailing coax cable.

Why is it Unique

The TiVo Bridge adapter creates a simple MoCA network utilizing the existing coaxial wiring of your home. Using it, you can access high-speed internet connectivity in any corner of your house, which is a coax or cable outlet.

With the TiVo bridge power, you can enjoy share recordings between devices, stream content, and get benefit using Tru Multi-Room feature. It is designed to carry high-speed data and offers you a range of features on every TV.

Buyer’s Experience

The demand for TiVo Bridge has increased over time because the buyers confirm that they got what was advertised. It offers fast and secured connections and comes with convenient installation and setup.

It allows them to seamlessly network your entire TiVo devices utilizing the current coaxial wires in your home. Using this adapter, it is possible to access live TV, all recordings, and built-in apps such as Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix.

Best Fit For

It is a perfect fit for you if your DVR cannot utilize an Ethernet cable to connect to home network. Moreover, it is a great serve if your home is wired with Ethernet and lets you connect a multi-room setup.

It is particularly useful if your internet router is not the same as your TiVo DVR. It lets you gain high-speed internet connection without any interference. It lets cable broadband subscriber to distribute content through home while ensuring reliability and speed.


Designed and enabled to carry high-speed data
Compatible with all TiVo Bridge devices
Converts existing home coaxial wires into high-performance Ethernet network
Comes with easy installation and convenient setup
Allows convenient access to your recordings and built-in apps
Does not intervene with HD antennas or cable TV


You need to follow a set of instructions to start
Offers a maximum speed of up to 670Mbps
TiVo Bridge Plus, Moca 2.0 Adapter| DVR, Streaming Video, ECB6200TIVO,Black
  • Seamlessly connect all your TiVo devices over your home’s Coax or Ethernet Network with TiVo Bridge plus, powering...
  • Moca 2.0-Enabled and designed for high-speed data, without interference or other issues associated with cable TV or HD...
  • Enable full access to all of your recordings, live TV and built-in apps like Netflix, Prime video, Hulu and more.
  • Backwards-compatible with MoCA 1.1.

7. Actiontec MoCA Adapter WCB3000N

Actiontec Single Dual-Band Wireless Network Extender and Ethernet Over Coax Adapter (WCB3000N)

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The Actiontec MoCA Adapter WCB3000N is a perfect solution to combat all your Wi-Fi related issues. Incorporated with dual bands and delivering brilliant performance, it is a great way to eliminate all dead spots in your house.

Why is it Unique

This MoCA adapter by Actiontec is definitely a great buy. It can turn any coax cable into a high-speed Ethernet connection thereby delivering great speed and connectivity across the house.

In addition to being compatible with gaming consoles, smart TBS, DVRs laptops, Blu-rays players, and smartphones, it offers networking speed twice as fast as wireless repeaters. The presence of dual bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ensures there is seamless signal throughout the home. You can even measure the strength of Wi-Fi signals using this adapter.

Buyer’s Experiences

It unfailingly impressed all its buyers because of its extended wireless networking speed that allows most of them to connect their hardware and devices uninterruptedly. Buyers with big homes give thumbs up to this device as it comes with 2-in-1 functionality that lets them perform more and alleviated all dead spots in their house.

From playing games to watching videos, downloading and transferring files, everything became super simple and hassle-free with this one adapter. The best experience a buyer shared that it allowed him to connect all hardware devices while still offering wireless access to the mobile devices at home.

Best Fit For

It is an excellent fit for homes with spots or corners not receiving proper internet connectivity. The dual-band connection offers seamless integration for expanding network and at the same time enhances network performance and speed.

You can connect various devices including your mobiles for streaming data or enjoy playing games even when you are at one corner of your house.


Converts any cable coax connection into lightning speed Ethernet outlet
Compatible with numerous gadgets and devices
Dual-band frequency enhances wireless reach and speed
Wireless extender offering excellent speed at dead spots
Allows configuring network extender
Let you measure your Wi-Fi signal strength


Setup is not simple, you have to follow a lot of instructions
Actiontec Single Dual-Band Wireless Network Extender and Ethernet Over Coax Adapter (WCB3000N)
  • Turns any existing cable coax connection into a high speed Ethernet outlet.
  • Compatible with smart TVs, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, DVRs, laptops and smartphones.WIRELESS:802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios eliminate wireless dead spots and lost signals throughout the home.
  • Wireless extender provides networking speeds twice as fast as wireless repeaters

8. ZyXel MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax

ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Single Adapter Bonded Up to 1.4Gbps Gigabit Ethernet (HLA4205)

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The ZyXel MoCA adapter is a budget-friendly solution that will cater to most of your requirements and serve high performance. It comes in an attractive, sleek design and simple, smooth casing. You can install it anywhere in your home and gain high performance with rich media network connectivity.

It delivers speed of up to 1.4 Gbps using home network cable. It can convert any coaxial outlet in your house into a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and avail of high-performance and reliable media network connectivity.

Why is it Unique

It delivers high-speed connectivity at a budgeted price. The setup is quite simple and requires you to plug in MoCA adapter into the coax cable. It comes with a secured internet connection and hence you don’t have to worry about your network safety.

It connects numerous devices easily with a spike in speed. Using this adapter you can build a wired network for online gaming and multi-ultra HD streaming. The simple plug and play installation requires no external software installation or configuration.

Buyer’s Experience

Most of the buyers are satisfied using this device as it offered them internet connectivity even at place, which are cornered or difficult to reach in their home. It can be easily connected and they love the extended speed offered by them.

Since, it works with home existing coaxial cable, so it involves no additional cost. The buyers are impressed with its cool looks and bonded MoCA technology that allows data transfers of up to 1.4Gbps.

Best Fit For

It is an excellent purchase for those who want exceptional performance and extended speed within a budget. It renders a rich gaming experience and lets you easily perform most of the data-consuming activities. It serves the need of every member of your family and supplies internet connectivity to entire places in your house where you need it the most.


It is a budget-friendly purchase
Delivers excellent data speed of up to 1.4Gbps
Allows 4K HD streaming and data file transfers without fuss
Prefect for avid game players or using in-built applications
Comes with plug and play installation
Easy setup


Does not guarantees secured network functionality
ZyXEL MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Single Adapter Bonded Up to 1.4Gbps Gigabit Ethernet (HLA4205)
  • Bonded 2.0 MoCA adapter allows you to share your internet over your home's existing coax wires
  • Plug and play Installation - no configuration required.
  • Bonded MoCA technology allows for data rates of up to 1.4Gbps over standard TV coax connections
  • Gigabit Ethernet built-in to connect to your existing router or other Ethernet enabled devices

What is a MoCA Adapter?

No matter which scale or size your house is, if you are looking for a seamless Wi-Fi connection throughout, a MoCA adapter is a great solution. The increasing load on your wireless router can lead to congestion issues and result in obstructed flow of data connectivity, ultimately hampering your network performance. Moreover, you may obtain interference throughout the various devices connected.

While an Ethernet cable is a good solution to this problem, but it involves wiring. Most importantly, there are a lot of houses that lack Ethernet cabling facility. In such cases, a MoCA adapter is a great choice.

MoCA is an abbreviated form for Multimedia over Coax Alliance that is a consortium for open industry standards. It utilizes the current coaxial cables in homes to prepare an Ethernet-like internet connectivity. Using the MoCA home networking technology, it is possible to gain ultra-high-speed and reliable connection with existing coaxial wiring in the house.

Why Use MoCA Adapter?

In a particular household, there are numerous electronic gadgets and devices that need to be linked to the home network to work.

Increasing load gets bigger and this leads to various performances. Being wired is an excellent answer to solving such performance and congestion issues.

Since a wireless network may not be able to reach every corner of your house, it is best to use the MoCA adapter. Also, your devices may interfere with household gadgets and even in this case, MoCA serves as an excellent solution.

How do MoCA Adapters Work?

The MoCA network functions between 500MHz and 1.5GHz and is designed to eliminate interferences related to traditional or broadcasts cable TV services.

The MoCA version 1.1 lacks compatibility with satellite TV. Hence, MoCA 2.0 version kit is designed offering excellent compatibility to various devices. The adapters based on this technology work by altering coax TV cable into the way for home network to flow well through the entire house.

Is It Easy to Setup a MoCA Network?

Setting up MoCA network is not as simple as plug and play and requires some time in setting up the cables. However, you may follow the below-mentioned steps properly in order to easily set up the system.

  • First, you require a coaxial cable for connecting the MoCA adapter and wall outlet.
  • A coaxial cable is provided with the MoCA adapter. Using that coaxial cable you may connect the adapter with the cable of modem in socket.
  • You may connect the router to modem through an Ethernet cable. It completes the overall circle of connectivity and enables the cable internal signal to operate through MoCA adapter to the modem.
  • For completing the setup process, you may finally connect the second Ethernet cable from MoCA adapter Ethernet port to the router. This way, it is possible for data to be relayed by MoCA adapter transmitting the coax cables from your router.
  • If there are more devices to connect, you may utilize a second MoCA adapter to connect the wall outlet and device to adapter through an Ethernet cable.

You may face a particular challenge while setting up MoCA adapter. You may have to set up encryption on the home network so that you can gain a secured, restricted, and regulated access to the network.

Also, you may use as many MoCA adapters as you require, depending on the number of devices you wish to connect to the home network.

For doing all this you might need a coaxial cable splitter. Here we have reviewed some of the best cable splitters. Hope this helps.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a MoCA Adapter

To make sure you gain the best data connectivity and internet speed, you must take the following factors into consideration while picking a MoCA adapter.

  • Reliability

It is true that Wi-Fi offers unmatched convenience. But when the wireless network is unable to offer constant high speed data connectivity because of bandwidth congestion, the adapter can conveniently fill the gaps.

Make sure the adapter you select delivers a strong and stable wired connection and lets you play games and enjoy a seamless video streaming experience.

  • Speed

There are numerous types of adapters that can meet your unique application requirement. You must take into consideration the speed by selecting your use in mind. Some of the common speeds offered are 1 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps. While choosing the desired speed, it is essential to choose a desired model offering excellent performance, reliability, and ease of use.

  • Additional Features

It is great if you are able to find a MoCA adapter serving additional features. It is finest to consider only the advanced options while establishing the network. Moreover, the adapter must offer safety features like encryption, high bandwidth, and convenient setup.

MoCA VS Ethernet – What is the Difference between Them?

Confused between Ethernet and Moca? Here is your guide!

Moca – Moca or Multimedia over Coax uses existing TV cable for data transmission. This wired technology shared bandwidth across all MOCA adapters. Presently, MOCA is limited to just 1 – 2.5 Gigabit network speed.

Ethernet – Just like Moca, Ethernet is also a wired technology. It enables switching data networks between the switch/router and device. It offers the same bandwidth across individual wired runs and every run has a different bandwidth. This way, it leads to fast, robust, and highly scalable data signaling.

Moca Advantages

  • It uses existing coaxial cable and saves money for buying an additional cable.
  • Allows faster signaling and lower latency for high-quality data networking to remote areas in your house.
  • Negates the performance need for reducing unreliable Wi-Fi extenders.
  • Less interference than powerline or wireless networking.
  • Easy installation.

Ethernet Advantages

  • Fast and high-quality data transmission up to 10 Gigabit.
  • Robust protection from external interferences.
  • Scalable to numerous devices.
  • No speed lags even when additional devices are connected.

Moca Downsides

  • Works only with traditional cable TV service providers.
  • Limits to 16 MoCA bridges.
  • Slightly expensive to set up and run.
  • It is a shared platform that may result in internet speed reduction when multiple devices are connected.

Ethernet Downsides

  • Need to purchase an Ethernet cable and additional accessories.
  • Difficult installation because of structure.
  • For connecting each device a separate Ethernet wire is required.
  • Big projects need professional installation.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is MoCA good for Gaming?

A1. Lag in network results in bad gaming experience. If you don’t want unusual situations where lag within the network occurs to happen with you, it is best to use MoCA. It is because MoCA can offer you reliable and uninterrupted wireless network performing like Ethernet.

MoCA is an excellent technology that enables you to send the online traffic over coaxial wiring existing in your home. It strengthens and improves Wi-Fi performance up to 300%, delivering wireless network great speed and stability. The best part is that MoCA can be conveniently integrated within your home network using MoCA adapters or using Wi-Fi extenders inbuilt with MoCA.

Additionally, any gadget with an Ethernet port supports MoCA, including computers, Xbox, PS4, and other gaming devices. It is a proven solution to make playing game a rich online experience delivering robust, stable and high-speed connection with low latency.

Q2. Does MoCA interfere with Cable Modem?

A2. There are a few cable modems, which can be affected with the MoCA signal. If you notice such interference, connect a POE filter to the F connector of your cable modem. It will mitigate the MoCA signal at cable modem. Alternatively, you can program your entire MoCA devices using the same MoCA security key.

The option to install POE filter is better and easier. The POE filter does not intervene with the Internet and TV, but does not prevent the MoCA signals from traveling to neighbours. The POE filter must be placed near the coax cable of your home, before the cable extends to connect to your cable modems, TV sets, and other gadgets. We suggest connecting POE filter and if it is already installed, avoid installing the second one.

Q3. Is MoCA Better than Powerline?

A3. Both MoCA and powerline are ingenious technologies, which let you utilize the existing home wiring for extending the home network. Both these technologies are convenient to install and comes with simple configuration. Powerline and MoCA serve as great solutions for those that don’t have enough range.

Deciding which one you must pick depends on the infrastructure of your home. For Powerline, it is essential that you house have grounded wiring. For this reason, it is mostly preferred by new homeowners. However, using powerline can be a constraint for older constructions.

For houses without underground wiring, MoCA is a better alternative. The main reason is that it does not involve much electrical wiring. Moreover, it does not intervene with other electrical wiring within your home including hair dryers, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and more.

Considering most of the factors, MoCA seems to be a better technology than powerline. However, if you use satellite TV, MoCA may not serve your purpose with the existing wires. Most importantly, it is essential that every room or space in your house have an electrical outlet as only then you can expect an extended network reach.

Q4. Do I Need 2 MoCA Adapters?

A4. You require 2 MoCA adapters, one for transmitting over coaxial cable and to gain the data if you want a big setup. You may connect one in the living room to the Ethernet output of your router and then link the same to coaxial cable transmitting the signal. The other adapter on your room links to the cable drop (coaxial) to gain signal and then to the gaming device using an Ethernet Cable.

Q5. Which one is better Motorola VS Actiontec?

A5. Both Actiontec and Motorola are prestigious brands in this industry. They are famous for engineering high-quality devices powered with great strength and unmatched performance. While there is a wide range of MoCA adapters offered by Actiontec, Motorola is a new entry, and hence, offers a limited range.

The MoCA adapters offered by Motorola are cheaper than one offered by Actiontec. They are perfect for home networks requiring uninterrupted and extended wireless connectivity across the house.

However, the MoCA adapters may not offer 24 x 7 technical supports. Also, a lot depends on the type of model selected. Hence, both have their own positives and negatives and the final results depend on the ultimate model chosen depending on your requirements.


Using a MoCA is an excellent way to extend your home network without investing huge money on numerous devices. Fewer devices offer access to coax TV cables, leading to less congestion.

MoCA adapters only serve positives and eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots in your house. Hence, if you don’t wish to engage in hassles involved in establishing an extensive Ethernet network, a MoCA adapter is perfect for you. It not only improves wireless signal connectivity and develops a stronger connection for most of the devices.

So, pick the best MoCA adapter from the above list that meets your requirements and budget so you can gain a more stable and faster connection for all devices in your house.

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