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Finding The Best Router For Google Fiber? [Reviews And Buying Guide 2024]

best router for google fiber

If you are among the lucky ones who have the opportunity to fall under the Google fiber coverage area, you need to make the most out of it. The reason being that Google still has not brought this particular internet service all around the world and being able to install it in your home is an exceptional thing. So, we have listed the best router for Google Fiber that will bring you the maximum speed overall.

Well, it is true that the tech giant provides its users with a router along with the plan for the best results, however, if you already have one of your own or hoping to get one that you can trust, you can check out the list we have mentioned here and choose one accordingly.

It is no harm to use the router you already have but the better option would be to choose something that you can put your trust in and can help you bring the most out of it.

Without digging in deep, let us get on with the list of the best router for Google Fiber and a proper buying guide so that you can make your pick easily.

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 Smart Wi-Fi Router (AC1750) – Best Overall

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700 - AC1750 Wireless Speed Up to 1750 Mbps | Up to 1500 Sq...

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The first option that we are going for here is one of the best router for fiber internet and a powerful device to give you the best outcome among all the options listed.

This device not only seems to be the best for speed but also perfect to cover a large-sized house with a larger coverage area than usual. The NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 features a reliable router that works to its full potential to run Google Fiber internet service.

The build quality is brilliant and it is super easy to install as well. Simply plug in the device and connect it to a modem. You might have to configure the settings which will not take much time and you are good to go. It has four Ethernet ports as well which you can use to make a wired connection to your PC, gaming console, printers, etc for high-speed internet connection.

Why is it Unique?

The foremost feature that makes it the best among all we have listed in this guide is its exceptional data transfer speed. You can easily achieve a wireless speed up to 1750 Mbps. With this, you can stream HD videos, movies, etc with zero lags or buffering, play online games, download as many movies as you can, and a lot of other activities. 

Apart from the Gigabit Ethernet ports, it even has a USB 3.0 port on the front for shared storage or connecting to a printer. Moving on, this device features dual bands and can connect up to 25 devices on both of them combined. Another amazing aspect of this router is that you can get a range of up to 1500 Sq Ft coverage. This is made possible with the help of Beamforming+ antennas that enhances the overall signal strength.

Buyers Experience

This Netgear router is loved by everyone who has bought it for their homes. It has exceptional security protection that keeps all your devices from any malware or virus. Moreover, the Circle app makes it easy for users to take over the router and make changes as they need. Furthermore, with this router, you can also access VPN services as well as Guest Network so that you can make the best of the network and get brilliant speed all through the day.

Best Fit For

Well, this router is a perfect fit for Google Fiber users who are looking for a powerful and the best option there to use the Internet service in its best manner. If you have a massive coverage area with multiple devices to connect to, you can choose to go with this router without any hesitation. Moving on, the data transfer speed depends on your internet plan, so make sure you choose the right router accordingly.


Perfect for gamers and streamers
It covers a massive area for maximum signal range.
Power surge circuits offering longevity and durability
The app and the web interface is easy to manage.
It has a double firewall for maximum security.
Affordable and in-budget


Not the best for commercial use.
Poor customer support.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700 - AC1750 Wireless Speed Up to 1750 Mbps | Up to 1500 Sq...
  • Recommended for up to 25 devices: Reliably stream videos, play games, surf the internet, and connect smart home devices
  • Wired Ethernet ports: Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other nearby wired devices with 4 x 1...
  • Loaded with advanced technology: Designed with a 1GHz dual core processor, 3 amplified antennas, Beamforming plus,...
  • USB connections: Share a storage drive or printer with any connected device or create a personal cloud storage to access...

2. Google Nest Home Wifi System – Best for Speed and Compatibility

Google Nest Wifi - Home Wi-Fi System - Wi-Fi Extender - Mesh Router for Wireless Internet - 2 Pack

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Well, there is no doubt that Google Fiber is highly compatible with the Google Wifi system. It is known to be one of the best router for fiber optic among all the options available in the market for you to use their internet service.

Instead of using the former Wi-Fi system, we choose to go for the better and faster Google Nest Home Wifi System. It is an upgraded version with better features and much more speed than you might have anticipated.

You can either choose to go with a single unit which is only the router or add up more devices that act as an extender known as The point. Well, the overall cost of the router, as well as the extender, might be a little out of your budget, but worth spending money on since there is no match to the speed and coverage area.

Why is it unique?

To start with, Google Nest is a minimalist designed device with built-in antennas and looks more like a voice assistant device. If you are using two devices in your home it can cover up to 3800 square feet area. With the use of this, you can cover an angle family home with multiple devices for connection.

Each router has two Gigabit Ethernet ports that you can use for a high-speed wired connection. In fact, the Nest Wifi system is even compatible with previous versions, so you are looking for an upgrade, simply set up and configure the devices after replacing them with new ones.

Another exceptional part of this device is that it can handle up to 100 devices which is quite a lot and also allows you to watch 4K quality streaming with zero lags. You can control all the features with the app that features parental controls, advanced security configuration, etc. All the software and firmware are updated automatically so that you are kept up-to-date at all times.

Buyers Experience

As we said, there is nothing that any can not like. If you have enough money to spend on these devices, you can easily buy one and enjoy a high-speed connection. The build quality is brilliant and you even can choose from multiple colors. Another brilliant feature that is loved by multiple customers is that it has an in-built speaker that works easily with the help of Google Assistant voice command.

Best Fit for

If you have a good budget, this is the right gadget for you. It is a compact and lightweight device and hardly takes up any space. For anyone that has a massive space to cover, this device is the one you need. With 4K quality streaming quality, there is no compromise with the speed and quality of service overall.


Lightweight and compact device
Easy to set up and manage the router
The parental controls work satisfactorily in restricting the content for their kids.
It covers a massive area with amazing signal strength.
Ensures auto-update and backup
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Highly Expensive
Not Enough Ethernet Ports
Google Nest Wifi - Home Wi-Fi System - Wi-Fi Extender - Mesh Router for Wireless Internet - 2 Pack
  • This product includes 2 router units..Battery Cell Composition: ‎Lithium Ion
  • Nest Wifi is a scalable and flexible Wi-Fi system. These Nest Wifi devices work together to blanket your whole home in...
  • 1 Wi-Fi router plugs into your internet provider’s modem to create your Wi-Fi network. The other extends the wireless...
  • Nest Wifi routers are strong enough to handle up to 200 connected devices, and fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos...

3. Mikrotik Routerboard RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN Sfp – Best Router With Multiple Ethernet Ports

Mikrotik Routerboard RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN Sfp Port plus 10 Port Ethernet

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You might have come across multiple routers that are made of plastic materials and are pretty lightweight too.

However, the Mikrotik Routerboard is an industry made hardware meant for long term use and provides the best result whatsoever. To use this router you might need to learn about the tech involved in it since it is not like a regular router that you have used before.

If you are a beginner you might want to skip this product and choose the other options in the list. On the other hand, it is perfect for office use and large homes where you have multiple devices to set up and can easily handle the complicated configuration to set up this Network box.

Moreover, it provides maximum security in every manner and the manufacturers automatically update the firmware of the system to keep it bug-free and provide maximum performance.

Why is it unique?

The most important aspect of this router is its availability to handle power and higher speed from your Google Fiber. It has 10 Ethernet ports that allow you to set your office with maximum data transfer speed.

Above all, this device features an SFP port that a lot of users might not have heard of. It has the capability to provide 10Gbps data transfer speed from one device to another. It is specially designed to support Fiber networks that can reach a distance of up to 40 km on a single node.

Although it only supports a single 2.4GHz band, it is enough with the use of the Ethernet ports to get the maximum speed. Moreover, the two antennas on this device are pretty good and boost the signal through concrete walls. You can also replace them with better Antennas since they are removable.

Buyers Experience

The best aspect of this router is that the ports are customizable and you can use any of them as WAN ports and all the others are regular Gigabit Ethernet ports. Since this is not a beginner’s router, you might need some knowledge on how to work on this technology. This is not pre-configured, but there are tons of online forums and guides that as a user anyone can check out and make the best use of it.

Best Fit For

It is a perfect fit for everyone who is looking to install Google Fiber in their offices where there are multiple devices that require high-speed data transfer. In fact, you can use it in your home too but if you are not sound about the technology used here, it might be a little difficult for any beginner. Furthermore, for professionals having enough knowledge of such a network box, it is a good purchase.


Excellent Build Quality
Multiple high-speed Ethernet ports available
Lots of configuration process
Highly secure and safe from malware attacks
Great range and speed
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Not for beginners, the configuration can be a little complicated.
Mikrotik Routerboard RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN Sfp Port plus 10 Port Ethernet
  • RouterBOARD 2011UiAS-2HnD has most features and interfaces from all our Wireless routers
  • It’s powered by the new Atheros 600MHz 74K MIPS network processor, has 128MB RAM, five Gigabit LAN ports, five Fast...
  • Also, it features powerful dual chain 2.4Ghz (2312-2732MHz depending on country regulations) 802.11bgn wireless AP, RJ45...
  • RouterBOARD 2011UAS-2HnD-IN comes with desktop enclosure, LCD panel and power supply

4. Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Advanced Gigabit Ethernet Routers – Best Affordable Router

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Advanced Gigabit Ethernet Routers ER-X 256MB Storage 5 Gigabit RJ45 Ports

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Here we have another networking router that is near perfect for Google Fiber internet services. It is highly affordable and one of the most compact network boxes there is in the market.

Similar to the Mikrotik router, this too isn’t a pre-configured device and hence has a learning curve for anyone who isn’t a pro at networking devices such as this. However, there are tons of guides on the internet that you can check out to install and set up this device in your home or office.

The Ubiquiti Edge Router X is pretty quiet and does not quite heat up with prolonged usage. It has LED lights on the top of the box that helps to keep you updated on the ports that are in use. If you are a newbie you can use the web interface to configure it with your Google Fiber, or else use the command interface that requires much more experience.

Why is it Unique?

The foremost reason that makes it unique is the fact it is highly compact and lightweight. If you need a device for your home, this could be a perfect addition. Moreover, the price range is the lowest among all the options listed in this guide. 

Some of the premium features that you will get with this networking box are VPN services, QoS, and multiple others. It has a data transfer speed up to 1Gbps which is incredible overall. It solely depends on your internet plan but the results are good nonetheless.

Buyers Experience

The Edgerouter X is a perfect buy for your home if you know how to work on the command-line interface to configure the device. So, if you are good at networking devices, this might be a piece of cake for you.

However, for beginners, it might be a little tricky. Surely, there are guides on the web, still, there is a lot to unfold. You might also get to learn a lot while you are trying to figure out the different configurations on such devices. Above all, it is lightweight and perfectly built for long term usage.

Best Fit For

If you are not up for spending a massive amount of money on routers, this is the one you can go for. As we said, it is affordable and also smaller in size than usual with in-built antennas for a good signal, so it hardly occupies much space overall.


It has a great learning curve for beginners
Exceptional build quality
Compact in size and lightweight
Good firewall and security functions
Affordable and in-budget
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Not very accessible for beginners.
Requires sound knowledge for advanced configuration.
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X Advanced Gigabit Ethernet Routers ER-X 256MB Storage 5 Gigabit RJ45 Ports
  • Product Type:Networking Router
  • Item Package Dimension:7.112 cm L X 10.16 cm W X 14.986 cm H
  • Item Package Weight:0.34 kg
  • Country Of Origin: United States

5. Linksys EA7500-4B Dual-Band WiFi Router – Best For Large Coverage Area

Linksys EA7500-4B Max-Stream WiFi 5 Router: AC1900, Dual-Band Wireless Home Network, Gaming &...

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If you are looking for a device that can cover a massive area and gives out good signals to all the devices connected to it, this is the one you need. Linksys EA7500-4B is one of the best wireless router for google fiber. It is a little expensive but worth every penny spent on it. To start with, the build quality looks convincing and perfect for the long haul.

If you have loads of devices that need an internet connection this Linksys router is the one you need. Moving on, there are tons of features apart from providing an internet connection to your devices. Such as parental control, guest network, prioritizing devices, and much more.

Why is it Unique?

The foremost aspect that you must look into is that it easily covers up to 1500 sq ft. area. Whether you are using it in an office space or simply your home, it can reach every corner with a strong signal. You can easily control every aspect of the router using the Linksys app. Simply plug it in and set up the device within minutes.

Also, this router supports dual-band where you can easily get a total of up to 1.9Gbps speed where the 2.4GHz band provides 600Mbps and the 5GHz band gives 1300Mpbs speed altogether.

Moreover, you can connect a total of 15+ devices on both the networks and enjoy high-speed data transfer. Furthermore, with the help of MU-MIMO technology each device receives a similar speed with maximum performance.

Buyers Experience

The device is very easy to set up and hardly takes minutes for configuration. With the help of Ethernet ports, you can connect your computers, gaming consoles, and other devices for faster data transfer speed than usual. 

This Linksys router works perfectly well with the Google Fiber internet service with excellent speed and maximum coverage area that you might need for your home. It surely is expensive but if you are able to afford and put money into this, there is nothing better.

Best Fit For

It is a perfect fit for any user that needs to cover a larger area. Well, if you have a large house or an office space with loads of devices to connect you can choose to go with this router.

Moreover, multiple users do not simply have a budget set up that they wish to spend rather are looking for something best in the range, so you can choose to go with this router if you do not want the Google Nest Wi-Fi in your home.


Quick and easy to install & set up
Works perfectly with Google Fiber
Provides huge coverage area
Can connect over 15+ devices.
Great customer support
Connects up to 16 devices to router


Expensive Router
The Linksys app lags at times.
Linksys EA7500-4B Max-Stream WiFi 5 Router: AC1900, Dual-Band Wireless Home Network, Gaming &...
  • Provides up to 1,500 sq. ft. of WiFi coverage for 15plus wireless devices
  • Works with existing modem, simple setup through Linksys App
  • Enjoy 4K HD streaming, gaming and more in high quality without buffering
  • Dual band Wi Fi speeds up to 1.9 Gbps (2.4 GHz/ 600 Mbps) plus (5 GHz/ 1300 Mbps)

Buying Guide

Since now we have successfully listed the best modem for Google Wifi, we can now head over to the buying guide that is a lot more important for every beginner who might not have enough knowledge on how to pick the best router for themselves. Let us look at the buying guide here.

1. Define your Purpose

Well, a lot of users or buyers tend to ignore a very important factor that is as important as any other feature. So, you need to be clear about your purpose of buying any router in the market.

Now, the purpose includes how many people are going to use the router, the number of devices connected to it, the area it will cover, home or office, and similar other aspects. It will help you decide what course of action would be good for you in buying the right router.

2. Speed

We do know that Google Fiber provides high Internet speed. By high we mean at least 1Gbps data transfer speed. So, the router that you might choose to run Google Fiber should be able to support this speed or anything close to it so that you can make the most out of this Internet service. 

Mostly all the routers we have mentioned above including the network box do provide the combined speed including both the network bands. Apart from Google Wi-Fi, you can simply read more about the speed the router provides and accordingly choose the ideal one.

3. Network Standards

Another important aspect is to choose the latest router that supports the latest network standard. Mostly the router that will suit your connection the best are either Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

It might be a little difficult to find the latest one yet on multiple routers, however, most of the routers you might come across do have Wi-Fi 5 as their wireless networking standard and thus it will be perfect and compatible to run Google Fiber.

4. Coverage Area

If you are looking to set up Google Fiber in your office or your large home, you might have to choose a device that is capable of handling the signal strength to reach places.

With Google Wi-Fi system you can achieve that with no issues, however, for other routers, you need to make sure that they can cover your entire home. All the options we have mentioned above are capable of such features and connect multiple devices with good speed.

5. Budget

Lastly, we have budget constraints. Well, if you have a fixed budget, it might get a little easier for you since you can filter out multiple options if it goes out of it. Surely, you might not be able to pick the best option there is and rather settle with the affordable one, however, these too are among the best. Moreover, if you open with the money you wish to spend here, you can do it without any hesitation and go through each of them that suits your purpose.

We also have an in-depth review on Best Modem For Google WiFi. Do check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why should I use my own router?

A1. Google has recently rolled out that users can set up their own router or the one they have been using with Google Fiber. If you already have one installed that is google enough to manage the speed and coverage area, then the right choice is to stick with it. The main reason you should choose your own router is that it will perform better and have more of an idea about the device.

Q2. Is Google nest WIFI better than Google WIFI?

A2. Since the launch of the new Nest Wi-Fi system, a lot of users are confused about whether to go for the new updated one or stick to the former version. In terms of speed and coverage area, the Nest Wi-Fi is a clear winner since the entire system has been updated with better performance. However, it is a little more costly than the former. If you are willing to spend money, we would always go for Nest Wi-Fi.

Q3. Can Google Fiber provide me with support if I use my own router?

A3. Since you will be choosing to use a router of your own choice, you might not get customer support from Google if anything goes down with it. Yes, the network failure can be contacted at any time when needed. However, any issues with the router are something that you need to deal with in terms of errors, lags, etc.

Final Verdict

Here we are with everything we need to know about the list of best router for Google Fiber. All the reviews mentioned are well researched and tested out to make sure you get the best option for a faster internet speed. There are tons of options in the market and not all are good enough to run Google Fiber.

In fact, if you are going for your own router rather than the Google Wi-Fi system, you need to look for the specific requirements given by the tech giant. And we have made sure that all the options above do meet the compatibility so that you need not search for anything anymore.

Moreover, it is also important to look at the buying guide where you can learn a lot more about the different aspects that you must consider before buying a router. Make sure you have a budget set up in your mind with a clear idea of what you need the router for. If at all you are stuck and are unable to choose the right one from the list, you can let us know and we will get back to you.

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