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Instagram: In Charts and Maps – 50+ Jaw-Dropping Instagram Facts and Figures [Infographic 2024]

Social media today is almost everything to live for!

Yes, you heard it right! Almost 115.6 million people all over the country are vividly using Instagram with their daily active life. With every passing year, this amount of web users is only going to increase.

But how far can Instagram grow, and how much can’t it affect the users?

The market of Instagram users is quickly increasing, and for business models, this could be a vast field to explore. This post is for you if you’re thinking about developing your business through social media users on Instagram.

So without any delay, let’s get started.

Key Data and Statistics of Using Instagram

Key stats and data from all over the world show that 18-30 are the most active while using Instagram. Out of all users, almost 35% of them are in this age group, including males and females.

USA, India, and Brazil are the three countries where most users generate from. These three countries combine to almost 350 million Instagram users. This data could grow more than 10% in the upcoming year.

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Instagram generates a great bounce rate as an average. In total, most Instagram users spend at least 53 minutes surfing through their phone or application. It stands next to Facebook, which has a better bounce rate of 58%. However, the authenticity of Brands and user engagement rate is much better trusted with Instagram. Most people consider Instagram as a better mode of communication.

Christiano Ronaldo currently tops the list of the most followed personality on Instagram. The followers count more than 243 billion, followed by Ariana Grande and Dwayne Johnson. Instagram’s Official account has around 380 million followers. However, this data is recorded as the current number of followers on publishes of this post. It may change at any time.

Almost 31% of total Instagram users do follow brand accounts from business markets and data. There is a high conversion rate of 69% when people visit the official rand website or the application. The number even grows higher for searches about brands on Instagram.

Instagram engagement rates different from brands to a niche. However, there is still a 1.6% median as an average in all industries present. Higher education topics and pages receive the most traffic with a conversion rate of 3.96%. The food and beverage industry is neither far behind. It also has higher conversion water of 1.69%. Marketing for hotels and sports teams could be a great option as they have a decent conversion rate.


These stats are quite impressive for any business model. With proper market research, you’ll be open to explore more options and allow growth. These amazing facts and data show that Instagram is slowly growing as the king of social media.

After Facebook, marketing on Instagram has a better productivity rate. Coming over to engagement rate, Instagram has now surpassed almost all other social media platforms with its outreach.

Daily updates in features and videos are the key source to engage more brands and users on the same page through Instagram.